Let Freedom's Flame and Divine Love Burn Brightly in Chicago and America!

Darien, Illinois  ·  June 16 - 19, 2023

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Pricing & Registration

Registration Fees
In-Person Attendance
Regular Hearts Center Tithers $200
Ages 18-33
Children 17 and under
Internet Broadcast Attendance

Please be aware before you register that our venue, Carmelite Spiritual Center, requires all who are attending to purchase the full meal program even if you are not lodging at the center. This is the reason daily registration prices are not being offered. See our "Lodging & Meals" section for meal prices.

See store page for reduced international and senior rates.

Scholarships are available. See our 'Help' section to apply.

*Spanish translations will be broadcast on an alternate channel whenever possible by our volunteer translators.

Revitalizing the Heart Chakra of America!

What a thrill to know you are infusing revitalizing light into the heart chakra of America because you have chosen to be in Chicago, Saint Germain’s town, for four days in June! Chicago requires your presence, your prayers, your vision of this city as a city of light today more than ever.

A Retreat Experience Bathed in the Flame of Freedom and Love

Be completely immersed in the love of the many masters who will heartstream during our summer solstice event. A retreat experience par excellence, you will feel the holiness of our venue upon stepping through its doors. With the mission of creating a space where individuals may come to deepen their relationship with God, the Carmelite Spiritual Center offers beauty and serenity.

One can feel in its corridors, meeting rooms and campus the spirit of Essene community life. In fact, the origin of the Carmelite Order can be traced back to the 12th century and Mount Carmel in northwestern Israel, adjacent to the little-known Essene community that thrived in that location many years prior to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the conference, the stirring harp music of Nicolas Carter will surround us in heaven’s bliss—sometimes taking us to a place of deeper peace, other times lifting us out of our seats to move to the joyful rhythms of Paraguayan folk melodies. The harp is the instrument of the heart chakra, remember?

Communing with Saint Germain and a Retinue of Masters

Lady Master Nada focuses her message on the salvation of our young people, and Padre Pio talks with us about the mystical path of holy love. Blazing the light of freedom’s flame throughout Chicago and America, Saint Germain and Portia deliver an intense and fiery exhortation to encourage lovers of freedom everywhere to continue their work of soul liberation for all. How do we illumine our world in these days of unprecedented testing? Jesus and Magda impart to us their profound advice and teaching.

Family Fun and Spiritual Nurturance for the Children

Our afternoons include family field trips to beautiful outdoor attractions in the suburbs of Chicago, and a trip into the city, too! Our children’s program is fun-filled and Spirit-filled, providing activities that afford your children opportunities to commune with their divine nature.

Being Renewed in Divine Love

Our summer conference offers you and your family a time to renew and revitalize, even as your presence is expanding freedom’s flame and divine love in Chicago and America. “As Chicago goes, so goes the nation.” Some among us have heard this statement echoing in our hearts for decades. Thank you for giving the heart chakra of America the supercharge it requires. David, the masters and all of us look forward to being with you in person or online this June!

Afternoon Field Trips

National Shrine and Museum of St. Therese Tour

Friday, June 16, 1:30 to 2:25 pm

A walking tour of the National Shrine and Museum of St. Therese, located on the Carmelite Campus, has been arranged for our group.

Price: $15: adults, $5: children under 16 yrs. Registration limit is 60 participants.


The National Shrine and Museum of Saint Therese has the largest collection of Little Flower relics and memorabilia outside of Lisieux, France, the home of her Carmelite convent. Tour includes an interactive talk on the life of St. Therese with Q&A time given by a member of the National Shrine staff. It also includes a guided tour of the museum and its relics and artifacts, the Carmelite Gift Shop, and a video on the life of the Little Flower.

Highlights of the National Shrine Museum include several first-class relics of St. Therese, photographs of her, paintings of scenes from her life, a special Prayer Gazebo, and a full-sized exact replica of her convent cell, which includes several second-class relics. Video screens explain everything in the museum.

As part of the National Shrine Museum is a huge stain-glass window that beautifully and artistically depicts the journey of the soul to God, modeled on St. John of the Cross’s Ascent of Mount Carmel. St. Therese’s spiritual journey is very parallel to St. John of the Cross’s teachings.

 Covering one of the interior walls of the National Shrine Museum is a massive wood carving of the life of St. Therese. It tells her whole life story in a visual and beautiful way. It is the largest wood carving of a religious nature in the United States.

As St. Therese was a Carmelite contemplative cloistered nun, she was dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Mother Mary), the patroness of the Carmelites. The National Shrine Museum features a large collection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel statues from around the world. Price: $15: adults, $5: children under 16 yrs. Registration limit is 60 participants.

Cantigny Park

Friday, June 16, 2:40 to 6:00 pm

The gardens of Cantigny Park offer beauty, tranquility and a lovely walk in nature.

Price for chartered school bus transportation to and from Cantigny Park: $20 for adults and $10 for children 2-17 yrs. Children under 2 are free. Registration limit for bus is 48 participants. Admission to the park is free.


See the Rose, White, Display, Octagon, Fountain, Keyhole, Hosta and Pollinator Gardens, to name a few. If you are a home gardener, be sure to stop at the Idea Garden for a little inspiration!

There is also a war museum and tank park. The First Division Museum displays the history of America’s most storied division of the U.S. Army—the Big Red One (or BRO, as it is also known). Follow along from World War I to the modern day.

Morton Aboretum Bus Tour

Saturday, June 17, 2:30 to 6:00 pm

The Morton Arboretum is an oasis of magnificent trees and beautiful landscapes on 1,700 acres of land. It features an award-winning Children’s Garden, Maze Garden, and 16 miles of hiking trails.

