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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2006, Part 2

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2006, Part 2

Have you ever wondered what the ascended masters have to say about children but don’t have the time to do the research?  While these articles are not intended to cover every mention of children by the masters or every possible quote, I hope you’ll enjoy this series! These quotes are taken from Heartstreams and Darshans with the ascended masters as delivered through their amanuensis David Lewis.


Give them the teaching that, even at a tender age like Mark Prophet, they may call upon the Holy Spirit for blessing and grace. And I suggest that you not wait until the twelfth year of their lives but convey this understanding earlier such that these young children may have a certain empowerment, discrimination and understanding such that when they move through their teenage years, they will have the wherewithal to survive the forces of darkness that would come to steal from them the purity of their souls…

-Beloved Paracletus, July 10, 2006


…gain mastery at all levels and do not leave for another the fulfillment of your responsibilities within your families, your children, your communities. When you allow your children free reign to do as they please, not having fully conveyed unto them the righteousness that comes through a studied and determined plan for the evolution of their souls through the divine process of true education and the path of initiation, then you do not honor their souls, beloved ones. Therefore, give admonishment, though gently. Give edification, though within the context of the hearth and the warmth of love. Give understanding through an example of kindness, compassion and mercy, and these will follow you into the light.

-Beloved Elohim Peace, March 23, 2006


I am Meta, and my mission on behalf of the children and the youth is one whereby I also hold the immaculate concept with the blessed, holy Virgin Mary for the souls, especially between the ages of seven and thirteen, who are going through a period of intensity preparing for the descent of their karma. Having a firm foundation established in the first seven years, these next five are crucial in the initial development of the secret rays at certain levels within their being. And those who understand initiatic science would do well to appropriate teaching and understanding during the elementary school years of their children to give them a greater depth of understanding of certain spiritual precepts, which they may grasp more than you think during these years.
-Beloved Meta, May 10, 2006


Blessed ones, the youth need examples of those whom they can follow who will lead them unto eternal perfection. In this day and age, they have few examples in the mass media of those spiritual heroes and heroines whose purity of heart is the true expression of eternal glory.

-Beloved Lady Kristine, February 5, 2006


We of the Karmic Board have determined that unless more mercy is shown at all levels of society and in the lives of both the highest and the lowest of the evolutions of this planet that we may not forestall the great darkness that is even now cast its foreshadowing upon the earth. Great cosmic councils have come to observe our deliberations …And we have shed tears to explain to them, what has been for not only over three decades but a scourge during many civilizations that have come and gone, the practice among some of the evolutions on this planet to partake of child sacrifice and the degradation of the child both in the womb and in other manners that ye know …Therefore, I come to plead with you who will hear me to pray for mercy so that mankind may understand the need to change their ways and in how they treat one another, most importantly the children …Let no more deeds of un-mercy occur in your worlds but let there only be words and deeds of love.
-Beloved Kuan Yin, March 19, 2006


This article follows part 1 for 2006 quotes. For anyone doing serious research, please check out our online, free database of Heartstreams as there are many more mentions of children and often expanded teachings on these quotes.


Did you enjoy this article? What would you like to know about what the ascended masters have to say on children?



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