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Maryon      December 31, 2005

Beloved Maryon
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2005
A Prayer Vigil to Usher in 2006
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

It Is Time to Make Inroads on Behalf of the Youth
Our Plans for a New Day of Opportunity

            In the radiance of cosmic joy, I come to speak to you from the ascended realms for the first time, my friends. You have known me as Marion Butler and now as Maryon.
            I appear before you to bring to you the radiance of the angels who work with the children. For that is the domain from which I work and continue the work that I began not only in my last embodiment but for many, where I was called to anchor the light on behalf of the youth.
            The portent of a new year of opportunity is before you. And I ask you to consider upgrading your own ability and, as it were, your portfolio of prayer work on behalf of the youth. As you know, the youth are challenged in this hour through all the misuses of the light—first and foremost, the culture of death manifest through drugs and a music industry that takes from their very chakras and lifestreams the energy that they need to fulfill their mission in life.
            Long ago, those of other worlds who sought the destruction of the opportunity for a golden age come upon Earth worked out a plan of action to debase the light within the youth such that they would forget their reason for being—to be a light unto a world. And so they did develop their plan craftily, and you have now seen almost two full generations of the youth imperiled by the onslaught of this dark plan of these fallen ones.
            It is time, beloved ones, to make inroads into and on behalf of the youth with our plans for a new day of opportunity. And so, we of a certain strata of the ascended beings who work almost tediously, as you would say, on behalf of the children have developed a plan whereby through your prayers you may deliver to this Earth new systems of education, new music and truly the lowering into manifestation of the culture of the Divine Mother, wherein the youth will be safeguarded for their mission in life.
            Therefore those of you who feel this calling, we ask you to set aside at least two hours weekly of concentrated prayer work for the youth. Many of you have used the opportunity of Saturday mornings to pray for the youth with beloved Kuan Yin. If [even] only a handful of you within the current Hearts Center activity were to come together in unison, developing and using prayers specific in nature—[which] you may call to me, Clara Louise, Mother Mary and others to inspire upon you—you may make great inroads on behalf [of the youth], beloved ones
           Traveling far and wide across the heaven world after my ascension, I visited other spheres where I had firsthand knowledge of what works, in terms of education, for other lifewaves to inspire their young to work toward a common goal of cosmic consciousness in the light. Therefore I have brought back [from these spheres] to the table of the lady masters and those who work with the youth certain keys that can be inspired upon you of a practical manifestation in nature for your use, beloved ones.
            The understanding of how the young learn, of how their beings are porous and how they receive with open hearts what is conveyed by their parents, teachers and peers will give you certain keys to unlocking the inner potential within them while yet allowing their own development to progress according to their own karmic patterns and the development of their group karma, outpictured in their communities, schools and, as they grow, in the universities.
            Beloved ones, one key for you that I give this day is to influence secondary education so that the teachers that are trained up in this hour have the true teachings of spiritual development, as well as the physical development of the body, such that when they enter the workplace in the schools they will give to the young the fullest opportunity for true education rather than what is being conveyed in this hour in many quarters, which is simply not what God desires to be brought forth. Therefore there has been a compromise throughout the Western world of the true path of initiation, through the textbooks and through the instruction that is given, which must be turned about before a golden-age educational system may come forth.
           I sought to bring forth through my hands certain instruction in art, which I felt was key to developing the inner soul potential of the child through thoughtforms of higher worlds and fairies, allowing the inner creativity of the child to manifest and avoiding those animal thoughtforms that have much to do with the outpicturing of an animal consciousness within the children in this hour.
            So, review those videos that you allow your youth to view wherein all manner of lower manifestations and thoughtforms are projected unto them, even creating in their subconscious these patterns, which they then naturally outpicture, do you see? because it is there within their aura. Why, we would see many more videos and books with those images of perfection from the etheric plane—of fairies and masters and devas and angels—that allow them to have a natural inclination to yearn for and become what they see.
            I breathe now new life unto a world in need of inspiration for the children. And I enter in this hour many classrooms during this holiday season, when the children are home with their families, and I breathe new life and energy and love into these classrooms so that when the children return after the New Year, they will receive a certain impetus of love and fire from our realms to assist them, each one.
           Beloved Hope and Charity and Faith are working with me and others to provide for the children—through inspiration upon their mothers and their teachers—hope, charity and faith for the new day dawning. Call to these when you call to me to assist in the balancing of the threefold flame of the children so that their lives may have every opportunity for balance, wholenessin body, soul and mind. For the work of those who have developed their plans to steal the light of the youth does outpicture every manifestation of injecting imbalance, barbs through impure words that the children pick up on from adults and peers, and matrices that must be washed clean from their consciousness to allow the divine ones to manifest through them. 
            When you come in these services for the youth, give the decree “Wash the Earth in Violet Fire” and replace “the Earth” with “the Youth”: “Wash the youth in violet fire, O God. Wash the youth in violet fire, O God.”¹ And see the children receiving from our hands the bathing of their consciousness, their four lower bodies of all impurities that they have received. And in the stillness of the hour of their sleep, they may continue to receive from our realms all that they need to set the sail of their lifestream for their entire mission to be outpictured.
            Yes, you may work at night diligently while traveling to the retreats on behalf of the youth. And those of you who may not be able to support fully our plan of praying these two hours weekly can ask to work with the youth while asleep at night. Why, this will not take much effort on your behalf but simply a prayer before you retire to be taken to the retreats of the Sponsors of Youth at various quarters above the Earth to lend your support and momentum, even for an hour of your time of rest at night.
           Why, this would be a tremendous boon to us, beloved ones, and ultimately to your own lifestreams. For if we can save this generation, then you yourselves will have an easier time in working as ascended beings with the next generation coming after them. For have not many of you taken that bodhisattva vow to work with the evolutions of Earth almost nonstop until all are ascended and free? Then begin to think on what you will be doing in your ascended state on behalf of generations to come who will need your momentum of fire to make it all the way home.
            So, beloved ones, rise with me now in consciousness as I take you to Mother Mary's schoolroom in her retreat over Fátima, and see how a certain band of her angels does work with the souls of some who are preparing to embody soon. See how these angels are preparing special garments of light for them to wear to maintain their purity and their remembrance of higher octaves. And see how each of these angels cares so much, soul for soul, angel for angel, one or more being assigned to each soul to assist them [that one] for an entire life. I suggest that you observe for a time this special work of these angels and then call for the remembrance of this experience so that you in your work, both at inner and outer levels, may have certain keys for the youth of the world, who need you and who need the Lord's love and light and support in this hour.
            I was given the name Maryon, because in the presence of Mary, I feel the comfortability of knowing all that is needed in my work for the children. Yes, I am an ion of Mary in manifestation, positive in my approach to assist each one in holiness to fulfill [that one's] life purpose.²
           I thank you for your listening ear, for your listening hearts and for this opportunity before the clock strikes twelve this night for you to make amends with your own inner child so that through wholeness in all the four quadrants of being, you may as a child of God once again know the humility of pure love, pure joy in the presence of the Divine One, whose heart beats within thee. O my friends, I thank you and I bid you a good repast. Drink me while I drink from thee your love, which I will return a thousandfold for our mission to save the youth.

1.  Prayer number 70.002 in The Hearts Center Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book.
2.  Maryon is pronounced "Mary-ion" but spelled Maryon where the "y" coneys both the long "e" and long "i" sound.

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