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Mamade Kadreebux Shares an Epic Journey of Travels into Humility

Mamade Kadreebux Shares an Epic Journey of Travels into Humility

Mamade Kadreebux is an enigma as most great masters are! An author of five books acclaimed for their profound literary and poetic quality, Mamadetells David the story of his wandering the world from his native Island of Mauritius as a teen, hitchhiking through two continents on a voyage of self-discovery with humility as its destination. Fluent in French, Creole, Spanish and English he now lives in a Berkley, CA studio as a Muslim community leader and spiritual pioneer. He is recognized for his epic photography from every region he visited, including places never before photographed. And he is revered for his wisdom and humility. As he states in his autobiography, “Humility is the beginning of philosophy.” Mamade reveals the transformation of his youth and innocence to the maturity of wisdom and holiness.


Mamde Kadreebux is a world traveler and self-styled painter, poet and photographer. He is also a storyteller; and has authored five books of profound literary and poetic quality: Journey to Ancient Arabia, Life in the Shadows, The Book of Journeys, Following the Muse, and Destiny.


Today Kadreebux is well known and loved in Berkeley, California As a Muslim community leader and spiritual pioneer. he founded and hosts a modest but highly significant movement at his home called ‘Friday Nights Free’.ℱ These non-alcoholic weekly gatherings allow people of any faith--including agnostics and atheists--an opportunity to enjoy food, friendship, poetry, music; and intellectual, literary, political, and scientific discussion together. Mamade Kadreebux is also revered as a great master orator and as an enigma as most great masters are!


Mamade left his homeland of Mauritius--a small island just east of Madagascar not even located on many maps--as a young man to accept a scholarship for higher studies in Pakistan. Little did he know then it was the beginning of a worldwide adventure, a voyage of self-discovery with humility as its destination. Less than a year after arriving for his education in Pakistan he left, with the equivalent of only $12 in his pocket, and embarked on a journey to find himself.


Mamade traveled the globe for many years. He hitchhiked through two continents, traveling without tickets on the train, walking, beating the freezing cold, and resisting the blinding sun. His feet were often swollen from years of walking. Mamade never carried a map. For him, traveling was a form of learning. “It was perhaps the best school. I didn't even know where I was going. I was just living from day to day," Kadreebux says. "And then I couldn't go back."


Along the way he photographed some of the most secluded places in the world. His images were taken in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Sahara Desert, and the Bandiagara cliffs of Mali, home to the Dogon people.


Kadreebux returned from his travels with a wealth of experiences, including a new talent for cooking and world languages. He speaks French, Creole, Spanish, English and broken Urdu and Arabic. His rare photographs have been shown in England, Iceland, California and Mauritius amongst other places in the world.  Now more than 70 years old, Mamade also become a self-styled painter. He says, “If, through photography and my paintings, I can uplift their hearts, if I can communicate through images, bring inspiration, comfort, and solace; I’d be thankful that my mission has been accomplished.”



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