Saint Germain's Alchemy Seminar 2014

Saint Germain's New Alchemical Formulas for
Spiritual Success

Livingston, Montana  with a Simulcast to Mount Shasta, California

May 1–4, 2014




A Violet Flame Initiation in Advanced Alchemy!
Are You Ready?


Saint Germain invites you to join him in Livingston, in Mount Shasta or on the broadcast for a weekend intensive in the art of alchemy!      

For four exciting days the Master will be with us and share eight new alchemical formulas, never before released. 

Saint Germain's message to YOU to join this class. Listen! 


  I see this time together as one in which heaven and earth will meet, the light will expand through each of us in grace, and a bestowal of cosmic purpose and opportunity between every heart will draw forth the miraculous, the divine into each one’s life and beating heart." 


Experience darshan with Saint Germain as he responds to twelve pre-chosen questions on advanced alchemy—all designed to help us live with greater flow and ease, with greater mastery in dealing with life’s opportunities.


Invest in Your Path and in Sharing Saint Germain’s Teaching

  • A portion of the proceeds from our seminar will be directed toward the publishing of Saint Germain’s advanced alchemy book.  
  • Yes, your participation in the May seminar is truly a dual investment—the accelerating of your own path through a deeper understanding of alchemy and your financial support of the sharing of Saint Germain’s teachings on this topic through his new book!  
  •  When his book is published, you will receive ten copies, each one signed by Saint Germain, dedicated to you and those to whom you will be gifting his book. 

Receive a Discount on Our Canada Pilgrimage

In September, Saint Germain and other masters will be touring with heartfriends four great cities in Southeastern Canada, visiting sacred sites and giving Quebec Province and all of Canada a violet flame spin! The Master offers you, as an attendee to his May seminar, a $100 discount on the Canada pilgrimage he would love for you to attend also. 

Become a Golden-Crystal Age Alchemist!

How can we improve our relationships with family, friends, coworkers? How can we excel in our jobs and professions? How can we be of greater service to God? Join us in May and find out. Yes, Saint Germain’s alchemical formulas will assist us in creating abundant relationships, solving day-to-day problems, and living with greater joy and fulfillment.  

In this special time together, Saint Germain will guide us in making deeper spiritual progress, enjoying meaningful spiritual experiences and working directly with the masters. 

Be There for This Cosmic Simulcast!

This event is a cosmic simulcast! Numberless numbers of ascended masters and cosmic beings will be attending. And the Master says, even beyond Mount Shasta, “…it will be simulcast in all the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood!”

Saint Germain and every master and cosmic being will be tangibly present with participants in Livingston, Mount Shasta and on the broadcast! 

Transform Problems into Solutions 

Yes, you will learn how to transform problems into solutions, tense relationships into ones of mutual respect and love, just surviving into thriving. Are you ready to explore the depths and heights your soul may soar? We think you are. Take your pick—live, simulcast, broadcast—be there! Thursday evening is free!


For assistance in registering, call Jeanette at 312-253-7600. Questions about the event? Call 630-894-4410.  

Information and Links

 A portion of your registration fee will fund the publishing of Saint Germain’s advanced alchemy book. Those paying $333 will receive:

  • 10 copies of Saint Germain’s advanced alchemy book, given to you as soon as it is published, each copy signed by Saint Germain and personally dedicated to whomever you choose.*
  •  A $100 discount on the Canada pilgrimage registration fee.

*The cost of shipping the books is not included.  

Food and Lodging

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Printables for local maps, hotels and food
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Location and Transportation


Masonic Temple

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

130 North 2nd St.

Livingston, MT 59047



Mount Shasta Simulcast
Soul Connections Store
329 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd.
Mt. Shasta, CA, 96067
(530) 918-9533.

 Join us in the beautiful new purple meeting room dedicated to Saint Germain. We will have a two way internet “simulcast” with Livingston, MT, where we will darshan with Saint Germain as we see and hear David Christopher Lewis and other seminar participants in real-time.







Book your flight into the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN).


Shuttle: We are not able to provide shuttle service to and from the Bozeman airport or to the seminar location from the local hotels. Email to inquire about possible carpooling.


During business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.:

  • Two-hour parking only on the streets where businesses are located
  • Park Street, on the opposite side from the Livingston Sanctuary—the side of the Livingston Depot Center and the Northern Pacific Beanery. See map. (Do not park in the Northern Pacific Beanery parking lot. It is okay to park in the Depot’s gravel parking lot.)
  • Public parking lot. (Drive north on Park Street. Go right on B Street to the public lot on the left after Callender and before Lewis Street. See map.)


After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends

  • Unlimited parking on the streets
  • The American Bank parking lot, a few doors away on 2nd Street. See map.

Click Here for a PDF of Printable Parking Map