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Welcome Friends!

Welcome, Heartfriends!

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Each heartfriend is a messenger of truth in many unique ways. One way is by formally sharing with others their heartfelt understanding of God and the path back to Oneness with our Solar Presence.

On Mondays and Thursdays, heartfriends talk about topics that resonate with their souls. We hope you enjoy these presentations. Also enjoy the replays of them in the archive below.

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Presentations Archive



Year Date Teaching Topic Audio Length Video Materials
2013  Oct. 21  Deborah Timberlake Fitch: Personal Reflections on I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams and Abundance   Listen 25 min     
2013 Oct. 14   Boyd: Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams Concepts Listen  29 min     
2013 Oct. 4   Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—9   Listen  13 min     
2013  Sept. 13   Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—8   Listen 26 min     
2013 Sept. 12  Illona Iris:  Remember Our Roots of Freedom  Listen 11 min    
2013  Sept. 11   Jackie Fleder: Rich beyond Your Wildest Dreams  Listen 30 min     
2013  Sept. 10  Patricia Grabow Shares Her Near Death Experience as a Catalyst to Understanding the Immortal Now   38 min  View   
2013 Sept. 6   Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—7   Listen 25 min    
2013  Sept. 5  Constance Welzel: Alternative Treatments for Cancer Care Listen 12 min     
2013 Sept. 4  Steve Miller: Musings on Justice and Forgiveness  Listen 40 min     
2013 Aug. 30  Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—6  Listen  23 min     
2013 Aug. 29    Serena Gaefke: Spiritual Books for Kids—Part 5   12 min  View   
2013  Aug. 28 Claire Brown: The Sacred Flowfield of the Aura  Listen 16 min     
2013 Aug. 26  Carol Wells: Building Community Where We Are   30 min  View  
2013  Aug. 23  Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—5  Listen  25 min     
2013  Aug. 22   Serena Gaefke: Spiritual Books for Kids—Part 4   16 min   View  
2013   Aug. 16 Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—4  Listen 26 min     
2013 Aug. 15  Serena Gaefke: Spiritual Books for Kids—Part 3   15 min  View  
2013 Aug. 12  Cathleen Alexander: Alchemy of Conscious Language    19 min View  
2013  Aug. 8  Serena Gaefke: Spiritual Books for Kids—Part    14 min  View  
2013  Aug. 7   Jackie Fleder: My Trip to Local Organic Farms in my County, Santa Cruz, Arizona Listen 33 min    
2013 Aug. 5  Joe Fehsenfeld: I Pledge Allegiance Listen 13 min    
 2013 Aug.2  Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—3  Listen 17 min     
2013 Aug. 1 Serena Gaefke: Spiritual Books for Kids—Part    14 min  View   
2013 July 31  Patricia Mills: My Joy and Value for Ascended Masters  Listen 26 min     
 2013 July 25  Marian Schroedl: What The Hearts Center Means to Me Listen 23 min    
2013  July 22 Ralph Raaths: The Rose as an Imagination of Transformation  Listen  20 min  View   
2013 July 19 Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—2  Listen  23 min     
2013  July 18   Dr. Joyce Cai: Wisdom Way; How to Let Spirit (Chi) Run Your Life Listen 14 min     
2013 July 12   Donna Korth: Minerals and Herbs—1 Listen  18 min     
2013 July 11   Laura Bedford: Trusting Our Inner Light Listen  15 min     
2013  July 4  Ralph Raaths: Saint Germain and His Relationship to Other Organizations of Light  Listen  21 min    
2013 June 21  Patricia Mills:  
Community Building Workshop
  64 min  View   
2013  June 20  Mario Meza: Messengers of the New Era    68 min  View   
2013 June 14  Donna Korth: Supplements & Herbs and Their Uses—Part 4  Listen  16 min    
2013  June 13 Dr. Lola Reis: The Challenges of a Medical Doctor In Inner City Dallas, TX  Listen  17 min     
