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Jesus      November 24, 2016

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
November 24, 2016   10:49–11:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Jesus's 2016 Thanksgiving Message

From within your heart, blessed ones, I come expanding the light of Christ awareness, the Divine Presence of who you are deep within you, in that sacred space where God exists as an eternal flame, as a divine light, as a mystical awareness. When you contact your essence from within your heart, there I AM, there the I AM manifests through you, unto you as your true nature, one with God.

The crux of Christianity should be for disciples to reach this inner state of being, one with the living Christ, and then manifest that awareness continuously within their lives. You see, it is much more than dogma and doctrine that leads you to your oneness with God. It is all about this sacred process of going within; finding the keys to the kingdom within you; and then, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, through love, living virtuously in the light of your Presence and hallowing space with the energy of your true being, one with God.

Magda and I taught our disciples the way of peace, the way of love, the pathway of light through this inner Presence, which was tangibly felt by all who came unto us, those with whom we shared our essence, our light and the teaching that the Holy Spirit inspired upon us day by day. Those who were healed also received, beyond the physical healing, the energy of Spirit to perfuse throughout their world so that that healing would be permanent, so that that healing would last beyond the temporal alleviation of suffering and pain and lift the soul from the state of not-self, non-being.

Do you, O soul, desire a new life of Christly beingness? If so, live, move and have your being within your Presence, within your Christ consciousness, which has always been available to you to rise into, to know, to understand, to Self-realize. This essence and pure awareness of God-consciousness is available to all, no matter what creed, nationality, race, color.

And I, Jesus, come to all of you this day, on Thanksgiving, to illumine your world, to illumine your life, to illumine your auric field with that Christ-essence and provide an impetus for a new level of Self-realization in your life. You see, for initiates of the sacred fire, there are many levels of Self-realization. It is not something that just magically happens in one ultimate act of becoming. You are becoming more of God each day. And therefore the stages and steps of Self-realization are occurring naturally as you yearn for God, as you apply God's principles and precepts, God's divine rules of higher living in your life.

What are these rules? They all originate from the golden rule that you know so well: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.1 For all the prophets and all the teachings stem from this one commandment, after loving the Lord thy God with thy entire heart, mind, strength and soul.2

You see, blessed hearts, the path to Christhood is not so difficult for those of you who would honor who I AM within you and the words that I spoke, which yet live on in reality in the lives of true Christians today. Those who honor me by living by the Word itself are those who are moving into their own Christ-reality and ultimately reaching up into that Presence of light that is the same Christic awareness that I was privileged to manifest and share with all of humanity.

On this Thanksgiving Day, my gift to you in response to your thankfulness to God and to one another is to offer a new level of communion with my own. This is the intimate conversation of Christ to Christ, of the Word of God to those sons and daughters of God who would fully be ensconced in that Word, be enriched and enlivened by that Word. You see, once you access the logoic awareness of the Christ awareness, you live by that same Word by which I lived, through which I knew God. Therefore be true to the inner words of conscience that you hear from within your heart. For when you obey these words of the living Christ within you, then you are clothed in that light; you are that light; you are that Word of the Logos where you live, move and have your being.

As you offer something of self today on the altar of the Most High and as you celebrate with family and friends this holy holiday of Thanksgiving, Magda and I will be there conversing with your soul in spirit, in fellowship, joyous and divine, reverent and yet with that fun spirit of newness—newness of discovery, freshness of today's light and the understandings that come, heart to heart, when love is present, when the Holy Spirit glows in your midst, when true heart friendship manifests. Dine with us, consciously knowing that we are present with you, and we are there.

 Thank you, blessed hearts, for your loving Presence, your joy spirits and your fellowship with God. Have a blessed day. Make it blessed by your love. Thank you.

1. See Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31.
2. See Matthew 22:35–38; Mark 12:28–30; Luke 10:25–27.

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