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Portia      April 06, 2012

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
April 6, 2012   8:11–8:40 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Gardening with God for the Benefit of Family, Loved Ones and Community

Enable Your Youth by Your Own Shining Example

Beloved Ones,
            The intelligence of God is vast within the network of his light, his love, his magnanimity. I come this morning to invest the presence of peace, opportunity and sentient awareness unto all through the flow of light from my being, which may nurture you and bring you to a new divine estate of grace whereby your holy virtues, your purposeful essence may emerge and transform your world and thereby the world at large.
            I am Portia, and I have seen within the lives of some the strain of maintaining a certain spiritual balance vis-à-vis the physical realities of life, of making a living, supporting a family and sometimes an extended family, including some who should be out of the nest and on their own to support themselves. Dearest ones, some of you enable others in ways that do not fully allow them to master their lives, their reality through effort, striving and work. How long will you provide resources that strain your own livelihood and life to the detriment of their own initiatic path, divine plan and soul direction? There are a few of you within this movement who feel so impelled to provide every level of resource and givingness that you are in effect curtailing the greater trajectory of the soul of your most cherished ones, and now you have seen the effects of what I would call excess comfort extended toward these beloved ones.
            There is a way that is just and righteous. And all souls must understand opportunity within their lives that God presents through the initiatic path for them to learn their lessons—the lessons that their own sponsoring masters and the Karmic Board have offered to them through the divine intelligence of God, mandated through the laws of karma, of cause and effect, and by the very nature of the schoolroom of life itself. If you interfere too much in this process, then, in effect, the Lords of Karma may say to you that you have likewise made karma.
            Therefore I ask some of you to consider just how you have been involved in this beyond what is truly noble or according to the greater plan of your family and loved ones. Yes, dearest ones, when too many resources are provided and some grow up with a silver spoon in their mouths, fed over and over with no effort or little on their own behalf, what is the end result of this dynamic? When some great initiates have consciously chosen a life of hardship in their youth, it was for the very purpose of allowing them to move into the arena of action, of striving, of delivering by their own initiative the light-energy for their self-mastery and for their greater divine progress in life.
            There is an entire generation of lifestreams that have been in some way enabled by the materialism of this world beyond what they and their souls have chosen. And, dearest ones, even when a certain basis and foundation of material goods is in a just way provided for your family, your children and the youth at large, it does not mean that you are required to offer them every trinket, every new electronic device, much of which is simply geared for the stimulation of the senses and not toward their divine or spiritual growth or learning.
            How long, O mankind, will you be engaged in the level of materialism that does not move forward civilization as a whole? One of the reasons that we have encouraged all of you to engage in permaculture and gardening is that within the experience, you become involved in the natural processes of life itself by watching a seed that you have planted with your own hands in the soil grow and become a plant that offers its effulgence to you as food and nourishment—a process that God has created, not man through the mechanization concept of his own dream state of unreality.
            Yes, beloved ones, when you fully understand these holy processes within the natural world and engage your children and grandchildren and all who look to you for guidance and spiritual direction in this work of the hand, the heart and the head—outside, under the sun, breathing the fresh air, engaging in that work that results in the fruit of labor—you will see joy within their souls, a new élan manifesting in their worlds, and even a spirituality blossoming, flowering within them that you had not seen before.
            There are numerous lightbearers within this movement who are so engaged in the giving of their daily decrees and fulfilling what they see as the mandates of the ascended masters that they have lived almost aloof from their responsibility to spiritually nurture their loved ones by providing an example—a tangible, shining example of one who understands the path through the practical exercise of engaging in this world through nature, in the most down-to-earth and seemingly simple resources in order to draw forth from life itself its mysteries, its creative secrets and its sacred treasures.
            Yes, beloved ones, one of the reasons that we are again sponsoring this Meru University course is so that more of you will be inspired to engage in this creative effort, so that you will see the possibilities before you, so that you will garden with God, will employ the workings of the Spirit in a most engaging way with your beloved heartfriends, family and loved ones, and so that a new community spirit will be born through your collective efforts.
