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Maitreya      December 09, 2016

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
December 9, 2016   8:50–9:12 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series
Beloved Lord Maitreya

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you. We have a lot to cover today. First I'd like to share the next twenty-four maxims by beloved Lord Maitreya, who is on the 11:00 o'clock line of the cosmic clock, which we are on now during the cycle of Sagittarius for the end of this year. This completes the first twelve of the maxims, which moved around the entire cosmic clock, starting with the blue cross, then the pink cross, then the yellow cross.

1.      Let your return to Eden start from within you.

2.      Envision the ideal, then make it real. 

3.      To get high on God, draw nigh to her/close to him.

4.      Be relentless in your search for truth and dauntless in your service to the light. 

5.      Your harmonious life is essential for planetary peace.

6.      Spirituality and sacred gifts from God are never rationed to initiates. All may receive a rich investment of light from heaven. 

7.      Even the Elohim have yet to realize their full potential.

8.      Reduce your reliance upon fossilized rules. 

9.      God reveals herself in increments, yet radiates her divine beauty within each glimpse

10.  Thoughtful words live on eternally, whereas thoughtless ones quickly perish. 

11.  Generations to come will give thanks for your conscious, loving life.

12.  The benefits of cosmic consciousness are endless, and the blessings of solar awareness priceless. 

13.  After you come to a conclusion, fund a new start-up.

14.  I'd rather be original than inventive, creative than reactive. 

15.  All egos eventually ascend to an abyss.

16.  When you face reality head-on, you can head off the opposition. 

17.  Truth has no angle, and Justice makes no deals

18.  The reprobates forfeit grace, and the rebellious mercy. 

19.  What's it all about? God. Love. Unity.

20.  Stars are the engines of the universe. 

21.  As God breathes, so the galaxies expand and contract.

22.  Life is more important than facts. Live, and the facts of life will reveal themselves. 

23.  Be viable rather than volatile; resplendent than independent; authentic than trendy.

24.  Once we achieve planetary peace, interplanetary kinship will ensue.

These are the twenty-four maxims from beloved Lord Maitreya for today. Number eight was “Reduce your reliance upon fossilized rules.” I think that you probably got the little pun there, as many of us are attempting to reduce our reliance upon fossil fuels. That was a little jest, and the Master had fun with words there.

I was intrigued by number seven: “Even the Elohim have yet to realize their full potential.” They were, in effect, probably the first sons and daughters of God, who have great power as creators of worlds and systems of worlds, and even they are still realizing the fullness of their divinity and will continue to do so for eternity.

“After you come to a conclusion, fund a new start-up.” It's similar to one from yesterday. How many conclusions do we come to in our life? I think we're constantly making assessments and coming to conclusions, and we begin projects and end them. So I think this has a little deeper meaning than what it originally bodes, and we can meditate on this by asking ourselves how we fund a new start-up inside of ourselves, spiritually, after we come to a conclusion. Well, we fund things through energy, through what money represents, which is energy, thrust, an investment. So for every conclusion that we come to, we have to be willing to begin something new afterwards. Otherwise we get stuck within that conclusion, because conclusions are endings. I think we have to be careful what conclusions we come to in our thinking processes and our assessments and be willing always to have that potential new thrust for a purpose by starting off new awareness within ourselves. It's good to have things shaken up, not stirred, in order to really have opportunities for new mindfulness, new original thinking.

I love number seventeen: “Truth has no angle, and Justice makes no deals.” In the court system of today, of course there are always deals. Yet in every one of those, is justice really meted out appropriately? I think not. Compromise can be good in many ways to help people on their path, and yet true justice understands divine principles, which are always framed around love and mercy. And Justice doesn't have to make deals. Maybe Mercy does. Justice doesn't always make deals. And Truth has no angle. Truth is 360 degrees circumspect. It doesn't just see things from one angle; it is completely observant. The All-Seeing Eye of God sees and knows everything that is happening from every possible vantage point. I love “Truth has no angle” because it's a play on the phrase that is used in regards to crime, “What's your angle?” In other words, how are you going to steal money from people, how are you going to fool them? Well, Truth doesn't fool anybody—it is. It is Truth because it has no angle.

Number twenty was “Stars are the engines of the universe.” I contemplated that. The energy that God invests within stars really does have a great power and the motor of that engine to create planets and to create the family of the solar system that each star is a part of. And of course we know that most stars are binary stars. So there are two stars, the Alpha and the Omega, within a solar family. We had this understanding a number of years ago when we saw a wonderful video that shared this knowledge, which the Vedic teachers knew thousands and thousands of years ago. And now science has corroborated that most stars are binary stars.

The engines of the universe are these stars because they keep everything going. The interaction between the binary stars is a dynamic that our solar scientists should study to understand how there is, through their interaction, the giving birth to solar systems, the children of the planets, and how all of this keeps everything happening in the cosmos, the macrocosm. As Above, so below, it takes a male and a female to sire children and create a true family upon Earth. And regardless of what you may think about same-sex marriages, et cetera, they will never result in children. They have to adopt children, so it's really not natural. I see in the heavens that these binary stars are always in polarity. They are never macrocosmically of the same spiritual sex, so to speak, or energetic sex. They do sire their children, the planets, and they have these beautiful families, the solar systems. And so as Above, so below—it's still the same upon Earth. 


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