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Godfre      February 16, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Godfre)
February 16, 2018,   10:00 ̶ 10.23 am PST
2018 San Diego Prayer Vigil
Saint Germain on Soul Freedom and Self-Realization for Aquarian Initiates
Vista, California 

When Will You Be God-Free?

Godfre says: “When will you be God-free?” The choice to be God-free is always within the eternal Now, because freedom manifests through a series of decisions by which we are guided and goaded to unleash from within ourselves the God-light of our true Selfhood. If we choose every moment to be in the light of God's Presence, then we are free in that moment; and every free moment connected to every other free moment creates the stream of freedom that we desire to live within in eternality. Yet if in any moment we are less than free because we have chosen to enthrone the lesser self rather than the Divine Self, then those unfree moments interrupt that stream and dam the flow of the radiance of freedom within us.

The choice is always now to be free in God. And if we choose every moment to incorporate the divine light into our lives and to enjoy that, to revel in it—and yet not get too caught in the human revelry of it—we will experience those intimate moments with God in the light, which nurtures our souls, feeds our inner being, and then does result in that lasting, eternal state of being, which is freedom.

Beingness in God is freedom; being outside of God is slavery. We always have a choice whether to incorporate God in our lives and therefore to be free in the Presence of God's eternal light or to shrink into the shadows of that which is separate from God, which may be enjoyable to the human temporarily, yet which has no lasting reality. It has no essence of divinity because it is a chimera, illusion, maya. The things of this world are mayic in origin because they are not born of the everlasting life of divine permanence. Yet even in this world, as a launching point for our soul to strive and yearn for union with God, we can unshackle ourselves so that we are not grasping at straws—we are accepting what God gives and offers as a beautiful light-field of that beingness.

When we enter beingness within our Presence, we are free to pursue the divine plan, the blueprint of our life that was fashioned from eternal substance in the beginning of our spirit, and then we are fulfilled within that divine blueprint, moving forward, ever upward in the light. If we rail against that which God created us as—as a son or daughter of light—if we would rather be something else, then we will discover, through the great rounds and Manvantaric ages of existence outside of the inner circle of God's being, that it is not the greatest pathway and that we can desire to be warmed by the fires of God's heart—be close to God, one with God, rather than live on the periphery, where things are cooled down. And then if we don't warm up and get closer, we get cold.

The timing of our self-discovery is important, and meeting cycles of our God Self-realization when cycles speak to us is important. And we plan our lives upon Earth so that we will have these opportunities to meet the people with whom we must interact to balance our debts to life so that we can be free. If we have these debts, we cannot be fully free; our ledger will always be unbalanced with too much debt and not enough assets. If we give and we love and we serve and we sacrifice, we create the assets that will counterbalance those debts and eventually lead to perfect harmony and union with God. Those who would rather surfeit themselves in pleasure know not the joy of self-discovery through sacrificial giving and employing the inner gifts of Spirit and a constancy of givingness that leads to freedom.

Now, we've all experienced the lesser states of being in this and past lives, where pleasure dominated our being and where we were not in that stream of cosmic ideation and blessedness in the beauty and harmony of the Edenic life. Yet it got tiring. As prodigal sons and daughters, we came to that outer point of the periphery of our existence, outside of that inner circle, and we finally said: “This does not serve me anymore. I don't feel validated as who I am.” And so we began the search; we began the climb; we began the holy return to oneness. And as initiates, we are accelerating that return so that we, in turn, can invite our fellow lightworkers to join us in this cosmic enterprise and raise the vibration of the Earth and assist souls who are in the process of going through their metamorphosis and their resurrection and ascension.

The timing of our self-discovery is crucial. If we are focused in the present moment on God throughout our day, we will receive inspirations and intuitional blessings that will help us to maintain, on the straight-and-narrow path, that pure directed journey to the Sun. We all require rest and reprieve, and this is why we sleep at night, to be rejuvenated. And in the state of oneness through givingness, love, service and a new type of sacrificial giving, which is the offering of self, the true type of sacrifice—not the old type, which was to create an altar and slay animals on it—we are served by the divine hand.

When we give, we receive. When we serve, we are served by the angels, the cosmic masters, the divine beings. It is a law that whatsoever we sow we shall reap, because this is what balances the cosmos. If it were not so, the cosmos would be akilter, and we would have complete chaos and there would be complete destruction. To balance the cosmos, we have to understand the laws of unity within us, the shadow self, the Real Self, resolve the conflict and actually come into the unity field of beingness, where there is no more duality, no more good and evil from the human vantage point. There is only Good, with a capital G, which is light, beauty and God's graces. Yet from the human vantage point, the turning of this dualistic state within our sphere of being no longer holds sway because we are tethered to that point of pure light of our Presence.

So when will we be free? Every moment that we choose God, that we choose life, that we choose love and light, because that point of time and space where we choose the blessedness of God is really the point of unlimited divine power, wisdom and love. We tap into God, and in that moment we are free, and then we live in that freedom. We can't choose today to be free tomorrow, because tomorrow hasn't happened, right? We have to choose now to live in freedom, and then because of our right choices today, tomorrow we may maintain that state of freedom.

