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Lanello      November 13, 2010

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
November 13, 2010   8:00-8:21 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Bergvik, Sweden


Realize Your Import to the Brotherhood
There Is No Greater Activity You Can Engage in than This Activity

Save Your Resources and Make the Trek to Titicaca

Beloved Hearts of Fire,
            I come, emanating cosmic rays of illumination's flame from the mind of God, vouchsafed to me and now extended to you in currents of golden liquid light.
            It has been quite some time, dearest ones, since I have shared from my heart the workings of the Spirit with devotees of the flame. For Clare de Lis and I have been very busy preparing, both in the retreat of the Elohim Apollo and Lumina over Germany and at the retreat of the God and Goddess Meru over Lake Titicaca, for the great initiatory conveyance of fire from the heart of the manus of the sixth root race that will occur, as you have heard from them, on December 21, 2012.
            There has been an acceleration of our own training so that we may fit the bill, so that we may put on the great shoes of light in the holy office as the new directors of this sacred retreat of the Brotherhood. And so there are many things that we have had to learn. And even as I began this training after my ascension, so much of this conveyance was extended to Elizabeth, your own Mother, during the time of her last years upon earth in higher octaves. For you see, blessed ones, it was our plan all along that she would have these ten years or so to focus fully on the spiritual world in preparation for this initiation and transfer of light.
            It is with great joy that I come to you and offer my heart this day. As you have studied the nation of Germany in your session today, there is much that I could convey of the import of this nation for the destiny of Europe. Suffice it to say that since the retreat of the Elohim and my own retreat are within this nation, you can surmise the golden flame of illumination, so necessary to the enlightenment of mankind, blazes forth from above this nation as a beacon of light, drawing by the power of the sacred fire many who are ready for higher education on a spiritual path, who are ready to receive the impetus of sacred light-energies to illumine their minds by Buddhic awareness and to move them fully into position to take up their own holy office as students, as disciples of the Word, of that Logoic light that must come forth for earth to rise into its own higher domain of pure beingness as a free star in the heavens, as a planet of golden-pink light.
            Yes, dearest ones, I did release those thirty-three spirals of light through this messenger early on in this dispensation.¹ Each spiral was an initiation of light embedded within the heart and mind of this one to allow for a complete transformation of beingness in order that he could receive those divine currents of God-wisdom, God-power and God-love; in order that we could extend the reach of our initial dispensation through this activity unto many more; and in order that initiations could ensue and the golden light of wisdom, through a new opportunity could be brought forth. It was because of an ancient tie of this one with me and with the Divine Mother that we were able to convey the transfer of light and thus insure the continuance of the release of the ascended masters' teachings.
            And so you have seen in these six years great teaching coming forth that augments that which we released while in embodiment. And you will continue to see, blessed ones, a further increase of the concentration of light through the HeartStreams given within this dispensation, which are essential to all that the Universal  Brotherhood desires to manifest and bring forth for the advancement of this age and for the golden-crystal age of Aquarius to emerge.
            Each and every one of you is essential in this process and may take up the proffered gift that we offer as you partake of the dynamics of the Brotherhood's plan through their teachings and through many offerings of the Spirit that come in many ways, both directly to you in your own spiritual practices as well as through the conveyances of Meru University and all that we release. Yes, dearest ones, it is essential that each of you realize your import to the Brotherhood, step forth and proclaim the victory of light within your heart and mind and do what is essential for you to fulfill your own destiny. And therefore because there had been the dissolution of much of the energy field of our own dispensation through a number of anomalies, it was essential that this new opportunity come forth for many to be emboldened once again to take up their holy office of light, to serve in direct ways with us and to begin again the initiatic cycles of light across the earth.
            Some of you are planning for the return of the messenger to Scandinavia next year. Call to me and to Clare de Lis for clarity on the plan. For we will assist you, dearest ones, under the sponsorship of the Lord Sanat Kumara, who always is there to guide, guard and direct you who serve within those nations, as is the Great Divine Director and the beautiful and holy Queen of Light. For you see, each and every pilgrimage and the coming of the Word through this one is essential to the ongoingness of our great God-plan, as you have heard from the Great Divine Director himself. And the carpet of light crisscrossing across Europe is building week by week as you engage in the holy offering of your prayers to wash Europe in crystal light. And I proclaim again unto you that you are making great inroads as a result of this discipline and this ritual. And we again congratulate and applaud those of you who set aside time each week to offer your hearts, your beings and your very vital life force unto us in the sending forth of these cosmic rays into the nations.
