HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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9/18/20 24m Vairochana The Karmic Board & El Morya The Karmic Board and El Morya: The State of Affairs on Planet Earth and in America
12/15/19 8m Vairochana Vairochana Emanates All-Pervading Wisdom to Help Resolve Conflict
12/18/15 10m Vairochana Vairochana: Mindfulness Brings You to the Core of Your Reality
9/17/13 10m Vairochana I Impress A New Light Pattern Within Your Auric Fields
1/2/11 27m Vairochana 2011 New Year's Conference
10/22/08 21m Vairochana 2008 India Pilgrimage
12/30/06 17m Vairochana Cosmic Wisdom May Be Yours Through The Application Of The Radiance That We Bear
3/1/06 14m Vairochana A Dispensation For The Raising Of The Youth In Sacred Fire And For Their True Education
11/13/05 5m Vairochana Join Me In All-Pervading Wisdom