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Maha Chohan      July 14, 2016

Beloved Maha Chohan

David Christopher Lewis

July 14, 2016   6:33–6:48 pm MDT

Livingston, Montana

The Maha Chohan Leads Us in an Alchemy of Love

Dearest Ones,

I come into your midst with great love for each of your souls, for your soul is one with God's eternal being. And when you feel the oneness of your soul with God, I am there in your midst fanning the love fires of heaven with you. And these love fires are pure spiritual light, which you may utilize in all of your spiritual work, flashing forth that light to all the world around you and enlivening every soul with the same essence of godliness that you feel deeply within your heart when you love God.

As you know, love is the key to your victory on the path. And as that love grows within you, so that love grows within the world at large. And as that love grows throughout the world, so God returns that love to you too, dear hearts. And in that moment of intimate communion with God, I am there with you, continuing to fan the love fires of God within your heart.

I am coming to each of you this night in spirit and in the physical plane because it is your time to feel an even greater love in your heart than ever before. This love is born of God's love for you, first and foremost, and is expanded and multiplied as you return that love to God every day in some way.

Now, blessed ones, let us perform an alchemy of love this night together. Hold your hands up and send rays of love to all—to all of Chile and all of South America.¹ And expand that love to cross the Pacific Ocean to all the islands and peoples upon those islands. For in this alchemy of love, God restores all peoples to the oneness of hearts worldwide. And in that oneness, there is true brother/sisterhood among all peoples.

This unity is required throughout the Earth this day and this evening, for there is so much strife and division that must be addressed and dealt with through love. And who else can we turn to to understand and express this love except you? For being lovers of God, you have the understanding of how to expand that love everywhere. And so together we expand this love to all nations and all peoples, for it is my great joy to work with you to perform this alchemy.

The alchemy of love this night is great. And if you also perform this alchemy each night, you will see cosmic results in your world and in your life and how that love will move in many domains to express the healing aspect of love among all people.

Yes, blessed hearts, you are my saints upon the Earth, for in many lifetimes you have been involved in this sacred work of holy prayer. And in this lifetime you have an even greater understanding of the dynamics of powerful prayer, known as decrees, whereby there may be a multiplication of that power of prayer through the agency of the Holy Spirit. For whenever you pray, the Holy Spirit is near, and the Holy Spirit empowers each prayer with divine love. This is how prayer truly works to recreate this world in a more beautiful and divine expression of that love.

Whenever you practice conscious love, I am also there. This conscious love is the expansion of your heart through the giving of your own heartstreams to the world. For each of you has the ability to heartstream this divine love everywhere. And when you gather together in prayer, the heartstream is much larger and more effective—it is as a powerful river of life that you send around the world. And many angels of the sacred fire assist you in this work, for when they see such dedicated souls uplifted in love through prayer, they support you by coming to augment your work with their powerful love.

Precious ones, breathe deeply now and feel my love welling up within your heart. For whenever you breathe consciously, the breath of God is there with you, and I am within that breath, within that Spirit divine.

It has been my great pleasure to be with you this night, precious ones, and I leave in your midst a beautiful talisman of my love for each of you. This talisman is offered to your heart by an angel of love. You may simply receive it with your hands and bring it to your heart now. Your heart is sacred to heaven; your being is beautiful to all divine Mothers.

And Jesus himself comes to serve you spiritual communion this night. So now receive the spiritual body and blood of the living Christ. Take and eat, take and drink, and be lifted up in this spiritual essence. I love you, dearest hearts, and am with you even unto the end of the age in the appearance of all that is godly again upon Earth. Good night and much love to each one.

1. This HeartStream was broadcast through a Heartfriends Group in Viña del Mar, Chile, South America.

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