HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
11/18/17 44m Aries Hierarchs of the Elementals Teach Us on Restoring a Garden of Eden upon Earth
1/12/17 17m Aries Love the Earth, Save the Earth
2/3/17 29m Aries Astrela Speaks on the Alchemy of the Use of Photonic Energies for our Spiritual Work
5/7/16 8m Aries The Hierarchs Of The Elementals Create A Magic Circle To Bless Life In All Realms
8/25/13 24m Aries In Praise Of Trees
5/24/11 18m Aries The Balance Of Nature Is Essential For Harmony In All Spheres Cooperation And Integration Are Key In This Hour
7/2/10 10m Aries Within The Inbreath And The Outbreath God Is Present As Self-Realization Within The Now
1/1/09 5m Aries Dissolving Mental Concepts And Recreating The Mind Of God Within You Be The Geniuses You Truly Are In Your Higher Mind
5/19/08 18m Aries Jump With The Sylphs! Soar In Consciousness With The Angels! Do Not Let Anything Hold You Down!
8/19/07 22m Aries The Four Horsemen Ride. The Earth Trembles. Surrender Human Nonsense, Sweeping Clean The Four Quadrants of Being With Violet Flame.
3/27/07   Aries Chicago (Stelle) Event 2
5/1/06   Aries We Deliver Unto Mankind The Four Cosmic Forces For The Stabilization Of Earth, Air, Fire And Water Within You Work To Establish Harmony And Balance
6/3/06   Aries Charge the Earth with Violet Fire - Fresno
12/22/05 21m Aries Come To The Heart Of The Mother" The Four Hierarchs Of The Elements Come To Assist In Calling Home The Children Of The Mother
4/4/05   Aries Aries and Thor come to clear the air and mental quadrant of Chicago, the heart of America.
6/20/05   Aries Aries and Thor come to deliver their fire for the purification of the air element within the earth's sphere.