            What can plants teach us? some of you ask. I say much. What will the birds, the bees, the tiny insects, the worms and those who are integrally involved in the growth cycles of all that you ingest as your food teach us? Well, dearest ones, if you simply listen, if you communicate with the nature spirits and the beloved elementals, much will be given you, and you will be amazed at just how much inner growth will truly manifest within this dynamic.
            You have heard in a previous course that Mary and Jesus were supremely engaged in understanding nature through their gardening practices and that Jesus discerned much through his communion with the nature spirits, the plants and the animals themselves. If the great Lord of Life, whose resurrection you celebrate this Sunday, could so experience this level of integration with the Great I AM through what God has provided as this kingdom upon Earth, then you may also consider learning some of these same mysteries through your own meditation and communion with the selfsame spiritual quintessences that are all around you in the world of nature.
            Yes, I come on this Good Friday because, blessed ones, the resurrection fire overcomes death. And you see this throughout nature each spring as the tiny shoots emerge through the soil, take flight into the atmosphere and bring forth their beauty, their glory for you to enjoy in so many ways, so many very simple and yet delightful, ecstatic offerings. When you see a new shoot coming up from the earth, internally you may be reminded of your own spiritual journey and of what within you is ready to sprout forth to give glory to God as your gifts of the Spirit.
            You see, there are many lessons that children naturally, from within, glean and comprehend when they are offered the opportunity to learn from the divine intelligence of nature itself. Blessed ones, many of you read of the great mysteries of life. Many of you are very knowledgeable about spiritual truths and the secrets that have been held from the masses for long centuries and that are coming to the fore now for all to know. The greatest mysteries lie within you. The greatest teachings are yet to be revealed and cognized right within your own neighborhood and backyard if you choose to delve into them, to appreciate life itself and to truly give back that which you receive with gratitude, with a bountiful heart, surfeited in the light of appreciation and joy.
            David will be sharing soon in Sweden teachings on the architecture, the art, the music of Venus as inspired by the Holy Kumaras. Consider listening or viewing these teachings, blessed ones. For I can tell you that these divine beings, whom I know personally, will share much in the way of what Earth requires now to transform what used to be a garden paradise back to its original God-design. The carving away and stripping from Mother Earth of her resources, through unconsciousness and by those devoid of a caring spirit toward nature and Mother Earth herself, must change. These ways are not the ways of the conscious and spiritual initiates.
          Yes, holy ones, you will be the benefactors of that which is coming through the changes that are required in order to bring about a new civilization, truly a Solar world of light upon Earth. You must be the wayshowers, the forebearers and those who instruct many more among Earth's evolutions in these spiritual and practical directives, using the permaculture principles that you first learn, engage in and then master in order to bring a reharmonization across civilization throughout every culture and clime.
            Those of Venus will inspire you with even newer concepts and divine realities that you may employ. And the genius of your Higher Self will reveal to you, when you continue your work with the sun daily, much that will allow the transformation to be complete from one age to the next and for Earth to again be illumined by the golden light of the sun in a crystal age of conscious awareness, peace, prosperity and holy brotherhood/sisterhood in light.
            Leveraging that meditation by Manjushri with the beautiful imagery by Mario Duguay has already brought tens of thousands into an awareness of your movement on a tangential level. If you were to provide additional resources for these individuals, think what could happen in the way of the blossoming of your movement as so many resonate with that message of light, that vision of a dawning golden-crystal age of freedom and enlightenment. There is much that you can do to recreate this world. It begins with you, with your fervor, with your joy, with your new spirit of bringing every opportunity into practical manifestation through collective vision and service, dearest hearts.
            Some are ready to begin this change. I, Portia, with my beloved alchemist, Saint Germain, will inspire and work with any who desire to truly be servitors of light in this way. And as future initiatives are revealed by the inspired ones within this movement, by your leaders and those who are moving heaven and earth to provide you with all that you require for your victory, then you will see miracles, healings and new conscious communities manifesting throughout America and the world.
            I have provided some food for thought this day. And I encourage you all to continue your prayers for and your communication and direct service with the precious elemental beings, with guidance from their hierarchs, stimulated by your love and appreciation and hallowed by your reverence for life and your desire to be true to yourself in this process.
Enable your youth by your own shining example of one who cares by consciously crafting a way for them to be self-fulfilled through holy purpose, integrated within the natural processes of life through self-effort, striving and great God-desire.
            In love of the One, I thank you.


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