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Angel of Resurrection      February 13, 2016

Beloved Angel of the Resurrection

David Christopher Lewis

February 13, 2016   9:04–9:23 am PST

Mother Mary Comes in Support of Families, Communities and Nations

2016 Valentine Prayer Vigil

San Diego, California


Tapping into the Resurrection Current for Restoration within Your Life


I AM the Angel of the Resurrection, come into your midst. For, blessed ones, all require the light of the resurrection within them for the new world that you seek to manifest, to arise. I resurrect everything that is essential to grow within you and be known, realized and accepted.

You know that I was there when Jesus rose from the grave. You know that I was there when Lazarus was called forth from the tomb. You know that I was there when Jairus's daughter received the ministering presence of Jesus, his holy love in impelling the life force to be restored unto her at the request of her father.

Yet, blessed ones, I am also there within you when you tap into the divine current of the resurrection flame to have restored within your life anything, everything that God deems as worthy to be resurrected—relationships, abundance, vocations of light, mindfulness, truth, virtue. You see, I employ this sacred current of light as a boon, as a blessing and as a bestowal for each heart wed to God who puts God first and foremost in their lives and then allows, through the miracle of the resurrection light, that resonant field of beingness to perfuse itself within the dynamic and the equation of the Now for what must come to full fruition within them, by God's grace.

Yes, you may call forth my light, the resurrection fire itself, in any endeavor where you see, in one sense, the death of something, the decay of some element of your being, life, relationship. And when there must be a renewal, an infusion of light and love into the center of that situation or experience, the resurrection fire from the heart of God will work its perfect work, will resolve the most deep-seated issues within you and will manifest the glory of God in such a magnanimous way that you will soon realize that you should have tapped into this resource long ago, called it forth in the I AM name and allowed it and accepted it to be in your life.

Unfortunately, across the Earth a culture of death has manifested in so many ways—through Hollywood and its fare; through the abortion industry and the selling of the precious body parts of the unborn children; through the consciousness of people who have forgotten God, left off of the initiatic path of self-discovery and accepted something of darkness, of hell within themselves when they could have all along, by attention upon and acceptance of the divine light deep within their heart, manifested their true divinity and known the beauty, the grace and the harmony of oneness with their Source.

All that is true and beautiful, radiant and gracious may be restored to every son and daughter of God; for all, in one sense, are prodigal ones. And returning to the heart of the Father-Mother God, as your goal, moves you into this dynamic of appreciation and acceptance, of bestowal and grace whereby God gives unto you the full measure of that blessing which is your birthright and inheritance. Dearest ones, anything that you desire in a godly way on behalf of others and your Higher Self, God is willing to provide unto you if— by faith, by acceptance and by true belief—you see it manifesting and give glory to God and magnify the Lord when it is brought into the bounty of your life, because God is a gracious giver to all of his/her children.

Precious ones, the resurrection fire is a living essence that may be enjoyed in the moment of connectedness with your loved ones in every form of giving and receiving. And there is an anointing of that spiritual fire and energy within the context of that relationship of true communion of hearts when you understand what life is, who God is within you and when, by virtuous thoughts, deeds, feelings and expressions, you allow the resurgence of that fire to manifest through your aura, your chakras, your heart on fire for love.

Mary comes with countless angels into the atmosphere of Earth to restore, to renew, to resurrect true relationships within families, communities and nations, those which will endure because they are empowered by the eternal love fires of God; because people everywhere tap into the way, the truth and the life of the Christ, the Buddha, the Divine Mother. And as you allow this resurgence of light to rebirth within you all that is godly, I am there empowering you again and again to live within that fire, to grow within that light, to expand consciousness within the greater dynamics of universality and beingness within the heart of God.

Truly, dearest ones, the key to reestablishing true, dynamic, loving relationships in any and all situations is the resurrection current. And when you utilize this one key, consciously, you will see the magnanimity of God's heart. For many have lost faith in the Divine One, thinking that God no longer cares for them, their situation, and they cry out, “O Lord, I require someone in my life to be with, to love with.”

You see, dearest ones, God has never left you. Your Divine Self is there deep within you. And even your twin flame resides next to your threefold flame in his/her essence, and it has always been so. Look not outside of self for wholeness. Abide within the center of your being to accept the love that is already there from your perfect other half. And when you contact that light, when you breathe in the essence of your true Self and the essence of the true Self of your great Beloved, then the magic begins. And even if you never lay eyes physically upon that other whom you sense will complete you, the completion has manifested within you—you are whole; you know who you are in God.

And through the sanctity of this relationship and dynamic, you move forward with love in your heart toward all. And you see that light shining in the faces of everyone whom you accept as a beloved of your heart. The mystical saints East and West have realized this experience of seeing, beholding God within every sentient being and thereby have had restored unto them the infinitude of God's grace and miracles transcendent manifest therefrom within their lives. And in this revelatory experience, their life upon Earth is endowed with heaven's grace and harmony.

Cry out no more unto God for something that will complete you. You are already complete and whole, for that is how God created you, dearest ones. Know the singularity of the experience of oneness within God's heart. For there you draw all unto you through the cosmic magnetism of the resurrection fire, which brings unto you every essential requirement of your path, of your life, of your beingness in God. Yes, dearest ones, God loves you.

You can repeat throughout the day, when you feel less than, imperfect or inharmonious: “God loves me; I know it. God loves me; I feel it. God loves me; I believe it.” And through this encouragement, this self-encouragement, knowing that God lives, moves and has his/her being within you, you can move forward. All blockages are cleared. A new liveliness manifests around and within you. The light dawns again within your aura and you can actually then help empower others to live their own godly and loving lives.

Angels of the sacred fire of the resurrection current, come forth! Place a focus of this resurrection light now within the auras of these, your servitors, your initiates, God's lovers on Earth. Restore to them their innate harmonic field of true divine love so that they in turn may help others to know true love in their lives.

Blaze forth that light and resurrect each one in your grace, O Lord, this day. It is so. It is fulfilled. Now realize it, accept it and glorify it within you, beloved ones, in God's name, I AM. Amen.

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