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Maha Chohan      June 11, 2006

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
June 11, 2006   [12 minutes]
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Feel the Presence of Your God Reality Fully

Your True Nature Is Where You Must Abide
if You Would Be My Instrument in the Earth

            May the eternal Spirit of oneness be upon you. I infill this place and every heart with the Spirit of the living God this day.
            When you are open to the possibility of the divine world manifesting in and through your world, then I appear. And only when your heart is open, blessed ones, may you receive the fire that I deliver.
            Therefore, would you have your heart open? Therefore, would you not have your hearts open always? I ask. [Audience responds: “Yes”] This is the key to your divinity: that you accept through your heart the radiance that we of heaven would bestow. For many among mankind have closed their hearts to divine possibilities and therefore receive not the flow of golden radiance that we bring.
            Yet I see glowing within not only this room but in many quarters those who have striven in recent days to guard the action of the light within their hearts, taking to heart the teachings of the chohan of the second ray, who comes to remind you of that threefold flame, [which] must burn anew and higher within you.
            Through an understanding of this sacred testament that God has placed within you of his Presence, and through the magnification of that light within your heart, you are born anew, blessed ones. And this gift, this grace is yours for the asking each hour of the day, each moment. And the Spirit of your Presence may be upon you as a remembrance of the All in all of the Holy One, whose vibration of purity always issues forth from the great Heart of hearts in the heart of the universe.
            I am everywhere where God is, for I am the Spirit of God within all. You may be where God is if you choose to have his Spirit upon you, blessed hearts. It is a simple equation: if you would be God, then manifest his light. If you would be the Spirit of God, then glorify his being everywhere by being true to the divinity within you.
            Even children know the Spirit of God. For it is natural to live in a state of that holy acceptance of all the possibilities of being when, in that childlike, pure state, you are free to be the one in whom God dwells. It is only when you have accepted something less than your God Self within your sphere of being that you become adultlike, with all the trappings of the lesser self having woven themselves around you as that chimera of unreality, [which] I would scrape away, blow away [like] the [whitened] seeds of a dandelion, this day.
            [Maha Chohan blows out two times.] I blow away these particles from your unreal self, and what is left is only the Divine.
            Feel the presence of your own God Reality fully now. This feeling, this understanding of your true nature is where you must abide if you would be my instrument in the Earth. I have called many to be my representatives. Are you one among them? You may be through the disciplined action of total recall of God within.
            Breathe with me; walk with me; speak the words that I will give unto you in the silence of your heart to each soul who comes to receive from the fount of the Mother and from the breath of the Holy Spirit. Be the kindling ones whose fiery hearts will purge from the Earth the unreal ones, and through whom may shine the golden-age consciousness afresh.
            I am the Maha Chohan, and I have come to whitewash you into the clarity of divine beingness. Be my Spirit, breathe my Spirit, and know God always.


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