HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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9/19/13 13m Vajrasattva I Come With Diamond-Fire Talismans Of Light For The Conscious Ones Who Are Moving Into Their Buddhahood
5/26/13 28m Vajrasattva The Power Of God Is Yours To Claim For All That You Require
7/8/12 22m Vajrasattva I Come To Seal And Expand The Light Of The Five Dhyani Buddhas I Deliver The Cosmic Lightning Bolt Of Indestructible Fire-Energy Into Your Core
12/30/06 18m Vajrasattva 061230 Vajrasattva
3/5/06 10m Vajrasattva You Must Experience The Totality Of Reality In The Now. Practice Does Make Perfect
7/17/05 24m Vajrasattva I come to strengthen through the action of the Vajra to give you virya.