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Dr. Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D. Developer of Matrix Energetics®

Dr. Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D. Developer of Matrix Energetics®


“In 1996 my life took a new and surprising turn. While attending Bastyr University of Naturopathic medicine, and working full time in my day job as a chiropractor, I experienced a life changing event which redirected the entire course of my clinical experience. Call it a mystical occurrence, spiritual vision, outright hallucination, or as Dr. Jim Parker called it, the experience of being ' naturally right', suddenly the act of lightly touching a patient with focused intent created dramatic, often startling changes. Bones would realign themselves, chronic pain patterns would disappear often with only one brief session, scoliosis curvatures would re align right before my eyes.”


“As time went on this phenomenon seemed to grow stronger, sometimes each week revealing new and marvelous outcomes. Chronic conditions began to change even though they were often not even a conscious focus for the treatment. In addition people began to report that their emotional states, belief patterns, their very lives were mysteriously being transformed. Better yet these changes appeared to continue over time. My practice, always emotionally satisfying, became a profound, and deeply moving day to day experience.”


“The biggest surprise was yet to come. Much to my astonishment I was able to teach my practice partner Dr. Dunn how to duplicate my results proving this ability was not just some special gift, but rather a readily teachable system that in a weekend seminar could be learned ,and the results duplicated by professional and lay person alike. I have been teaching seminars since 1992 and the feedback from participants is even better than I hoped for. Chiropractors frequently tell me how the simple procedures taught in this seminar have super charged their techniques.”


This entirely new paradigm utilizes the principles and science of Subtle Energy, and Quantum physics, coupled with the incredible power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physical verifiable effects that often defy rational explanation. Miracles happen every day, Matrix Energetics® provides a technology and scientific framework to allow for their every day occurrence.


Matrix Energetics® is a complete system of transformation that produces observable and verifiable changes which can be taught to anyone. Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of being, a new way of experiencing the world we live in, and a more expansive way of accessing new possibilities - a consciousness shift.

  • There is no doing from that state of heart-centered being. It is an altered state of consciousness that, when embodied, becomes a vehicle for a new reality based in unity, love, and limitless potential.
  • Dropping into the torus field of the heart is as easy as breathing. We usually do not think about breathing, and yet it happens. Similarly, we often do not notice when we are in or out of our heart space. Noticing heart-centered awareness assists us in consistently and effortlessly accessing a space of grace where transformation is most likely to occur.


I call this work Matrix Energetics™ because I don’t believe that our physical bodies are the only reality. We basically are light and information – we’re patterns of energy. And that’s what the topnotch physicists have been saying for the past 50 years. Even if you believe that, it doesn’t have much significance in your daily life. BUT when you learn that you can actually heal someone’s conditions, transform their emotional state, or change their mental processes using Matrix Energetics™ new possibilities emerge. It is possible to change years-old injury patterns with a light touch and a specific process. Matrix Energetics™ utilizes the power of focused intent. Matrix Energetics™ can be learned, and in fact mastered by anyone.


In Matrix Energetics™, we have a blue print called the Science Structure that we teach very simply, so that anyone can understand it. It’s a lot of fun. Once you understand some really basic principles you begin to realize that the ideas in quantum physics provide a very real gateway into a realm of possibility that allows for instantaneous healing, physical manifestation, and virtual transformation of every aspect of your life.

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