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God of Gold      November 23, 2008

Beloved God of Gold
David C. Lewis
November 23, 2008  11:00-11:30 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                The Golden Light of Thanksgiving

Blessed Students of the Golden Light,
            I am come to radiate the fire of the sun within the minds and hearts of mankind this day. And I stress to you the importance of attention upon your Presence and the golden aureole of fire that is the light of your crown, one with God. For within the sunlight of your Presence is all joy, all hope and all forward movement into the light. I am the God of Gold. And within the golden rays and the fire of the heart of the Eternal One, I live and move and have my beingness. And I extend something of this essence to each and every one of you who would rise into the golden-age consciousness that is not only coming but is here right within the chalice of your being, blessed hearts, if you would accept it.  
            The effulgence of the sun's penetrating rays may be yours moment by moment if you cannot not only glimpse but fully accept and receive the cosmic essence of the Solar Presence of your system. Generation upon generation there have been those who understand the dynamic of worshiping the eternal light that the sun represents. For that sun is not an endpoint in itself of worship, but is an extension of the very fiery essence of the eternal heart of the One God.
            Many cultures have understood the dynamic of the importance of the sun, its rays and of all that flows forth from the cosmic orb that you see during your day. And some have even penetrated to understand the dynamic of those solar fires, even as they penetrate the earth during the night time. For as your earth turns and spins on its axis the light of the sun reaches the other hemisphere of the earth contrary to where you live. And those rays penetrate to the very core of the earth itself activating certain cosmic essences within the sun of even pressure within your earth.
            And there is a harmonic resonance and a continuous flow of these frequencies, blessed ones, that sustain the very Earth as a child of the Sun itself. And as you are warmed by the sun of the Earth itself from within and from the cosmic light of Helios and Vesta of your system you receive a double portion of the essence of the golden rays of light of your world and of the progenitor of this entire system of planetary bodies.
            Long ago I meditated upon the sun. And therefore I took as my mission the entering in to the very solar rays of the fiery presence of Helios and Vesta. And they did tutor me on the science of the Spirit as it relates to the golden fire of the yellow and the gold rays. And I incorporated into my being and my spiritual practices certain concepts, certain meditation and a receiving of a greater and greater knowledge of the mystical elements within the sun's rays that flow. And I was able to enter into a heightened awareness, blessed ones, of what you would call an understanding of the Periodic Table and of 144 elements of sacred fire as they are outpictured in mater and within the several spheres and dimensions of being in which all evolutions upon this Earth live.
             When you can learn to accept, inculcate and assimilate these elements that originate within the sun, then you can fully understand the balance of love, wisdom and power and of all of these elements within you. Many of you have studied the various sciences and have come to a greater understanding of the nature of life itself and of all the elemental forces at play within your world. The more you understand the dynamic of the sun itself and of these various elements and rays and frequencies, [the more] at any hour of the day you can attune to that which is flowing from the sun. For there is a cosmic revolution ongoing whereby different frequencies are emitted at different points and hours and minutes and seconds and even microseconds and milliseconds of the day. And as you are able to receive deep within your being these cosmic essences and understand the interplay and interactivity of the light within you, then there can be a greater harmonization of these rays within your world and a greater flow and acceptance and balance within your worlds.
             It is even so, blessed ones, that those who have entered into solar gazing and have meditated upon the sun in a careful and guarded means during the first rays of the dawn have assimilated these essences. And day by day they have garnered an understanding of how the frequencies may be captured within the cells of their own being. And that ultimately when you come to the point of a greater understanding, you can literally live off the light and the rays and the energy of the sun itself, even without partaking of other physical substance within the earth. For is not all life upon earth elemental in nature—plant life itself the result of the great science of photosynthesis and of the assimilation of the light from the sun?
            Therefore, do you think that you are so dull and dense and dark that as co-creators with the Lord God that you cannot also, within the sun-center of your own Presence, assimilate on a greater scale the light of the sun within your own being to sustain your life-energy, blessed ones? Yes, it is so. And yet mankind has lost this science and they have entered into a very dense and dark state of awareness when the very essence of the sun may energize and complete their beingness in God always as they tap into this cosmic resource.
            Therefore, those of you who have studied the teachings of Omraam and of others who have been great benefactors of this light and mystery teaching, I adjure you to spread the knowledge and the wisdom and the gnosis of this sacred science such that a great new awareness of the solar radiation may come forth within the earth. When mankind understand more of this knowledge and wisdom, blessed ones, then you will begin to see the aureole of wisdom spread throughout the earth, whereby this new and yet ancient science is embraced at all levels of society. And no more will you rely on those resources deep within the earth to energize your world for transportation, for warmth within your homes, for electricity. But you can, through a higher science of the spirit, capture these rays in a very fine and delicate way with instrumentation that is so sensitive to these cosmic rays that the very essence of light is captured within it and then transferred for your use in many ways within industry, science, commerce and culture.
