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Cyclopea      July 20, 2016

Beloved Cyclopea

David Christopher Lewis

July 20, 2016   7:10–7:33 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Behold Perfection of the Divine Light within You and the World


I, Cyclopea, come to the Earth this morning to invest the All-Seeing Eye of God within initiates of the sacred fire. For it is time, blessed ones, that you have pure vision manifesting through your awareness, that you have crystal-clear insight into your world and God's world—the world at large around you and the greater world within you that is that true reality of beingness, through which you access all that is holy and sublime, all that is beautiful and divine.

When you true yourself to the vision of God, all things become possible unto you because you now live in the reality of that unity field of beingness through perfect sight, ideal vision, immaculate seeing. To see immaculately is to envision all with perfection, to see all through the lens of oneness, optimal in all of its possibilities for full God-manifestation. When you behold your world with the beholders of perfection—the Great Silent Watchers—as God imagines it, as God has foreseen it, as God created it, then you enter into that creation itself and manifest the purity of it through the immaculate beholding of it with great joy, love and intention.

Many imagine a vain thing, and so they create vanity through their vision. If you would create divinity, then imagine a divine thing in your world and choose to behold that which is sublime, tender in its regard for life and God, harmonic in its symmetry and its exploration of the cosmos through the impulses that it feels and the creativity that it presents.

Imagine yourself always as fully Self-realized in God and it shall be so for you. If you continue to hold yourself in any vision of imperfection, you energize yourself in that matrix of limitation. If you accept that you are fully created in the image and likeness of God and that this is and has always been your divine estate, then, blessed ones, the pure vision manifesting through your third eye coalesces in your world that higher reality. And you can live, move and have your being within the perfected state of the immaculate, even of your own ascended-master consciousness, brought into the present moment of full blossoming and God Self-realization.

You must leap into the eye of God to behold yourself and everything through that lens of beauty, through that looking glass of purity. Yes, many imagine a world that is not what we, the Great Silent Watchers, would have them behold, and so there must be a shift in consciousness. And you, blessed ones, as initiates of the sacred fire, may help us to precipitate that higher vision—the dawning of a golden-crystal age here and now and the realization of it through the pure stream of your awareness, connected to God, and through eye-magic making it so as you activate it through cosmic service, blessedness, love.

Some have wisely chosen not to look upon all that your media presents day after day, ad nauseum. For what you place your attention upon, you imbibe and you inscribe within your awareness. Therefore choose to behold the beauty of a new world manifest all around you now. When you can exemplify this mastery of pure vision, as the Essenes did long ago and as did other initiates of East and West who attained to higher awareness, that creativity will coalesce that higher eye-magic in the entire world, beginning first with you.


You realize what you dream into existence through your real-eyes, one with God's All-Seeing Eye. Therefore realize with us the beauty and harmony of a joyous new world, of a bright and beautiful creation, of that original blueprint of beingness within the Garden of Eden. If you hold this perfection day after day in your mind's eye and energize it through pure thought, pure feeling, pure prayer and meditation, then you are participants in this great drama of the co-creation of this age of love, of compassion, of freedom in the light.

Within this movement, there are visionaries of the Spirit who look far into the future and draw forth that manifest destiny into the present moment through their consciousness aligned with God. If you would be one of these visionaries, then begin the process now. Put aside all vain imaginings of self and other, of the world. Leave aside darkness and enter the brightness of heaven's light field of divine joy. Give birth within your soul to a higher level of soulfulness as the sun spins and sings within you new light fields of ecstatic and harmonic peace, brother/sisterhood and bliss.

Some say, “O Cyclopea, you are not quite the practical Elohim as you speak these words, for there is so much darkness in the world and we must challenge it, annihilate it, dissolve it.” Well, blessed ones, it is a choice how to manifest that real world that you desire. You can either kick against the pricks of that darkness and be invested in a dual state through dual-eyed vision of warring against it, or you can enter the pure stream, as the saints have, through pure love of God, of that higher-world reality of perfection, and remain tethered to that reality, even as you live consciously, walking reverently upon this world.

Many of your politicians deride the opposition and, in an unknowing state, draw unto themselves the angst, the reactivity, the karmic circling energies of their words. Little do they know of the initiatic path, of the perfectionment that can manifest through the mouth of God, the voice of truth, the beauty of the Word, the Logos. Were there politicians and leaders who would speak of their vision only and of what they will do on behalf of the people, as their representatives, to co-create a new world of joy, of beauty and perfection, they would magnetize the resources from heaven upon earth to make it so by the pure stream that they have entered through the holiness of their words within the field of unity, purity and beingness. Yet they know not else except derision and division. And thus you have the state of affairs within this nation and upon this world of a lesser awareness through duality and the dialectic of competition rather than cooperation—of denial, denial, denial rather than the acceptance of the truth of beingness within.

The Elohim now expose those who seek office who have not the light of God beating within them. For they have long ago snuffed it out through the lie and through murder itself, first of self and then of all that stands in the way of their greed, of their lust for power, money and influence. Though we would not name names or take sides, the All-Seeing of Eye of God this day is set upon this coming election. And those who stand for truth and for virtue in a righteous way, giving glory to God, speaking of love, of light and of virtue, will be supported by all of heaven. And those who live in a state of denial of all that is true and virtuous by accepting the lie of darkness within self and within this world will ultimately pay for all of their lust for power. Unfortunately, blessed ones, these, through many nefarious influences, are already creating much darkness. And it will continue unless and until there is an outcry from this people for a return to God, to the light, to righteousness and holiness. You must call them everywhere to unity, to love, to divine friendship and brother/sisterhood. Afra, Saint Germain, El Morya, Mother Mary and many great masters will support you in this cosmic work to bring the light of unity back into your reality.

If, perchance, the dark one is elected, woe unto this nation, her environs and all peoples. For many demons, who have already been invoked through the blasphemies of this soul, will enter the scene and continue their nefarious deeds. And only through divine intervention, through the prayers of the righteous will this nation be saved. It is truly on a dark course in this hour.

And the prophets have spoken. Listen and obey the righteous voice of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ. Obey the words of the Father spoken unto and through him to love one another as he has loved you.1 For only, blessed hearts, through love will war, planetary war, be prevented. It is already on the horizon. The powers-that-were seek it to destroy a loving civilization that could be created both in the East and the West through the initiates of sacred fire.


Prepare. Fast and pray. And through your virtuous lives, it may just be that the great darkness at hand will be dissolved in time, in space before the hand of the Almighty descends to allow it through the choices of the people whose hearts and minds are turned against the light of the Divine.

I come on this auspicious day to warn this people and this nation that only through and by God's grace will you be saved. Therefore invoke heavenly mercy through ongoing prayer, sacrifice and givingness. This is our last warning to Americawe of the Karmic Board and the Elohim. If there is not a turning about now, woe, woe, woe to this people.

The voice of God has spoken. The Seven Thunders have sounded.2 And you, O righteous ones, must restore this people to their divine state of humility under one God, indivisible under the Sun of glory. I thank you.

1. See John 13:34.
2. See Revelation 10:1–7.

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