HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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11/12/22 28m Portia Portia and Saint Germain Charge New Zealand with the Joy of the Alchemy of Love
8/20/22 53m Portia Saint Germain and Portia: The Way of Aquarian Love and Wisdom to Share with All
8/14/22 15m Portia Portia: Justice Is Really the Greatest Mercy
3/26/22 26m Portia Saint Germain and Portia: Embody the Divine Ideal of an Aquarian Man and Woman
12/18/21 28m Portia Saint Germain and Portia: How to Become a Resilient Aquarian Family
9/17/21 25m Portia Saint Germain and Portia: Be Our Aquarian Advocates Now!
3/20/21 15m Portia Portia on Unity of Beingness and Vision of Oneness
12/29/20 31m Portia Darshan with Portia
12/29/20 13m Portia Portia Explains How to Increase Our Sensitivity and Discernment
12/29/20 11m Portia Each Day is an Opportunity for the Flowering of Our Divinity
9/20/20 26m Portia Goddesses of Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Truth
9/18/20 25m Portia The Karmic Board & El Morya The Karmic Board and El Morya: The State of Affairs on Planet Earth and in America
5/5/20 21m Portia Portia Comes to Dispense Mercy and Justice to the Earth
12/14/19 12m Portia Portia Speaks on the Holy and Victorious Action of Joy
7/24/19 9m Portia Freedom, Liberty, Justice and Truth for America Today
7/6/19 11m Portia Saint Germain and Portia: A Magic Ride to the Violet Planet with Omri-Tas
6/22/19 18m Portia Beloved Saint Germain and Portia: Welcome to a New Era of Victorious, Twin-Flame Love!
3/16/19 10m Portia Saint Germain and Portia: Welcome to Mexico, the Heart of North America!
2/23/19 45m Portia Saint Germain and Portia's Violet Laser Light Blessing for Los Angeles and All Lightworkers
7/29/18 13m Portia I AM Blazing Violet Light throughout the Galaxy
7/28/18 43m Portia 2018 Mount Shasta MU Event
7/27/18 1h 5m Portia Saint Germain and Portia discourse: Freedom's Flame Reigns Supreme in All Loving Hearts
6/23/18 9m Portia Saint Germain and Portia, Goddess of Justice: America’s Legacy of Freedom of Worship
5/3/17 35m Portia Portia Says, "Opportunity Knocks, Will You Answer?
12/20/16 15m Portia Portia's Maxims
8/13/16 21m Portia Saint Germain and Portia Release a Thoughtform of Crystalline Light
5/25/16 37m Portia Justice Is on the March: Portia Comes with a Warning to America and Her Leadership
2/13/16 8m Portia Portia’s Response to Heartfriends’ Shared Vision of Divine Justice in Every Community
5/2/15 30m Portia South Africa Broadcasts 2015
5/1/15 30m Portia Saint Germain and Portia Announce the Gift of an Angelic Presence as Jesus Releases the Light of Cosmic Justice and Mother Mary Graces Us with a Sacred Gift
3/7/15 29m Portia 150307 Portia
8/19/13 24m Portia Walking The Path Of Alchemy To Your Eternal Freedom: Your Soul's Opportunity To Co-Create With God
9/17/12 11m Portia Every Day Is An Opportunity To Love Portia And Saint Germain Come For The Freeing Of Souls Through The Light-Energies Of Divine Joy, Freedom And Opportunity
8/25/12 10m Portia There Is A Strengthening Of The Antahkarana Of Light And Freedom Around The World Because Of Your Monthly Prayer Sessions
8/19/12 8m Portia Master Your Solar Plexus Walk The Higher Road To Secure Your Divine Estate Of Beingness Within Your Solar Selfhood
4/6/12 28m Portia Gardening With God For The Benefit Of Family, Loved Ones And Community Enable Your Youth By Your Own Shining Example
7/11/11 17m Portia On The Light Of Freedom, Justice And The I AM American Way
5/1/10 23m Portia The Opportunityto Be Mothers Of Aquarius Be Movedthrough Aquarian Love To Embellish The Cosmos With Your Essence
4/30/09 10m Portia See And Envision With Us The Highest Possibilities For Every Nation In Africa
2/28/09 20m Portia Get Real! Embrace The Opportunity To Be God-Free
10/7/08 21m Portia Release Into My Heart Allsense Of Injustice Perceive The Deeper Core Issues That You Have Not Yet Resolved Within Your Lives
8/9/08 20m Portia You Are Already Free If You Will Accept It! An Elixir Of Concentrated Violet Fire Freedom
7/4/08 23m Portia Using The Gift Of Free Will To Be Intercessors For Mankind In Seventh-Ray Joy, You May Be Our Hands And Feet In The Earth
3/22/08 7m Portia Daily Drink in the Divine Communion of Solar Beingness from Beloved Helios and Vesta
3/20/08 9m Portia Alchemical Elixirs #30 Blessed Hearts Of Fire
3/18/08 19m Portia Alchemical Elixir #28 Scientists Of The Spirit Are Ye If You Choose The Higher Walk With The Divine
3/16/08 30m Portia Alchemical Elixirs #26 The Gift Of Free Will And Progressive Revelation
3/14/08 14m Portia A Spiral Of Divine Alchemy For Solar Beingness #24. The Clearing of Certain Strata of Injustice in the Earth and Within You. Know the Divine Sense of Cosmic Justice that I Bring!
3/12/08 21m Portia Alchemical Elixir #22. America Awaken to Your Holy Purpose to Defend the Light and Secure the Bastions of Freedom. Pray Continuously for The Island Nation of Taiwan and Her People
3/10/08 14m Portia Alchemical Elixir #20. I Come to Free You From a Sense of Bondage in the Human
3/8/08 17m Portia Alchemicalelixir #18 You Require The Direct Experience
3/6/08 21m Portia I Bring A New Spiral Of Divine Justice This Day Certain Karma Of The Peoples Of Earth Descends As Judgment
3/4/08 7m Portia Alchemical Elixir #14. Take the Opportunity to Fulfill Your Assignments and Prepare for All That Is Coming
3/2/08 19m Portia Alchemical Elixirs #12 The Ancient Dream of God That Heaven may Come Upon Earth
2/29/08 16m Portia Alchemicalelixir #10 The Decision To Live Only For God Embrace Your Real Self As Never Before.
2/27/08 20m Portia See The Violet Ray As A Blessing Ray For All Mankind Feel The Pulsations Of Your Presence Flowing Out Into The World
2/25/08 14m Portia Be The Light Of Freedom To A World
2/23/08 17m Portia Alchemical Elixirs #4. Increase Your Vision and Pour Greater Light Energy Into the Sacred Science of Invocation. The Ascended Masters' Divine Alchemical Experiments
2/21/08 16m Portia Alchemical Elixir #2. Understand the Presence of God Love Within. Take Hope, Take Care, and Nurture Your Soul
9/27/07 13m Portia A Dispensation Of Grace For The Securing Of The Wellspring Retreat
1/18/07 20m Portia The Judgment Descends Upon Those Who Have Promulgated The Drug Culture
7/11/05 8m Portia I am the flame of opportunity for a new life born in God's violet love.
5/9/05 16m Portia Become ambassadors of Freedom for Saint Germain and Portia!
1/23/05 56m Portia Saint Germain and Portia come with amethyst crystalline light and momentum for our sacred calling and holy mission.