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2018 Washington DC Summer Solstice Event

Hearts Center Summer Event in Washington, DC


Summer Solstice Event 2018

The Resurrection of America
in Freedom's Flame

Jefferson, Maryland with a tour to Washington DC
June 21-24

With David Christopher Lewis

America—Land of Promise, Land of Soul Freedom

Be at our summer solstice event in Jefferson, Maryland and join our tour to Washington DC to anchor the light of freedom for Saint Germain and Portia, Godfre and Lotus, and many ascended beings who are working to restore America to its divine blueprint.

The masters have said, “As America goes, so goes the world.” What an opportunity to come together for holy purpose in proximity to the nation’s capital, the Alabaster City, to let her feel our love, our support, our belief that America will enter her divine destiny because we hold the vision.

Tour Washington DC

On Friday, we will have a chartered bus tour of Washington DC. We’ll see the Lincoln Memorial, the reflecting pool, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin, take a tour of the Capitol, and stroll the National Mall with its many museums

We will also drive by other national sites, such as the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. A tour of the White House will be included for those who signed up for the White House tour previous to March 26, 2018.

All the while we will be sending light and love from our hearts as we remember all that this seat of government, all that this nation is intended to be in the hearts and minds of its sponsoring masters and founding fathers and mothers.

The Divine Plan for America Set before Us Once Again

Throughout our five days together, messages on the power of I AM prayers, our role in creating positive change in America, the safekeeping of the freedoms we enjoy, especially the freedom of worship, will re-inspire us to keep surrounding the nation in light.

Be here to feel the passion of the Goddess of Freedom, Saint Germain and Portia, Godfre, the Goddess of Liberty, and many more masters and cosmic beings whose desire is to help us save America and all nations. Be energized and motivated into action with greater dedication to the cause of freedom!

Lanello and Clare de Lis challenge us to bring understanding into every conflict facing the nation—political, spiritual, educational, cultural, financial. With K-17 we gain more courage to stand for truth. The Keeper of the Scrolls gives a report on America, her people and her destiny.

The Fourteen Ascended Masters, El Morya, and the Divine Director underscore what each of us can do to see America’s divine purpose fulfilled. And, of course, Maximus and Progeneta conclude our spiritual fireworks experience with a grand finale discourse on maximizing our light, day and night!

Our Venue—Natural Surroundings for Our Supernatural Work

An ecological retreat, learning center, and wildlife sanctuary, Fox Haven Organic Farm is nestled in central Maryland’s rolling Piedmont Hills, a one-hour drive from Washington DC.

With comfortable accommodations in three recently renovated farmhouses and a welcoming meeting room for our services, Fox Haven is a setting perfect for going within, communing with nature and getting in sync with its rhythms. It is a perfect place to commune with heaven and offer ourselves in spiritual service to invoke, receive and expand light throughout our nation and the world.

Come this June and be re-energized, and re-energize America with ascended master blessings, dispensations, clearances, and rainbow and crystalline actions of light. How the nation’s capital requires our solstice infusion of graces. Be here to find personal renewal and invoke spiritual fire!


Godfre Exhorts All to Be There


K-17 Encourages All to Come


Mother Mary Urges Students to Consider Attending


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Fox Haven Organic Farm & Learning Center
3630 Poffenberger Rd.
Jefferson, MD 21755

Hearts Center summer class venue at Foxhaven Farm