            Dearest ones, there is much that we could deliver if mankind could fully embrace the shift in awareness and consciousness which is necessary in this hour. And therefore we also adjure you to come to or tune into the broadcast of our New Year's Conference, for there will be much more offered unto you from our hearts and from those who have prepared lovingly certain lectures and even demonstrations for you of the possibilities for the sun cities of light to be established across the Earth, within America and within many nations. When you prove the law of being first within yourself and then you come into community with a greater empowerment, then we can work with greater numbers of you to create these solar cities whereby the solar civilization prophesied by Omraam and others may be forthcoming.
            Therefore we begin in Phoenix, the City of the Sun, and in other centers that you may originate and create together. And in surrounding areas around these centers there may be a great hub of activity and cosmic awareness as new technologies are brought to bear within your communities of light. Therefore, blessed ones, consider the possibilities ahead of you and move swiftly and surely to secure those resources, those technologies and interaction with other heartfriends within other movements of light whereby you can bring about these cosmic sustainable societies and cities and communities of light. It is time! It is time! It is time that the golden light of the sun be known fully within these golden centers, blessed hearts!
            And therefore, I am calling now to the souls of those who have responded at inner levels to the great quickening and awakening of Aquarius and of these new solar frequencies. And I am sending forth a stream of light from my heart and my crown to activate these sun cells within you, whereby there can be greater cosmic wisdom and a greater flow and a greater inner activity. [God of Gold chants “Ah” for 10 seconds and then “E” for another 10 seconds.]. And simultaneously there is a burning out of patterns of imperfection and dullness within your minds, even a cauterization of that darkness and the opportunity for a greater assimilation of spiritual wisdom and the wisdom teachings of the ascended masters of the Universal Great White Brotherhood.
            Dearest ones, the time is here for the truth to be known and for the darkness to be wiped out fully within the Earth. And yet we take care in only bringing to bear to the Earth itself and to your lives what can be understood and assimilated within the zone of proximal development of your own cosmic mind working through your outer mind and heart. Therefore, study well the course set before you and the teaching prepared by those within Meru University. Gain that greater understanding of community, for cell by cell, soul by soul, s-o-u-l as well as s-o-l, blessed ones, there is the building of this community of light. And unless there be the great sun center within the center of that community as a certain harmonic resonance and a capacity to receive the light of the sun, there will not be the full distribution and the connection necessary for that community to be self-sustained in the light.
            Therefore within the center of each community there must be a hub, whereby the light is invoked, the dictations are played, the prayers and songs and devotions and meditations are ongoing. This is what will sustain the very center of community. And unless there is this dynamic and harmonic emergence of light, blessed ones, it were better that you not attempt to create communities, for there will be diametrically opposed to you those coming who will attempt to snuff out the very light of your communities. And this you have even seen in the great curse that has been upon the community in Montana.
            And therefore by dispensation of grace from beloved Hercules and from Apollo and Lumina and the seven mighty Elohim and in conjunction with the Darjeeling Council, I, the God of Gold, now release the fire from the sun of Helios and Vesta to break the curse upon the Wellspring Retreat! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Bind now the interlopers and those who have attempted to destroy the very creation of this flowfield of light from Mother Mary. You have no power, your day is done! And that which you have uttered as prayers of malintent and cursing upon our best servants of light is now no more, is now no more, is now no more!
            And I, The God of Gold, stand forth to deliver the sacred fire and the judgment and the return of that darkness upon those individuals who are continuing to augment this darkness through their prayers of malintent! And yes, I say they are prayers of malintent! For if you truly knew the heartfires of those who have stood within this activity to defend the light of the teachings of the ascended masters, you would do well to not utter one word of opposition or criticism, blessed ones.
            And therefore, I say bind now the death and hell knoll and toll of these who have been taken over by darkness. And you have a choice this day whom you will serve, whether the light of the Universal Great White Brotherhood or of your own conception of that which is the truth. Therefore, I say receive the opportunity at the hand of your own Holy Christ/Buddha Self in this hour the truth of this inner teaching and embrace it if you dare and if you would move fully in the light.
            I am the God of Gold. And I will speak at your New Year's Conference and bring to bear more of the golden light of the sun and of the teaching of Maitreya, of the God and Goddess Meru and of all those whose understanding flows from the great solar light of the Elohim and of the great Solar Lords and hierarchies of light worlds without end unto Earth.
            Let it be so. And let the great Logos and the great light of the Solar Logoi flow forth now unto these holy ones, O God. [God of Gold chants the OM for 16 seconds.] I am the light of the sun through the golden fire of wisdom's flame. I am that God of Gold. I have come. Let the Earth sing unto the sun this day the great glory of appreciation of that light, even as the spinning continues and the whirling of the atoms of selfhood around the Sun Presence of your Source. Let all be bathed in that eternal light of God-beingness, be illumined thereby and rise into the full quickening and awakening of your own cosmic Buddha Nature to be God here and now.
            I thank you for your attention, for your love, your wisdom and for your expressions of appreciation to one another in this cycle of thanksgiving whereby through cosmic appreciation, thankfulness and a grateful heart, all will come into oneness evermore into the light. I thank you.

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