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Victory      October 13, 2016

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
October 13, 2016   4:31–4:43 pm UYT
Pilgrimage and First International Congress—Argentina and Uruguay
Saint Germain Anchors the Light of Freedom in South America
Colonia Valdense, Uruguay

Victory Mirthfully Urges Us to Prepare Our Stories of Victory,
which He Will Present as a Gift to the Karmic Board on Christmas Day

We are victorious! Yes? [Audience responds: “Yes!” “Sí!”] And how will that victory now manifest, blessed ones? It is up to you, each one, to take home with you this fire of victory, this fire within your heart, this fire within your mind, this fire within your belly to share all that we have done together during these days and to spread the vision of a golden age; to accelerate consciousness; to share the joy of our love; to accelerate every man, woman and child in God's victorious sense of their own ascension in the light; and to bring to everyone that which is always victory—which is the smile of Victory manifested through love.

Smile more often, blessed ones, for that love that you express through your smile is also my smile! For you see, when you smile from this day forward, I will be smiling through you. And all of you will be smiling my smile, and then you will always feel my presence with you. And together, the smile of Victory will win the day for all—all that is good, beautiful and divine, all that is holy, sanctified and pure. And we will raise up everything that is not that through the light of Victory!

So, blessed ones, I could ask you what you have learned during these days together. Yet we will not do so now, for our time is almost up together. So this night when your soul takes flight unto the eternal octaves of light—that was a great rhyme, wasn't it?—you can share with me your personal victories and in what ways you felt that each of us was victorious in these days. And I will have a special scribe with me and that scribe will record your victories.

And I am preparing for the Great Karmic Board a tome of victory, “The Victory of the Heartfriends within The Hearts Center Community.” And I will present this tome unto them on Christmas Day, a few days after the solstice, as my gift to them—the gift of your hearts' love. You see, even the Karmic Board desires gifts once in a while. Everyone else is always asking them for gifts! So it is about time that we give them a gift, right? [Audience responds: “Yes!” “Sí!” applause]

So, blessed ones, think clearly about what you will present to me. Express it with your deepest heart poetically, creatively and even with music, if you desire. For, had you not realized it yet, all is recorded as it is shared. And even in this sacred tome, if you sing your song of victory or you share a poem of victory, it is recorded in many dimensions, rather than just on paper. For heaven is magnificent; the akashic records record everything through the subtlety of the vibration of the universe itself.

So give your all in this sharing and tell the Karmic Board how much you love and appreciate them. This is our little secret. You see, sometimes when you give gifts to others, they then feel impelled to give you a gift in return. So I will sneak up on them in one of their special sessions, unwrap this gift and present it to the Divine Director, and I shall watch their faces and see just how happy they are to read your stories of victory. And then I will be assured that they will give you those grants, those dispensations that Jaime desires and that all of you desire. And pretty soon, the entire Hearts Center community will be rich, rich, rich, rich, rich beyond your wildest dreams! [applause] And you will have your physical Hearts Centers, so much joy expanded through your giving, so many new dispensations coming to you that you that will be singing my song every day for the rest of your life! [laughter] You will be singing my praises, which are God's praises.

So remember that song. Every time you sing it, I send a legion of angels to Earth, and they perform alchemy with you. Remember this; it is awesome. And I smile when I send them, and I tell them, “You had better return to me with some gifts, because I have other masters to give them to, other cosmic councils.” You see, blessed ones, we celebrate Christmas too. And if you desire, we can celebrate Christmas every day. This would be awesome, right? [Audience responds: “Sí!”] So let us make every day Christmas through the flame of love that is Victory, Victory, Victory! Thank you. [applause]

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