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Virtuel      January 18, 2012

Beloved Virtuel¹
David Christopher Lewis
January 18, 2012   8:13-8:28 pm. MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

An Invitation to Be Present for Twelve Monthly Classes on the Virtues

Rising in Buddhic Consciousness to Access the Virtues of the Spirit

Blessed Ones,
            In the light of mercy, you possess your souls. And through the light of your Solar Presence you possess the virtues of God, [which] move through your being [and] accentuate your true reality through your experience in time and space, whereby you bring the divine quintessences of God into play in the world of form.
            I am Virtuel, and I radiate in 144 rays of light from my being, in all directions, frequencies of the all-virtues of God. [These] may be known by those whose hearts, whose souls and whose lives are upturned to God and who are focused in the inner temple of being on accepting the light deep within the heart and allowing these quintessences, as God's magnificent presences, to flow forth.
            I work with Virtue.² And I have, through the incorporation of the God-frequencies of the crystalline light essences that flow from the altars of heaven, been blessed and allowed to offer this beingness to those who are ready for the higher initiatic journey of light, who desire only to live in God and to be a blessing to humanity through selfless givingness.
            When you have risen in conscious awareness to feel the Buddhic frequencies of higher mindfulness, blessed ones, then you begin to access these virtues of the Spirit, which may grace the Earth at a very deep level of her being. And in the natural unfoldment through Nature herself, there is the flowering of many aspects of the Divinity within all, [which] simply arise and manifest because through the gentle action of the Holy Spirit this light is there.
            I shine my Presence now through all of you who will make the effort to be present during the twelve classes wherein the virtues of God will be studied. Yes, as you meditate upon each line of the clock and dig deeper through your own awakened spirit to understand the very nature of God and of life within the “12 within the 12,” you, O soul, will begin to know yourself as God knows you. You will begin to feel your eternal nature through these aspects of God consciousness, [which] may be yours as through silent contemplation you access these cosmic energies of the One.
            The messenger has conveyed to the one who will be the instrument for these classes to occur, the moderator, the facilitator, your beloved Claire, that there will not necessarily be revealed from our realms each of the 144 virtues of God on a platter of light to you. Each class will be an opportunity for you, O soul of light, to discern the particular vibratory patterns that are within the 12 within the 12.
            Yes, you may understand the very nature of your God Presence as it flowers through your lifestream. Those of you who have developed a practice of meditation over many years will have an easier time accessing, through the portal that we will open unto your higher minds, these 144 virtues. If there is dissonance, if there is disarray within your etheric body, your memory body, blessed ones, then you may not quite capture within your world the essence of each of these particulates of light as we deliver them to you.
            Therefore I suggest that in preparation for these releases you work on clearing your memory body, your fire body, with ether itself. Yes, use the prana of the Holy Spirit mindfully to cleanse every aspect of your being, washing clean, cleansing, purifying and ennobling that fire body so that you will be able to receive our offerings from on high with crystal clarity of divine-mind thought.
            These classes are for the adept within all that is already manifesting God consciousness. These sessions will allow you to go within, to muse on light itself and to know yourself as a virtuous one, as you truly are in our eyes, through our vision, ensconced within the great beingness of the Lord as a God-created one, as a true son or daughter of light.
            I radiate to your higher mind now patterns of perfection, energies of Spirit that will allow you to cognize through your own higher mind the beingness of your Presence in a new measure of spirit from this day forward, O soul. As you are determined to fulfill the dream of God [to be] who you are, we will work with you to present teachings and inspiration that when ingested, assimilated and mastered will allow you to be the Buddha, the Mother that you have desired to be in all of your God-glory through the path of love and the way of virtue.
            [Virtuel chants the "AH" in a moving melody for 72 seconds.]
            Through a heartstream of sound, I have created within this world a portal of light [through which] the virtuous ones [may] rise and for all to know the purity of beingness in God. I thank you.

1.  Virtuel is the Archangel of the Fifth Crystal Ray, who with his twin flame, the Archeiai Vestrea, "deliver previously unknown virtues, gifts and accords of the Spirit to those who qualify for them through heroic and sacrificial service to mankind over many lifetimes." [See page iii of the Rosary of Divine Quintessence booklet.] As of the release of this HeartStream by Virtuel, the Archangels of the Five Crystal (Secret) Rays have given HeartStreams on March 20, 2010 and November 29, 2010.

2. Virtue is the name of a divine being who embodies the essence of all of God's virtues and who is the leader of the Virtues, one of the nine choirs of angels of the Most High God. The other angel choirs are the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels. [See the Rosary of Faith, prayer 9.014 in The Hearts Center's Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book, also available in booklet form in our on-line store.] As of the date of this message Beloved Virtue has released two HeartStreams through the Messenger David Christopher Lewis, on March 22, 2006 and on October 30, 2010, which you may study to receive further insight into Virtue's nature and work to inspire mankind through the virtues of God.

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