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Free Two Hour Seminar on Orgonites


The power of orgonites was revealed to us on July 31, when the ascended master Cuzco shared: …“Now, blessed hearts, I speak a little bit about the science of orgone energy and of the magnificence of what has now been put into play through many of you as you have purchased these little alchemical talismans for your home, your sanctuaries, your offices, your altars. Long ago an ascended master came to me offering himself to the Earth to bring about a certain stabilization of spiritual energies through a vortex of light that he would imbed within a technology that could be inspired upon an individual to offset the darkness of this age and to profoundly allow there to be a radiant energy field that would bless all life, even the minerals and the precious elementals within the plant kingdom, as well as the animals and the humans in that field….”

During this presentation Boyd Badten shares everything he has learned about orgonites.

  • What is Orgone and what are Orgonites?
  • What are the benefits of using Orgonites?
  • How to use them specifically to:
    • Clean the environment
    • Create a healthy living space
    • Boost your physical and emotional health
  • Where Orgone energy comes from and how it behaves.
  • How to create a layered perimeter around your home and property for additional protection.
  • How to multiply the effects of orgonites with sacred geometry.
  • How to make Orgonites yourself.
  • Some of Boyd's 'secret lab experiments.


Orgonites in our store


Omri Tas' Blesses Violet Orgonite Pyramids

Omri Tas' Violet Light Dispensation for
Violet Pyramid Orgonites

Omri-Tas' dispensation provides an extra charge of violet light to these violet pyramid originates. This blessing was delivered through David Christopher Lewis, spiritual teacher and author, on Dec. 7, 2016. These Orgonites are built in the exact proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza and they have been charged via mantras with the Violet Laser Light of transmutation during the crafting of these beautiful pieces.