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Amoghasiddhi      September 16, 2013

Beloved Amoghasiddhi
David Christopher Lewis
September 16, 2013   9:00-9:14 am MDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour:

Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—Developing a Radiant Aura
Denver, Colorado

Laughter Is the Best Buddhic Medicine
Joy Is the Key to Divinity upon Earth

            Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I AM Amogha-ha-ha-ha-siddhi, and I am in this city to bring joy, laughter and a new Buddhic essence to those who have become too serious!

            Dearest ones, laughter is the best Buddhic medicine. And when you spin within the cosmic ideal that we set forth, even turning those prayer wheels within yourself, there is the joyful fulfillment of your indestructible nature right where you are. Sometimes our disciples, being so set on attaining perfection, enter into a type of gloomy radiance. Is this a dichotomy? Maybe. How can you be gloomy and have radiance?

            Well, dearest ones, there is a time for seriousness, and there is a time for joy. And today I bring the sun of joy to Denver to part the veil, to disperse the clouds of pall and the pallid, wan and uncomfortable state and visage that many have accepted, that has resulted in what you see as those drenching rains, which have caused a flood of human emotion and destruction here.

            What is the answer? Why has this occurred? some ask. Is there a message from heaven? Well, the message is clear to us. Be suns! Be all light! For in that you accommodate your highest Buddhic beingness. And through joy, the aha! of Amogha-ha-ha-siddhi may be yours. And when you rub your tummy like the laughing Buddha, there is a stirring of new etheric energies, and through your inbreath and your outbreath and the joy that comes when you laugh, a new birth in light may occur.

            Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Try to laugh and not feel joy! Even when you at times have seen the handwriting on the wall of what the portents, the omens of the heavens are showing you, even with all this, blessed ones, laughter co-creates a new world.

            Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh with me! LOL, you see, is the key. [laughter] And if you would lollygag with me today, then I will feed you my lollipops of Buddhic sweetness and the essences and nectars of the God beings who are there just beyond the veil. And yet they will step through that veil to appear to you in your new reality, which accommodates this Buddhic and divine frequency.

            You think that every Buddha is so serious! Well, you should see and hear our laughter in cosmic spheres, blessed ones. Maitreya himself is quite the character, and he often speaks to disciples of the new era and of how joy is the key to divinity upon Earth. Joy dispels karma itself when understood as that frequency that delivers the essences of transmutation right within the flowfield of your being.

            There must be the turning and the spinning within you in order for cosmic transportation and transmutation to occur. Now, what are you transmuted into? we ask. A joyful one? A happy camper? Even a comedian, like Leno or others? Well, take those letters of Leno and turn them around and what do you have? Noel! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! [laughter] Or Lone—the Lone Ranger. Ha-ha! You see, there is so much that can come your way when you are in the moment and accommodate the Buddha in your midst.

            Blessed ones, I now appear in the skies here and emanate rays of my indestructible nature to every soul. And each of these rays goes forth unto their hearts and minds as a form of cosmic communication to bring to each one a sense of his or her spirit—that which is indestructible, diamond in nature, beautiful in beingness, resilient and unchanging and yet accommodates cosmic change within the Now.

            Oh, how this planet requires a new spin and a new shift. You thought that the shift had occurred. Well, we have many gears in our gear-shift knob, and when you take hold of it you may see that there are more than just first, second, third, fourth, reverse and neutral. Yes, ride with the Buddhas; soar within your own diamond nature to the sun. And then even on Sirius, you will not be so ha-ha-ha-ha-ha serious.

            Blessed ones, what I impress deep within you today is a new dynamo and dynamism of dynamite! Ha-ha-ha-ha! And if you would be a dynamite person on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood, on behalf of the ascended masters, then laugh often and throughout the day, even with those laughing boxes. Or, if you choose, set a timer to remind yourself to laugh, because laughter dispels all that is unhealthy within your bloodstream, within your lymphatic system. There is a science to health through laughter, which, as I have said, is the best Buddhic medicine.

            Now I display before you a new medicine wheel. It turns and it shines and it emanates new essences that I have brought forth for you to ingest, for you to assimilate, for you to receive in gratitude and happiness. Please, dearest ones, play those HeartStreams by the laughing masters often. Share them with those who are going through health crises and require a friend, a benefactor, a brother or sister to raise their spirits, to bring them the peace of joy and all that is divine within Buddhic happiness.

            If you can simply feel more in love with yourself, at peace with your Presence and harmonized within your heart and know that your indestructible nature is right there beating within you, then there will be no fear. And in a certain type of carefree and yet careful attitude and beatitude, your spirit will shine forth; your Buddhic essence will more brightly manifest; and you will fulfill your reason for being, your sacred dharma and make holy karma in the new world that you have, by your freewill choice, desired to create with the all-enlightened, powerful and compassionate ones.

            Breathe consciously the love-fires of laughter and, in this, all will come to your fount of love and receive your gift of joy, the graces of your divine spirit.

            I AM Amoghasiddhi. I am happy to be with you. I am joyous in the sacred space of your Presence, and I am delighted to be the light that always prevails in your midst. Namaste. Namaste. Namaste.

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