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Magda      January 23, 2011

Beloved Magda
David C. Lewis
January 23, 2011   7:55-8:08 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Sacramento, California

Magda Blesses Us in Preparation For Our
Meru University Course on Blessing

            I come this day to provide a new womb within mater for my Beloved to share the teachings on blessing that will themselves be a blessing to each and every devotee who has desired to enter into the relationship with the master that exists within every Meru University class and course.
            Dear ones, as your Magda I come to tell you that my beloved Jesus was and is a blessing to me and to life and to every devotee who would enter into the spirit of blessing. For in this experience one becomes truly one with the essence of the Christ, the light that is nurtured within all that transpires within the sacred relationship of light that is at the core of this sacred art and science.
            What my Jesus will share with you of his experiences will be very personal. And you may receive a glimpse into his own soul journey, which at a deeper level, dear hearts, is also your journey. For when, having entered into a relationship with him, you understand the sacred process of life and the processioning of light you will see how your heart truly begins to beat in resonance and entrainment with my Beloved. And this itself for many of you will allow you to rise to new levels of understanding of what blessing is, your own life as a blessing, your own energy field and heart as the instrument for the light to flow through [in] the blessing process.
            The stories that Jesus will lovingly share within the context of this course will bring you, I hope, to a new heart-mindfulness. And lest anyone think that they are unworthy to be the instrument for the blessing art to be offered unto humanity, let me wipe clean the slate and say that each and every one of you truly is worthy, capable [and] able to enter into this equation of light with us. For I will be there behind the scenes, holding the field of the Omega/feminine energy as a frequency and as that womb within matter for you to experience all that will transpire during these six weeks. Your lives will never be the same, blessed ones, if you truly enter into the work and the space of love that embodies the work as that blessing that you will know.
            Therefore, I raise my hand now even before this course begins to seal your soul in light for the highest investiture of your own anointing in Spirit to be receptacles, receptors and recipients of the highest blessings, the most gentle presence of the Holy Spirit in your midst, and all that my Beloved will share and engender with great loving-kindness for our students of light and love.
            I thank you for being willing to move in this stream [of light and blessing] with us and to experience a new divine friendship within our sacred community of hearts. God bless you! God keep you always within the hollow of his hallowed hand and heart.

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