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Maitreya      November 09, 2008

Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
November 9, 2008  11:11-11:21 am CST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Minneapolis (Hopkins), Minnesota

Blessed Ones,
            I would take you on a sacred journey within the very heart of my guru. Come with me on a lotus of sacred fire as we ascend into the very heart of Gautama. This may be a new vantage point for you—to experience life in its great cosmic drama from the point of reality of the Lord of the World.
            Feel and see now within your mind's eye the great pulsation that occurs all around you as the very mind-emanation of this great God-Buddha. And from within the sacred space of the center of his being, whereby all life receives the ministration of the flow of his essence, you may internalize that which he is constantly sending forth, issuing as a great heartstream of God-beingness.
            You say that you would enter the heart of God to experience more love-wisdom. Well, I say that this day I present you this opportunity in the safety of my aura within the heart of Gautama. I AM Maitreya. And I live and move and have my being within the heart of my messenger and guru, Gautama. And for those who are bold and would continue to experience something more of God I invite you each day in some way to also experience this cosmic dynamism that can be for you a boon of God-centeredness that can make the difference between you as a mortal and the God-you as immortal as you live in the sacred flow of pure light and the emanation of the Buddhic heart.
            Truly, blessed ones, each hour there is the sending forth of this same Mind-stream through his heart to every lifestream upon Earth. But how many can connect and feel this resonance? If you would be one who can maintain your connection with your Source see how a greater strength, a greater virya awaits you when you enter the heartstream of Gautama.
            From the first dawn and the light rays that emanated from his being during his enlightenment I sensed the upsurge of this level of cosmic connectivity with my own Presence, with my own Buddha Nature. And it may be so for you also, that in the presence of so great a love, so great a ruby fire of integration, that you may be fully Self-realized in God, self-actuated in your Presence, complete and whole in the oneness of that divine purpose to which you were birthed and now may be reborn in that Spirit.

            OM Gautama.  OM Gautama.   OM Gautama. (chanted)

            In this meditation upon the light of Buddha, one Buddha, you now have access to all Buddhas. For through the heart of one, there is opened the lotus heart of all in the cosmic synchronicity of divine life, your life.
            I AM Maitreya. I have come. And my coming is a new declaration of Buddhic presence within each heart that is opened to the heart of the One Heart of the Buddha-God, the Buddha-Being, the One.  OM.  OM.  OM.

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