So if you have an issue with a habit pattern that you would like to have dissolved, don't make a projection and say, “Well, tomorrow I'm going to exercise or choose the right diet, but right now I'm gonna just let it all hang out,” because the choice now is the choice where you make the change, the transformation. Every choice allows the Eternal to abide where you are when that choice is for and in God.

Yes, we may have our treasure maps, our vision boards and our alchemies that we are working on, and they are great, because the way time and space on Earth works, we have to connect all these days and we can't do everything in one day or in one hour. Yet even within this day and this hour, if we are focused with laserlike concentration on the Divine, we draw such a tremendous energy field of this power of the Presence that, in the twinkling of an eye, it can transform us and we are free from our past.

Would you be free from your past? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Okay, what of your past do you no longer desire? You don't have to say it. We all have been there, right? So don't even go there in your thought process to consider all the things of your past, the dramas of your past that do not serve you any longer, because going there in consciousness recreates it. I've had many, many discussions with heartfriends—and this is David speaking now, not Godfre—where people like to revolve the past and bring up these traumas, issues and dramas with relatives and people that have wronged and abused them, you name it. And what are they doing? They are not living in the Now of their Presence; they are recreating the past. And I've done it myself, I know.

If you choose the eternal Now and to be focused on the light, that light will be so bright that it consumes the edge of the emotional charge of the past so that it has no more sway over you. It cannot entrap you and keep you bound to that matrix that you temporarily allow yourself to live within, which you now choose to let go of and release and transmute.

So you may hear me—on behalf of your Higher Self, on behalf of my Higher Self, our Higher Selves—chide you a little bit if you start revolving the past and recreating things or talking about someone in a negative way. They may have acted that way before, but they may not be that way today. They may have improved, and you don't know what's going on in their mind, their heart, their being. So don't judge and recreate your perception of them as imperfect or dark or whatever, because God's grace may have just found them and they're saved in Jesus' or somebody else's Presence and you don't know it.

So give them the benefit of the faith—not the doubt, the faith—and allow them to be who they are, unencumbered by the perception or matrix that you project over them, because your matrix of someone else as imperfect is a binding force to you more than it is to them. And forgiveness frees us more than the other person. So forgive and hold the field of perfection and beauty and harmony and grace for every person, especially your parents, your children, your spouse, heartfriends, co-workers, because this is where the action is—close to home, close to home.

The people that rub us the worst, if we want to classify it, are the people that we have the closest associations with, because we know them so intimately and we love them so much. And when we feel that they're doing something that doesn't serve us or they don't understand in that moment, oh boy, all the fire of our inhumane self seems to come out of the solar plexus and we say things that we regret, or we think things. And if we have a little more control, we still think them but we may bite our tongue. We have to get to the point where we don't even think them, we just let it go right through us.

If somebody does something, like has too many spoons on the table, we just let it go right through us. [laughter] I mean, it's okay. Give him more spoons! Play pick up spoons instead of pick up sticks and have fun and make it a game. Or, in my case, I love to position things on the kitchen counter in a certain way so everything is geometric and beautiful. And then somebody comes and puts them away and, oh, there's my fun gone.

We all have our little habit patterns and our pet peeves. So put your pet peeves right here in a row, right in front of you right now, all your pet peeves. Okay? These are binding, limiting non-freedom matrices because they bring out the worst in you and the reactivity in you. So put them all in front of you right now. Now, take out a bazooka or a flame thrower or something, or if you're like a Kuan Yin, a straw with violet flowers coming out of it. That's fine. I'm a man; I grew up playing war when I was a kid. So the bazookas and the flame throwers are kind of neat and just dissolve those pet peeves. Just let them be gone, and feel the freedom that comes because you realize that they are no longer serving you. Now, what are we going to replace them with? The antithesis of the pet peeve, which is something beautiful and amazing that you now relish and enjoy in other people, that you consciously supplant those pet peeves with—with heaven's graces. And it's a conscious choice.

Now, those are the pet peeves about other people. Now we are going to go deeper inside of ourselves. What are the things about ourselves that bug us, where we self-criticize, where we judge ourselves. Maybe it's the way our body looks, or we're losing our hair, or it's turning grey. Those are just outer things. Now we are going to go deeper. What are the feelings that we have about what other people in our lives have said to us that we have actually believed, and they have gone into our subconscious and we haven't done the inner work to dissolve them, things other people have said that we now believe about ourselves?

So let's work on these and sing song 100, “Heal with Ho'Oponopono,” to root out these self-limiting, self-conscious patterns, which are absolutely unreal. They are not you. They are not part of you and you don't deserve to have them any more in your aura or in your subconscious. You don't deserve it, because we are here to be free today, and Godfre is sharing this alchemy so that we can look squarely at some aspects of our lives and really choose now to be free. So this powerful alchemical prayer and song, when you truly understand the dynamism of it, is so phenomenal that in five or ten or twenty minutes you can actually help another person to be free and you can free yourself.

The alchemy, though, is inside of you. When you work on yourself, you help both yourself and the universe. We are not going to dwell on these negative self-talk things; we're just going to observe them temporarily, enough to then let them go and to free ourselves from them. So here we go. Just take a moment to pause and consider what you would like to permanently release, have transmuted and never again speak about or be part of you. And then, with all the love of all the masters in heaven, through these four sacred phrases—“I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you”—we are going to let them just dissolve into nothingness. So here we go.


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