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Jesus      November 16, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (Overshined by Jesus)
David Christopher Lewis
November 16, 2016   7:37–7:53 am MST
Healing Light Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Jesus's Discourse on the Holy City Meditation DVD

This past Sunday we had a darshan with Saint Germain, and one question was submitted that didn't directly relate to alchemy. However, Jesus would like to share now briefly on the import of Lisa Delaney's video of the Meditation on the Holy City.

The Masters have spoken of the Holy City a number of times in our movement, and recently it was shared that all of the symbology within the Book of Revelation takes place inside of us as part of the initiatic path, including the overcoming that results in our ascent into the etheric planes and our entrée into the Holy City, which is in the form, or the shape, of a cube—the City Foursquare with the twelve gates, the pearls, the precious gemstones that embellish the Holy City, the streets paved with gold, as some say.

 The Holy City is an actual place. It is a sacred space of consciousness that we can enter with Jesus and Magda through this meditation to abide with them in spirit and to participate in God's work in the heaven world and then draw that energy into our planet to make heaven a reality here to fulfill Jesus's words: “Thy kingdom come…in earth, as it is in heaven.”1

Jesus, as well as all the great initiates, entered the Holy City in their meditation, were able to access the truth, the wisdom, the love, the grace of that Holy City and then spiritualize matter by what they taught, what they exemplified, what they manifested in their loving, conscious lives on Earth. When you enter the Holy City, it is a sacred experience each time if you choose to enter that hallowed state of being that is a part of the experience and to receive the impulses from the great angels and archangels, the masters who abide there, the heavenly beings, gods and goddesses of light, who will inspire you, who will enrich you, who will enliven you with divine fire, the energy of the One.

The Holy City is an alchemical place, where all kinds of higher alchemical experiments are continuing to manifest. Every retreat of the Universal Great White Brotherhood is a part, in one sense, of the greater Holy City that exists in the heaven world. Many of these retreats are city-like, some larger than others. Some are more like mansions in the sky and others encompass vast areas of spiritual space in the heaven world and are actually like cities. Energetically they are all spiritually tied together in the heaven world as a part of God's great divine civilization. Every retreat embodies a certain aspect of God's consciousness and has a function, has its purpose to activate within the Higher Self of mankind, as well as activate in the work of the ascended masters, the spiritual gifts and graces that they employ to help us, help the Earth, help humanity to evolve and ultimately to ascend.

Like John the Beloved, you can go to the Holy City in consciousness when you have reached a certain level of attainment in silence and meditation, where your spirit soars to that place and you can partake of the Tree of Life, the River of Life—all of the fruits of the Tree of Life and the energy of that River of Life—and the energy of the Lamb, representing the Christ, and the love of the Lamb for you personally.

We know that there is a Holy City in our sun, and many have entered the actual Holy City within the sun, the city of light there. And there is a sacred temple, the Temple of the Sun, within the sun and there is also a replica of that in a retreat over New York City, the Temple of the Sun.

However, I believe we are creating our own Temple of the Sun inside of ourselves through our love of God. And we can go to the secret chamber of the heart and experience the spark of God within us, our threefold flame, which burns on the altar of our hearts, within our own cathedral of the heart, within our own Holy City. The more spiritual work you do, the greater the size of the inner cathedral within your heart. And some of you have done so much work within this and past lives that you have a veritable city of light inside of you, where you can do all kinds of alchemical work and projects. You may be working with all of the seven rays, the five crystal rays and other frequencies beyond our human comprehension.

So in a sense this meditation, although we may see the visuals within it, takes us inside of ourselves. What Lisa has objectified through the words of Jesus and the presence of Jesus and Magda within this vehicle of this video causes us to learn how to master the science of going within, of drawing forth from within ourselves the light of the Presence and the light of the Holy City. So we don't go out there so much as we go in, even though we go up in consciousness or vibration to get there inside.

What Jesus says is that every time you give this meditation, engage in it, listen to it and apply yourself through the visuals to experience this presence of the majesty of the Holy City, he and Magda will be there. They will overshine you through this meditation. They will bless you through this meditation. They will charge your energy field with this light of your Presence and of the greater Presence within the Holy City and its cathedrals, sanctuaries and sacred spaces. And this charging of your energy field is worth every moment of time that you engage in this twenty-minute-plus meditation.

Maybe you could find out the actual length of it for me, Boyd, if that's possible. I believe it's under thirty minutes though. And what is a half-hour, twenty-five to thirty minutes of time in the context of our life when we can actually go within, experience God's Presence and feel the nurturing currents that Jesus and Magda, in particular, and other masters afford us.

So this video is an alchemical offering to you. It is an alchemical experience that does impact the vibration of our physical Earth every time you play it. It draws divine substance into this dimension through the words, the energy of it, the vibration of it, the radiance and radiation of it.

So a piece of heaven comes to Earth, essences of God are embellished within our planet, and wherever you play this, to bless sentient beings. And that is a great grace. Everything we do we do consciously and lovingly, and so we know that through the application of the science of conscious awareness, light is released and that the akashic records are washed clean in that space around us. Jesus is showing me that the energy released in this ritual does transmute base records of darkness in the Earth wherever it is played. It activates engrams from the etheric into the physical through the nexus of the heart of the one playing it who engages with it and participates with it.

Just as all of our videos, all of our music, all of our audio prayers and all of our visuals that have been created by our Creative Arts team anchor light, this ritual does anchor that light tangibly in the Earth. And for that we are grateful to Lisa and all who participated in this alchemy. So thank you, Lisa. We appreciate you; we thank you for your givingness. You know, Lisa does not get paid a salary, except for some editing she does of international HeartStreams. All of her Creative Arts work has been voluntary. And I know she has earned a great spiritual blessing as a result of this givingness. So we applaud you, Lisa. Thank you. And I know she's giving glory to God now and saying, “Praise God.” I can hear her saying, “Praise God.”

So how long is the video? Oh, it's only eighteen minutes. Not very long, yet very powerful. It was given at Mount Shasta, I think two years ago, or maybe it was last year—not this year, but the year before. So Lisa got it done very quickly, in my opinion. So thank you.

Boyd:  When I heard that they were asking for somebody to do a video of this, I couldn't figure out how they were going to do it. She had to meditate for weeks and weeks to figure out how to render all those different scenes. It's quite a miracle.

David:  Lisa, the Goddess of Light, who came today, would like you to know that you balanced 3 percent of your karma by doing this project. That is huge! That's huge! I mean, most people don't balance 3 percent of their karma. It takes them about three years to do that if they're really working hard on the path. So the concentration of your attention, your love, your creativity in doing this is absolutely phenomenal. This is the work of one who has accepted the fire through me many times, has been disciplined and keeps going and doesn't lose a beat, doesn't lose a step—unflappable. So Lisa, we love you.

1. Matthew 6:10.

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