            As you meditate upon the geography, the history, the culture of these nations and raise your hands as you focus that light of the secret rays through your being, blessed ones, thousands of angels of light gather round about you and are obedient to the word of the sons and daughters of God who stand forth, one with the Source, to engage heaven in this sacred activity. For those of you who have not fully engaged, I invite you once again to consider the great possibility of the advancement of your own soul on the initiatic path and for the gaining of great God-attainment as the light is lowered through your chakras and through your hearts to be suffused and infused across and within all of Europe. 
            Blessed ones, there is no greater activity that you can engage in in karma balancing and in working the works of God upon earth than this activity with your holy brothers and sisters, I say. And when many more of you determine to lend the resources of your spirit to this activity, you will see an even greater upsurge of the light, a resurrection of the economies and an adjustment of many cycles of activity such that within a few short years you will be amazed to see the cosmic results of what you have offered unto the universe manifest in form.
            O holy ones of God, I embrace each and every one of you as a brother, a sister of light. It is so important that you realize your potential and determine once again that you will strive with us to secure your position in the heavens as an ascended one at the close of this embodiment. Chart your own course and the ascendency of your soul, and feel the impulse and the light rays descending through the chalice of your being and the magnanimity of your own heart as you call to me, you sing to me, you give the prayers that mention my name, one and all, and especially those that call to my magnanimous heart. For I am always there when you are heart-centered. For this is my office as the Magnanimous Heart for the earth in this age: to assist souls—whether they know of this dispensation or not—who are determined to be heart-centered and to fulfill the flame of God-love within their lives by whatever means and through whatever path.
            O holy ones, I charge this earth with sacred fire and crystal light from my own causal body! For I have been garnering of late resources from the Central Sun, as they have been vouchsafed to your own Mother and me in these many months and years. And so you will see the results of this sacred activity on that notable day.² 
            And I pray that many of you will determine even now to save your resources and to make that trek to Titicaca. For you see, blessed ones, those who do will receive a specific portion of our own mantle of light in those environs. And this may be just the impetus that you require for your own victory in this life and the fulfillment of your sacred mission. Yes, dearest ones, at times it is required that you be at the right place at the right time. And I say that for those of you who never met me in the flesh, this is your opportunity to feel the physicality of my being with you in those hours, even as you may feel it in this hour as I drench you in my light and my ray.
            Yes, I have been saving graces of the Spirit, which I deliver this day, not as a spanking but as truly, dearest ones, an encouragement from every ascended master of heaven. For I speak on behalf of all when I convey through this heart our love for you, our radiance and our determination that you will be victorious in wisdom's fire.
            So I have come, and I am flaming with the light from the Solar Presence of Helios and Vesta and Alpha and Omega. For as many of you have begun to fully engage your own Solar Presence through the sciences of the sun, so I, the Sun King, and others of the ascended ones will give you more and more and more as you are able to hold it, sustain it and expand it unto this world.
            Yes, dearest ones, I desired to bring forth in that embodiment in France much of the culture of the Divine Mother.³ I was able to fulfill some, but not all. And I am calling you to in some way anchor within this earth the great solar beingness of the Father-Mother God, the artistry of Venus and the compassion of the Solar Lords such that when you leave this incarnation, trails of fiery God-star substance will continue to descend into this earth as a result of your givingness, your own passion for the light and your desire to serve, as a holy one of God, mankind.
            I am Lanello—a jolly good fellow to some, a muse to others and a heartfriend to all, ever. I thank you.

1.  Lanello released 33 HeartStreams through David in the autumn of 2004, partly as an initiation to test his obedience and constancy while also conveying important instruction on the changes there were essential for the lightbearers to make to insure that they were advancing on the path of light.
2.  December 21, 2012—the date some say is the end of the Mayan calendar.
3.  The Ascended Master Lanello was embodied as Louis XIV, known as the Sun King.

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