HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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9/21/19 28m Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel Comes as a Buddha Angel and Encourages Us to Develop Our Buddha Wings
6/22/19 20m Zadkiel The Archangels of the Seven Rays Invest Their Light for the Flowering of Divinity in the New Renaissance of Aquarius.
6/22/19 14m Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst: We Blaze Forth Violet Laser Love to All Nations and Peoples!
3/16/19 16m Zadkiel Lord Zadkiel & Holy Amethyst: Blaze Violet-Joy Light Here and Everywhere, O God!
11/15/18 18m Zadkiel Earn Your Eternal Freedom Through Work! Freedom is Being Responsible and Accountable!
7/26/18 13m Zadkiel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst: Wash the Earth in Violet Light
9/22/17 25m Zadkiel Offering of Labors to Zadkiel, the Miracle-Working Archangel
8/6/17 18m Zadkiel Zadkiel and the Seven Archangels Speak: You Are Greater than You Think!
12/9/16 14m Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel Invites Us to His Temple of Purification for Spiritual Rejuvenation
10/8/16 23m Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel Speaks on Saint Germain's Sacred Alchemy Book and on Cuba
3/19/16 12m Zadkiel Zadkiel Blazes the Violet Fire throughout the World to Clear Ancient Lemurian Records
10/10/15 18m Zadkiel Zadkiel Blazes Forth Violet Joy Light around the World
3/3/15 15m Zadkiel Lord Zadkiel Blazes Forth the Seventh Ray of Freedom For the Binding of the Forces of Antichrist in the Earth
12/20/14 21m Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel Impels Us Higher and Calls Us to Be Disciples of the Seventh-Ray Age of Light
11/6/13 14m Zadkiel It Is Time For You To Be The Nexus For The Release Of A Greater Quotient Of Sacred Fire Into The Earth
2/5/13 12m Zadkiel Zadkiel Breathes the Seventh Ray Action of Cosmic-Christ Light Energy into the Souls of All Amethyst Assuages Hurts Within the Emotional Body for Healing
12/16/12 6m Zadkiel Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage 2012
12/1/12 15m Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel Stands Upon The Eastern Seaboard Of The United States And Sends His Angels With The Flame Of Freedom
12/31/11 7m Zadkiel 2012 New Year's Conference
4/30/11 8m Zadkiel We Come To Ennoble You To A New And Higher Level Of God Beingness To Be Servitors Of Fire In This Age, You Must Engage In The Higher Work Of The Spirit
1/25/11 21m Zadkiel I Shine Forth The Light Within Your Third Eye To Give You A New Vision Of Selfhood I Come To Clear The Cobwebs Of Your Old Visionary Processes Allow The Violet Fire To Work Its Perfect Work Within You Daily
10/10/10 12m Zadkiel I Send Violet Waves Of Freedom To South America The Seven Archangels Implant Electrodes Of Light For The Seventh Age Of Freedom Upon South America
9/18/10 17m Zadkiel Chicago September 2010
7/7/10 19m Zadkiel I AM for Zadkiel a Liberator of Light For All Life Upon Earth
1/22/10 7m Zadkiel I Deliver A Ray Of Light Into The Earth A Violet-Fire Clearance Of The Western Coastline Of America And Of The Earth
8/3/08 53m Zadkiel Morning Rosary Services 2008
3/22/08 6m Zadkiel Easter Conference 2008
4/7/07 15m Zadkiel O Violet-Joy Light!
6/16/07 22m Zadkiel A Replica Of The Holy City Is Lowered Over Bozeman, Montana
5/27/06 25m Zadkiel The Archangels Come Bringing The Power Of Love
3/1/05   Zadkiel I Am Zadkiel, Lord of the Seventh Ray Action of the Holy Spirit!
12/4/04   Zadkiel I Am Zadkiel and I Come to Send the Seventh Ray Action of the Violet Flame Into the Very Core of the Planet This Day