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Have You Ever Had This Much Fun?

Have You Ever Had This Much Fun?

Have you ever had this much fun? Have you ever had this much spiritual fun with your kids!

It all started when my 6 year old son was occupying himself with building blocks. He announced that he was building a home for a master! I clarified if he meant Ascended Master and he said yes! Do the Masters inspire our kids or what?

So, of course I had to ask him which Master. He said Saint Germain. Then, I asked if there was a violet couch in there. Since our blocks are not painted he couldn’t do color but that’s okay. He added some trees next to the house. I told him that I’m sure Saint Germain would love them as he appreciates Nature Spirits. He added some arches and told me about that so I told him I’m sure Saint Germain appreciates good architecture. He even created a slide of sorts to be in the garden. Of course, I told him Saint Germain loves kids. Then I wondered aloud if there was a pool of sorts at the bottom of the slide. This was the beginning of our imagination going wild.

While he got up to prance around to the music playing in the background I suggested that our large rug on the floor might be the pool!

Of course, he then had to explore the pool and I encouraged him to splash in it and thought out loud about how good it made you feel – so relaxed but so energized! Now, as siblings often do, somewhere in this, his little sister, age 3, got in on the action too.

She started prancing about on the mat, I mean pool, too! I suggested how happy and joyful it made them feel and maybe there were even bubbles in there that made them laugh and giggle when they bumped into them! I wondered aloud what would happen to their clothes if they got wet. Then I realized that they wouldn’t be damaged and that they would actually be transformed into the newest, most comfortable, soft, perfect clothes!

Their fun continued for a while until I was able to finish my smoothie and join in their fun (at their invitation!).

I pretended to feel a little uncertain at first but as soon I touched the “pool” with my foot I leaped in and really “got into” the violet flame feeling. I, of course, immensely enjoyed myself, splashing them all and laughing in violet flame joy. Of course, I had to try swimming as well and then floating.

I discovered this violet flame pool had amazing floating abilities and one could even float partly sitting up, as in the Dead Sea. This came in handy when my next inspiration was that right beside me was a book I could read.

A book – of course! Just like all those pictures of tourists reading the newspaper while floating in the Dead Sea. Of course, it was quite predictable that the “book” would be Saint Germain on Alchemy! Well, the kids had to be involved too, so guess what appeared at the “poolside” – “Saint Germain on Alchemy – for kids!” The subtitle said, “Only to be read by a 6-year-old”! Wow, sounds like it was made just for him! As I handed him the “book” I told him it was just his level – the pictures, the words, the ideas, everything! Well, his little sister also was handed the same book only hers said, “Only to be read by a 3-year-old” (yes, she can read, but that’s another story)! Of course, they started reading their books aloud (their idea). Apparently, it had mention of angels and Saint Germain and other spiritual sounding words. How cool!

Well, after a bit of reveling in our new literature I noticed a “male angel” approaching Michael – he wanted to bless Michael further with a spiritual shower. So, of course I told Michael to stand up and receive his blessing. And at the same time, from another direction, I saw a “lady angel” for Mary! My son told me I had an angel coming to me too so of course I had to greet the angel and stand up and receive my blessing too.

There were more details here and there but this was the gist of it. At this point I had to go and feed my baby (who Daddy had been occupying till that moment). The kids continued their playing a little more with Daddy (their own idea) and the whole thing probably took a good œ hour! It was so much fun!

As I left the playing I said to Michael that I really hoped I could come back here and that it would be available some other time and that I had had so much fun. He assured me I could come back whenever and it would still be here, even weeks later. I had such great spiritual fun with my kids (and the unseen angels!) that I look forward to more adventures. El Morya’s retreat, anyone?

As a side note, I didn’t plan any of this consciously as I went along, nor plan ahead in my head, nor have I ever done this before. That’s proof that God can inspire you with such fun too!

Challenge: Can you have this much fun with the violet flame?



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