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David Lewis      March 29, 2011

David C. Lewis
April 24, 2011   6:44-6:48 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Upcoming Meru University Course with Kuthumi
Teachings on Kindness from a True Father of Mankind


I'd like to immediately speak a little bit about Kuthumi, whom many of you know intimately as you have meditated upon, communed with him over the years. With Jesus, he is one of the World Teachers. And of course we [now] have Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, [who] has shared with us recently [that he is] a part of this new triumvirate.
            Kuthumi has had many illustrious embodiments over the centuries and has very gently and kindly offered his heart to humanity to bring the higher teachings of light into the forefront of civilization. We know some of his most illustrious embodiments, although humble, as Saint Francis of Assisi; as Shah Jahan, who was instrumental in the building of that beautiful monument in India, in Agra, that many of us visited, the Taj Mahal. He was [Balthazar,] one of the Three Wise Men, the Magi, as we just sang about in this song. 
            [As Pythagoras, Kuthumi taught within and had many disciples in] the school at Crotona, [which] was an attempt to bring about a long-term mystery school. And we are, through Meru University, attempting to also manifest this level of the initiatic school of the Universal Great White Brotherhood in order to allow many ascended masters to share with us, to teach us the higher truths and wisdom of the ages and in a very current atmosphere bring forth what is essential in this hour of Earth's history to be revealed so that we can meet the challenges of today and move higher on our pathway of light.
            There is a series of books called The Lives of Alcyone. I have not read them, but Boyd Badten has. And I'd love for him to just share with us for a few minutes the essence of what is shared within these books, because it sheds light on the attainment of this great master over eons of time and what we can learn from him. So, Boyd, would you like to tell us more about this?

Boyd Badten:  Sure. I think I was describing this book to you one time, David, and one of the most important things that I wanted to convey to you at the time was that I was very surprised, or really enamored with the attainment that I noticed in the soul of Kuthumi in the role that he'd played many, many times. Just for those who don't understand what The Lives of Alcyone is, it's a clairvoyant study of forty lifetimes of a particular soul. And that particular soul isn't necessarily, to us, all that important other than the fact that the book is structured in a way so that you read the names of all the players in each particular lifetime and you understand who they are, and they are the masters we know of.
Vaivasvata arranged these epochs so that as new expansions, which led to the creation of new blood strains and root stock, you might say, where they were creating sub-root races, and they were at times creating new epochs with a release of great teachings and epochs, where a royal family would come forth that had all these high souls in it. And it would be a great awakening, you might say, to people and a little bit of a golden age. And many times our masters were a family, many times a royal family.
           And I was just struck by how many times Kuthumi played a very key role, and [he] seemed to be one of the very most enlightened and influential people in the group. It just struck me because he's only ascended fairly recently, from our perspective, and we don't probably tend to think of him quite the same as [someone] like Gautama Buddha. But I can tell you that he has wielded influence over the many centuries which was out of proportion to what I expected. He was many times the priest of the whole land, the high priest. And quite a number of times Morya was the king or the ruler and Kuthumi was the high priest. Or sometimes those two were the king and the queen. And I would say many times Kuthumi was the mother of a whole royal family and was, seemingly to me, the most highly attuned of the group, who wielded influence that led to outcomes which were very high, you might say. He, she at the time, kept the vibration in the family very, very high and assured the outcome of their family's mission in that lifetime.
            So, anyway, that was my impression. The ones where he was the high priest, just the influence he wielded, it's hard to overstate. Let's just put it that way. So that was my impression.

David Christopher Lewis:  Great. So these books were by Charles Ledbetter, I believe.

Boyd:  Annie Besant, she did some of them, I think. Probably like two or three. Charles Ledbetter did most of them.

David Christopher Lewis: So these are great tomes of wisdom and light. It would be great if we could have a link to them or even consider having them in our bookstore for the future.

Boyd:  There's a site online where you can actually get those books via pdf. They're in the public domain now. We could link to those.

David Christopher Lewis: Wonderful. Great, let's do that.
            Part of the reason I'm speaking of Kuthumi and why we sang to him this morning is that on June 19, I believe, Father's Day, if the date is correct, we are having a one-day Meru University course here in Livingston. And it's my desire that we fill this room and that we have 99 people, minimum, between [those] who are here physically and those on the broadcast, taking part in an awesome Meru course, such as we had with Lord Maitreya earlier this year in January.
            Kuthumi's teachings on kindness, to me, will be transcendent. I've already received a number of these nuggets, or Kernels of Kindness, in my meditation with Kuthumi early in the mornings over a number of days and recent weeks. And I'd like to share those with everyone, and then we can have a lot of sharing amongst ourselves as we reflect on how Kuthumi is bringing greater heart-mindfulness, heart-centeredness and especially the flame of kindness to bear in the world in this hour, which is so essential as we see the uprisings in the world [and] what is occurring.We can [learn through this how to] emulate our master and emanate the same frequencies of great compassion to charge into the Earth and the Earth's atmosphere the light to mitigate world cataclysm, to assist in the transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius with a means that allows the light to be brought forth such that people are almost miraculously transformed without a lot of outer drama and intensity. In the twinkling of an eye, many people can simply leave off of living from the standpoint of their lesser self, the ego, the not-self, and rise into a new awareness whereby they simply become their Higher Self. 
            It will be awesome to experience this in coming days, weeks, months and years as people simply awaken to their reality, to who they are and no longer manifest a lot of the [idolatrous], narcissistic energies of their former selves, such as we see outpictured in Muammar Gaddafi and others who desire control and through anger and revenge and retaliation simply have to have their way no matter what the world is saying and no matter what freedom is speaking within the hearts of mankind.
            So what better instrument for the delivery of a teaching on kindness than our beloved Master Kuthumi, who embodies this God-quality, this virtue so magnificently, with tender regard for each and every one of us, with a mind that is truly universal in its understanding of mankind's plight and the evolution of the soul and what is required for us to move into our adeptship and our mastery in God with great conscious awareness.
            At some point we will have the ability for you to register for this class. I urge each and every heartfriend to bring a friend, whether here physically or on the broadcast, because I believe that this particular class will be meaningful to everyone, no matter what religious persuasion. The Kernels of Kindness that Kuthumi has already given me are nonthreatening to any particular denomination or persuasion. They simply are gems of conscious awareness crystallized in these very thoughtful words from the Master. We will not be engaging in decrees very much, except maybe a couple prayers during these sessions. We will be having our morning broadcast earlier and then have an intermission and then the Meru class.
            So it's a perfect opportunity for people to join us to find out what our Hearts Center community is about. And much of this is our circle of oneness and our sharing. And there will be much sharing, just as there was with Lord Maitreya.
            The charge for this class is sixty dollars. You can save up for it. You can mark it on your calendar with a big pink heart and make sure that you clear your calendar to be there, even though it's Father's Day. I've said before that I am choosing to spend time on Saturday, the day before, with my children so that I have cleared the slate to be with a true Father of mankind, our Master Kuthumi.


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