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Padre Pio      December 08, 2017

Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
December 8, 2017   7:00–7:21 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Padre Pio Sheds Ruby Light on Our Path of Sainthood

With the fragrance of ruby roses and with ruby joy and love, I come, your Padre Pio, to bless you and charge you with light. I speak on behalf of many in heaven this night who would impel you higher to discern more of what heaven has to offer you in order that you may truly be masterful in your lives upon Earth.

Communication with God should be your daily affair, dearest ones. And this communication may take many forms. Intuition itself is the allowance of God to communicate through your heart, through your soul unto you. Meditation upon the eternal heart allows for the heartstreams of quintessential joy to be yours in those sacred moments when you truly feel your reality—the vibration of your Presence moving through you, the winds of the Holy Spirit coursing through your mind, your consciousness, and your feeling world most of all.

Through love of God and devotion, the door is open for that continuous conversation betwixt your heart and mind and God's, where you simply know what you require knowing, you feel what you require feeling and you discern by grace what is necessary for you on your path of light each day, each hour, each moment. Indeed, the nexus of your heart is the altar upon which all alchemical change is made through the ingestion of light and love and through the broadcasting of your creativity, which utilizes that light and love—stamped with your own awareness and energy—to bless and to raise life in this sacred givingness of your being to all.

We who received the stigmata knew the depths of Jesus' love for humanity, which he was privileged to experience in the anointing that occurred through the piercing of the flesh with the intensity of that ruby light and love. You too may experience a type of spiritual stigmata when you are determined to be love at all costs, to express the dynamism of heart-centeredness in your spiritual disciplines throughout each day with a gentle intensity, with reverence for the God-light within you.

Yes, we experienced that field of both quintessential pain and ecstasy in the simultaneous weaving through our consciousness and our body temples of the Alpha-Omega currents of divine light. And we bore on behalf of the planet some of that same burden that Jesus bore, yet it was our joy to do this. For as the pain wracked our temples, angels supported us, and there was also the cosmic relief of that through the ruby love that we felt, being in the stream of God's heart pulsations.

How can mankind now make progress as a whole toward the victory of the light? It requires diligence, sacrifice in a higher sense and a willingness to put forth one's best selfhood in service, in givingness to humanity. Many of you within this movement are engaged in this sacred endeavor. And that is why you are here, consecrated to this noble cause. Yet even now I would offer each of you, from within your own inner child, keys for the resolution of that which is yet to be mastered on your initiatic path and within your subconscious so that you may make leaps and bounds forward toward your victory, toward your ultimate destiny and union with God through a greater ruby-love action, which may be yours as you are so consecrated.

You may be outwardly masterful of many things: mental gymnastics, knowing the laws of the land and even partly of the universe. Yet, dearest ones, the equation that I offer contains mystical formulas reserved for those who are intrepid in their love for God and dare, with a higher level of courage, to engage with the angels of the sacred fire and be willing to be stripped of all that is less than their ideal Selfhood as God-men and women.

The consecration that is required for this level of beingness and attainment may move some of you into a new field of activity, work and relationship to access your higher inner potential, first and foremost with your Presence and with your Holy Christ/Buddha Self and then with those whom you serve and work with.

The gentility of heart-centeredness is required for greater Self-mastery in accessing your Buddha nature. And learning to be still, even while at work outwardly, is key in all things, dearest ones, for the resolution of those little things that yet at times crop up to foil your efforts, to keep you bound to lesser states of awareness.

Clare de Lis, Lanello and I have been assessing the lives of initiates of the sacred fire, both within this and other activities. And we are determined that come what may, many shall ascend; many shall make it through ruby love, greater effort, consecration. If you are willing to be God-taught and initiated at a new level, then give your assent to us and our angels and we will be there to prick you with light, to inspire you with all manner of sacred gifts. Yet these must first be received in humility and then utilized only for the betterment of all mankind through service and ministration.

This path of ruby-ray love within this activity—a crystal-ray movement of ruby love—truly affords many a higher level of active service, even of professionalism and of dedication to the one cause of eternal freedom. If you choose to take up this calling, there will be certain safeguards afforded through the intercessory presence of angels, yet none can avoid the initiations that also come. And all are required to give obeisance to the divine Word and obey the edicts of their own Higher Self as they thrust forward and provide many impetuses for others to also be freed from all manner of diversions and the fallacies of the entities that at times taunt their souls, their minds, their hearts.

Oh, the psychology of Kuthumi, Meru, Lanto and others must be known and mastered by you, dearest ones, to avoid the tricks and temptations of the dark ones and to gain that edge that you require to maintain the equipoise that is essential for your victory. Learn from Kuthumi, as the pious and yet powerful friar of light, the Poverello magnificent, who walks the Earth as a World Teacher impelling all to be true to Self. And learn from Jesus the way, the truth and the life of the Christic path. Walk in that light; be that light. Manifest that light and glorify God through your true essence, through love of everyone, of everything.

Blessed ones, as you listen to the inner voice daily and discern with the Holy Spirit what is essential for you to accomplish, to fulfill, to master, I am there in the midst of your trials, of your burdens; for I have borne many burdens. And Jesus tells you this night that we together will bear with you your burdens, which at times seem so great that you almost desire to leave off of the intensity of the path to avoid them.

There is no way around the obstacles that yet remain for you to conquer to win your victory save to move forward and to be joyous and harmonious as you proceed directly toward the light and into the fields of verdant joy and grace that God has prepared for his sons and daughters. Be intrepid. Be willing to move heaven and earth to serve at your highest level. Lanello will be there with Clare de Lis to also guide you, as planetary teachers in their own right, from their retreat over Lake Titicaca and over the Rhine.

Oh, how I would woo you to a new spiritual life. You think you know love. I say you will only know love when the heart of God emits that ray that pierces your heart with its dynamic fire and impels you to feel the depths, the heights and the breadth of universal love and compassion.

Be truthful in your loving. Be charitable in your giving. Be honorable in the way that you live, move and allow your being to represent God within the office that you hold as a lightworker, lightbearer, lightsharer and advocate for the ascended masters, the saints robed in white. We would welcome you to our ranks when you are prepared and fully bathed and clothed in light. Work toward that day, that sacred hour, and all of the effort, the inconvenience will be worth every vestige of sweat and tears, of givingness, of sacrifice, of love.

Love is the way to victory. Love is the key to your attainment. Love is the pathway to God. Love wins the day now and ever for all life—your life, our oneness. Thank you. 


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