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Virtue      October 30, 2010

Beloved Virtue
David C. Lewis
October 30, 2010   5:55-6:10 pm EST
Spirit of Soulfulness
New York, New York

Soulfulness is a Virtue

Dearest Hearts,
            During this meditation, I have taken you on a soul journey to the very throne of the Divine One such that you could feel the impulses of the Soul of the Divine within you. I am Virtue. And soulfulness is a virtue that I suggest that you incorporate into your life, for as it is infused through your being, every virtue that you desire to outpicture may manifest with spiritual delicacy, with radiance and with great joy.
            When soulfulness is present, blessed ones, the beingness of God is yours to command, to ingest, to experience in all planes of being and throughout the continuing discourse of your heart, your soul with God. If you desire transcendence, then allow soulfulness to move you on the stream of God's being into the virtuous realms of light where Spirit is known, felt and truly imbibed in all of its shades and variegated manifestations as the qualities of God's beingness that may enrich your lives in all manner of holy ways.
            As the embodiment of Virtue, I incorporate all virtues into my being and effuse the very spiritual substance of spiritual light into each of them for the sons and daughters of God, angelic presences, devic beings and even the nature spirits to feel and incorporate into the light structure of themselves. Had you considered, blessed ones, that each and every cell of your being may in some way embody a particular shade of God's virtues? If there is a time when you experience burden within your being, instead of simply seeking to no longer experience pain or suffering, call to me. And I will send light radiance into those particular portions of your being that are experiencing, what may be termed an out-of-alignment state such that the virtue that you require as the antidote to your condition may move and play and dance within your cells to bring a harmonic state of balance once more unto you.
            There is a being upon Earth to whom I have appeared in spirit who has incorporated into the spiritual practice of healing within his field the concentration upon the virtues of God. And when this is done with a certain sensitivity and spiritual alacrity, it is amazing to see the results of how, when enriching one's life by focusing on these virtues, all darkness may flee as we take up our residence within you and you may know through the very feeling nature of the Divine One the presence of peace, of wholeness and of a surcease from struggle, dearest ones.
            The saints have attempted to be virtuous and therefore they have received our light energies, our frequencies and, in some cases, their lives may have been shortened only because they were so effused with the radiance of these heavenly gifts that their body temples could no longer stand the high vibration of light. And therefore they took their leave in order to continue to embody in a higher realm these virtues of the spirit.
            If at times, dearest ones, life on earth becomes almost too burdensome for you to feel that you can remain upon this earth, walking amongst the unconscious ones, stop for a moment, meditate upon light and feel and call to the virtues of God to surround you. And in those moments of seeming despair, we will bring a cornucopia of radiant light energies, all manner of colorful fruits of the spirit for you to digest within your light body in order to enfold you, enrich you, enliven you and bring you inner peace, to then once again engage in your sacred work and holy labor as sons and daughters of the One. Each virtue that you embrace consciously of the Divine One may become a permanent resident within your auric field as you meditate upon the various aspects of the differentiation of light within that virtue and attempt to breathe it in daily with great joy, and even in spontaneous moments to be expressive of that childlike virtue unto others in playful and noble ways alike.
            During this class on soulfulness, many aspects of this virtue will come to your outer waking consciousness in moments of silent contemplation, even between the words that we speak during those still periods of silence, even amidst the cacophony of this great city and its environs. And so, blessed hearts, pause to consider God in all the great beingness of every divine quality as a virtue.
And in that silence of inner peace, we will speak to you, we will give you guidance, we will offer you a way that is pure, that is serene, that is real for your victory in all virtues of the spirit.
            I have created a distillation of all of the virtues of God. And in this moment my angels, through a sacred process, cast that blessing upon you. As its airy essence descends upon you and is felt within your pores and deep within your being, know that God is with you always and that his virtues are close at hand.

            Let the levity of soulfulness be yours always, as in joy you share love with one another. For within love, every virtue sings and spins and manifests the glory and wonder and the awesomeness of God's light. I thank you.


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