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Solar Logoi      October 26, 2005

Beloved Solar Logoi
David C. Lewis
October 26, 2005  10:20-10:31 am PST
Fort Liggert, California
2005 California Missions Tour

There Must Be a Greater Intensity of Light Released through Our Chelas
It Is Up to You to Be Suns of God in Deed!

We come to radiate the fire of the sun and the Sun Presence of the Almighty One here. We twelve stand around you and around the entire Earth and the sun of your Earth.
           The time has come for mankind to understand the Sun Presence above and within them. Every sentient being contains a sun center, beloved ones, and all must understand this presence of divine love, wisdom and power in perfect balance. Those who worshiped the sun in previous civilizations had a greater understanding than you know of this Sun Presence. For does not the sun of your solar system provide the means whereby you have your very life, providing the rays that inaugurate the conception of life, vitalizing that life within the seeds that bloom and sprout because of the activation of that internal substance of God within?
            You are activators of cosmic love for us. And when all begin to know a greater action of the Sun within, then Earth may enter the age of the sun, which you have termed the golden age. The reason mankind have lost interest in spirituality, is [that] they have lost their mooring in and from their own God Presence, I AM THAT I AM, as the sun of their own personal system. When each one sees himself or herself as a being of light, a very sun walking on Mother Earth as a representative of the solar Logoi and Helios and Vesta, then Earth will, by its very nature, take on an accelerated action of light.
            Feel now the rays that we pour through the sun of your system. The heat, the fire, the penetration of this light unto your skin, into all of your chakras and your being is needed for life, for longevity and for the accomplishing of your personal Sun mission, dear hearts.
           Cosmic rays from each of us are now extended to your twelve chakras—your seven primary and five secret-ray chakras. So when you meditate upon the Solar Logoi, know that we specialize in the activation and revitalizing of these twelve sun centers within you, for within the center of each chakra is a sun. And as you are able to contact that point of reality within each chakra in the center and see the spinning action of that light, you will understand the nuances of how each chakra is necessary for the maintenance of your health and well-being, not only at physical levels but at all levels, beloved ones.
            Those who nourish life and light within, receiving these cosmic rays and utilizing them for purification, for transmutation, for acceleration will begin to understand how we as solar beings are co-creators with Alpha and Omega and do perform our service to all life across many systems of worlds, not only your own.
            Therefore, we urge some of you to have a representation, either on your altars or in your homes, of a sphere with many, many rays coming forth, 144, if possible. You may secure a large styrofoam ball and place within that ball toothpicks, coloring them gold and the ball gold, and see this as a representation of a thoughtform that you may meditate on so that twenty-four hours a day, where you are, you are becoming a radiating center of light in all dimensions—before, behind, to your right, to your left, beneath, above and in the center and at all angles from the point of your heart outward.
            We now increase the activation again of this intensity of our presence around the Earth and now around every planet of this system. Your scientists may take note of a certain action of the increase of intensity of the light in the sun this day, at this hour.
           Read the signs of the times and know the need for greater light, for greater intensity and the intensification of the light, for as has been said, the darkness on Earth is greater than in many previous ages. And so if we are to have the victory, there must be a greater proportional increase and intensity of the light released through our chelas and our representatives in the Earth.
            We are the Solar Logoi. Our mission this day is accomplished. Now it is up to you, as extensions of us, to continue unabated to be suns of God in deed!

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