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Leto      September 17, 2010

Beloved  Leto
David C. Lewis
September 17, 2010   8:28-8:44 pm  MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Key to Ascending into the Spritual Realms of Light

            In the presence of  great solar joy I come to impress upon your mind a way, a clear way, to the heart of God in the heaven world. That way, blessed ones, is the path of purity, the crystal pathway that you create through a consciousness of light. There are various techniques to ascend to the heaven world that souls have learned whereby they may exit the body temple and quickly sojourn to the etheric cities and temples and retreats of light.
            What I would share with you, blessed hearts, this night is that the key to ascending into the spiritual realms is the purification of your consciousness, your body temple, over a period of time by your conscious will, by your humility and by your love. This purifcation process may involve for many of you a lighter diet and a leaving off of certain practices that create a cloud around you, even as a dark mist of energy because of gossip, because of the overworking of your mouths through unrighteous speech and through a misuse of your solar plexus through feelings that are not the feelings of God.  
            The ladies of heaven understand the specific equations that are essential for your souls to solve in order for you to more easily ascend the spiral staircase of light and the pathway prepared for you to invest your heart's energies and your spiritual essence within the temples of light. The key to each and every one of these equations is the quotient of spiritual light that you carry within your auric field by simplifying all to the point of realizing your essential nature as a spirit of God, as a being of light ready to take flight at a moment's call.
            At times, blesssed ones, all of you experience the anxieties, the cares, the pressures and the burdens of living upon this Earth. And these indeed weigh you down to the point of feeling suppressed, to the point of not being able to let go of something, some energy, some thought, some feeling that then is as a rope that ties you to this plane. I am not saying you should be space cadets and leave off of your responsibilities and that which you came to this Earth to fulfill. And yet it is, blessed hearts, simply a matter, a letting go in the evening before you retire of all that has been a part of your day that yet burdens your mind and heart and spirit, putting it into the flame and allowing the hand of the angels who escort you to the divine realms to touch you, even like a fairy godmother, to give you that cosmic impetus for your soul to soar to spiritual realms.
            Therefore, the practice that I recommend for those of you who at times are burdened by those things within your lives that bring this greater pressure to bear upon you is to engage in twenty minutes of prayer to the heart of God in silence and in breathing deeply the spiritual light essences from the etheric planes as you prepare to lay upon your beds.  For many of you, you may desire to take a quick shower to also allow elements of the world that [have] settled upon your body temple to be dissolved from your form and then to kneel in prayer to the Lord just before you climb into bed and to ask that your soul receive the cosmic impetus of light, to gently be nudged within a sphere of light out of your body temple and to ascend to the retreat of your choice, to the celestial city that your higher mentors may guide you to.  
            You see, blessed ones, it is more about your consciousness, your awareness of light that will allow you to move beyond this plane than it is about some visualization only, some technique or some training that you will receive from another. By the purification process itself, the soul is put on the launching pad of light whereby the wings of angels may gently coax you higher and higher into those dimensional planes of pure beingness where you may commune with the masters, the angels and the beings of purity and grace.
            Some of you in the past through sorry states of emotional turmoil before you retire by watching movies of violence or by argumentation with your spouse or loved ones are not in a position to go to heaven. And so at these times your souls have even experienced a descent into the astral plane. Some of you have unfortunately known nightmares and battles with dark forces who have assailed you. All of this may be avoided through the very simple process of letting go and forgiving self and others before you retire with great earnestness, compassion and integrity.
            When you are truly honest with yourself, a field of purity wraps itself around you by that integrity and truth. And this field of light itself creates the wherewithall by which your soul may easily slip into a higher dimensional frequency that allows you to soar to our abode. Yes, you may utilize the technique that I have given in past discourses. This still applies, blessed hearts, but if your consciousness is not first in the right vibration or attentive to the spiritual frequencies of light, then by might of will or attempting too hard to engage in the scientific approach that I have shared, you will not be successful in your attempts to leave your body safely and surely, dearest ones.
            Tend to your family with great love and joy and then know that God is waiting for you, the angels of heaven have prepared a place for you that the masters of your choice whom you love and call to will gently coax your soul to heaven for you to experience the blessedness, the divine wonders and the cosmic graces that are reserved for you personally, blessed ones. Much will be revealed in time if you are patient with yourself. And so sometimes even when you least expect the hand of the Lord to guide you home safely to our realms, it will occur when love sings within you, when you are joyful and when the light is brimming from your aura because you have attempted to simply be still and know the I Am God Presence within and above you.
            I am Leto, Lady of Light. I will gently guide you if you call to me, if you sing to The Heather on the Hill¹ and if you wink and smile to the angel who comes offering a hand of light. Place your hand in hers and soar with me to heaven. I thank you.

1.  The melody to "The Heather on the Hill" is Lady Master Leto's keynote.

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