You can see the places we will be visiting on the Aboretum Map

Price including group Arboretum admission: Adults (18-64): $35; Seniors (65+): $33; Children (2-17): $20; Children under 2: free. Registration limit for bus tour is 48 participants.


The Morton Arboretum Bus Tour will be on a chartered school bus. The first stop is the Visitor Center with restrooms on the East Side of the arboretum. From there you can explore the Gerard T. Donnelly Grand Garden, Ground Cover Garden, Container and Display Gardens, Maze Gardens, May T. Watts Reading Garden, Children’s Garden and Arboretum Store.

Next is a drive around the East Side of the arboretum past tree collections including Magnolia, Crab apple, Buckeye, Oak, Spruce and Beech.

Then we stop on the West Side of the arboretum to visit the Fragrance Garden, Four Seasons Garden and more Container and Display Gardens. We continue our tour of the West Side by driving to Lake Marmo to take a short hike to the lake. Then we drive through the rest of the West Side past more tree collections including Arborvitae, Birch, Walnut, and Willow.

Best of Chicago Bus Tour

Sunday, June 18, 1:30 to 6:00 pm

The Best of Chicago Bus Tour will be on a coach bus with restroom. A custom route has been planned for our group.
And a tour guide will make certain we see and learn about many of the best sites Chicago has to offer in one afternoon.

Price: $50 for adults and $10 for children 2-17 yrs. Children under 2 are free. This does not include gratuity for driver and tour guide. Registration limit for this tour is 50 participants.


Stops of 15-20 minutes have been planned at Buckingham Fountain, the Museum Campus with lake and view of skyline from the Adler Planetarium, Millennium Park, and Wacker Drive with time for a brief walk along the Chicago river. There are also restroom stops along the way. Then we return home via the Magnificent Mile, the Gold Coast residential neighborhood and Lincoln Park.

Chicago Revue for You!

We so desire to see your gift
Of song or dance, of pluck or strum,
A reading to inspire the heart,
Your cosmic beats on tabla drum.

It could be pantomime’s your thing.
You play the zither? Oh, how cool!
Portray a scene from “Arabian Nights!”
Now that would make you truly rule.

Whatever talent you will share,
Whatever you decide to do,
We’ll love it and we’ll clap and clap
Because of how much we love you!


  • Please submit your act by May 31.
  • Keep your act to five minutes or less.
  • Send a description of your act—the script/the music/the cast of characters.
  • Tell us the time it will take, the title of it, and your name, in an email to talentshow@heartscenter.org.

Video Submission: If you are not able to attend the event in person and you have a wonderful offering to share with our community, you can submit a video. Please follow guidelines stated above.

Soul-Raising Sessions
with David Christopher Lewis

In-person Soul-Raising Sessions will only be offered at our event on Thursday, June 15 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm and Monday, June 19 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. If you would like a Soul-Raising Session, be sure to plan your travel accordingly. Schedule and pay in the onsite Hearts Center store when you arrive at the event.

Choose from the five different Soul-Raising Sessions described below.

Wave patterns and initiatic cycles of light will be released through the agency of the Holy Spirit to perform an alchemy with your soul. The session includes a soul reading, aura clearance, chakra balancing, and question(s)* addressed. Receive a direct teaching from the Holy Spirit uniquely personal for you. Expect positive change, transformation and elevation!

The focus is on helping us to enter into radical forgiveness of ourselves and others and to commune with Kuan Yin’s great Bodhisattva heart, providing the impetus of light we require to have our victory. Through Kuan Yin’s presence, we may find the courage to ask God’s forgiveness for anything we perceive we’ve done in error. Or if we are not feeling the compassion required to forgive another, this session may be the catalyst for entering into that state of liberating grace.

These sessions help us to heal family relationships. This healing will go to a very deep level, including past lifetimes, the karmic cause of conflict with loved ones. Many of our physical ailments involve working out family karma. Mother Mary comes to help us resolve our troubled relationships so we may move on, so we can be in a place of divine dispassion. She blesses us with her comfort flame assisting us to love more deeply, appreciate more consistently everyone in our family.

The focus is on the psychology of wholeness within ourselves. It is a time in Kuthumi’s presence to come to terms with those little peccadilloes in our human personality that grate upon our soul’s ascent and can definitely grate upon others. And unless we resolve them, they can be stumbling blocks. One of the qualifications for the ascension is to resolve our psychology, moving beyond blame, shame, human drama, and past hurts that rob us of our progress and joy.

These sessions help us to accelerate our pathway to the ascension. Serapis teaches us how to be true to our Higher Self, to be directed in our approach toward oneness with God. We learn to recognize the dweller on the threshold, baiting and switching us again and again. We are encouraged to know the victory over habit patterns that have defiled our souls and our spirit, that have besmirched who we truly are as sons and daughters of God. Serapis, as a master tactician of light, uses the aspects of the ascension current and the fourth ray to pervade through our being such intense energy that it can literally dissolve ancient karmic traits and hang-ups.

* You may ask one question during a 10-minute session. You may ask more than one question if the session is 20 or 30 minutes long. It’s best to prepare your questions. Questions may not be asked about twin flames/soul mates, one’s divine plan, or the percentage of karma balanced.

Note: Two sessions each is the maximum any heartfriend may experience with Kuan Yin, Serapis Bey, Mother Mary and Kuthumi. Holy Spirit Soul-Raising Sessions are unlimited, though no more than one per month.

Prices: 10-min.: $72; 20-min.: $144; 30-min.: $200

After your session you will be emailed a link to an audio file enabling you to listen to and save your message.

These sessions are alchemical spiritual experiences and are not intended or designed to be psychological counseling sessions. When purchasing a session, you consent to this disclaimer.