2013  June 11  Raymond  Ziemkowski: Books on Aquarian Languaging and Communication Models—Part 2  Listen  31 min     
2013 June 7  Donna Korth: Supplements & Herbs and Their Uses—Part 3  Listen  20 min     
2013 June 6 Steve Miller: How I Serve Others as a Lawyer  Listen 14 min    
2013  June 4 Raymond  Ziemkowski: Books on Aquarian Languaging and Communication Models—Part 1 Listen 31 min    
2013 May 31  Donna Korth: Herbs in Helping the Liver Listen 14 min    
2013  May 30  Belinda Farrell: Reconnective Healing  Listen  14 min     
2013  May 23  Rev. Kerry Chinn: A Personal Journey of Awakening  Listen  22 min     
2013 May 17 Donna Korth: Supplements & Herbs and Their Uses—Part 2 Listen 38 min    
2013  May 16  Ty Hudnall: Sacred Art Thai Massage  Listen 19 min     
2013 May 12  Gloria Rojas: Blessings God Gave Me Listen 16 min    
2013 May 3  Donna Korth:
Herbs and Their Uses—Part 1
LIsten 16 min     
2013 May 2  Jo Ann Martin: Wisdom, Wellness and Wealth Listen 19 min    
2013  April 26 Donna Korth: Processed Foods and Food Additives Listen 30 min    
2013  April 25  Kathy Schlund: The Wonders of Tower Gardens Listen 21 min    
2013  April 18  Mary Topero: Get to Know and Support Your Local Service Clubs Listen 15 min    
2013  April 12  Donna Korth: The Benifits of Eating Greens Listen 23 min    
2013 April 11 Wayne Purdin: The Wonderful Wisdom of Oz Preview Listen 16 min    
2013 April 5 Donna Korth: Gentle Cleansing and Detoxing Listen 27 min    
 2013 April 4  Lisa Powers and Atman (Peter) Goering: Building Self Sufficient Communities Listen 25 min    
2013  March 29 Hespera Purdin:
The Ego and Taoism
Listen 16 min    
2013  March 28 Nancy Howell: Challenges and Rewards of Helping Battered Women Listen 18 min    
2013  March 15  Donna Korth: Health Tips for Inflammation Listen 18 min    
2013 March 14  James Richmond: The Joy of Raising Bees Listen 13 min    
 2013  March 7  Penny LeBlanc: Benefits to Us From Our Worms and Butterflies Listen 20 min    
 2013  Feb. 28  Wendy Pizzo: Prayer Alone and Together Listen 20 min    
2013  Feb. 22 Donna Korth: Purifying Ourselves Spiritually and Mentally with Prayer and Good Health Listen  42 min    
 2013 Feb. 21  Patricia Ann Murphy: Dr. Peter Breggin, M.D.—His Research on the Misuse of Psychiatric Drugs Listen  23 min    
2013 Feb. 14 Alba Hatcher: Loving Yourself with Physical Fitness Listen 19 min    
2013  Feb. 8 Donna Korth: Saving Your Life With Cultured Food Listen 20 min    
2013 Feb. 7 Patti Carey: "The Value and Use of Chinese Medicine Listen 14 min    
2013 Jan. 31 Wayne Purdin: Akhenaten and the Ma'at Listen 17 min    
2013 Jan. 29 Serena Gaefke Speaks about Her Book 101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion Listen 36 min View  
2013 Jan. 24 Raphael Fitch: Mercury—in Reverse! Listen 29 min View   
2013 Jan. 22 A Heartfriend Shares Her Book on Raising Children Listen 35 min    
2013 Jan. 10 Tom Ledder's Selenite Swords;  David's Comments from the Masters Listen 22 min    
2012 Dec. 10   Our Queen of Light—Saint Lucia! Listen 18 min  View  
2012 Dec. 9 Jackie Fleder: Update on Freedom and Abundance Vigil Listen 14 min    
2012 Dec. 4 Jackie Fleder's Comments on Givingness and Keys for Our Abundance Listen 4 min    
2012 Dec. 3 Carol Wells: A Review of Wayne Dyer’s New Book, Wishes Fulfilled Listen 18 min    
2012 Nov. 29 Mary Butler: The Joys of Drumming Listen 15 min    
2012 Nov. 26 Devika Porayath: Breathe Out Your Stress and Breathe in Your Divine Nature Listen 18 min    
2012 Nov. 19 Mark Neva: Experiences in Meditation and Yoga from a Montana Enthusiast Listen 13 min    
2012 Nov. 15 Jackie Fleder: Manifest a Victorious 33-Day Vigil for Freedom and Abundance Listen 22 min    
2012 Nov. 15 Ann Slezwick: Healing the Earth with Whole Foods Listen 10 min    
2012 Nov. 13 Boyd Badten:
Freedom Thoughtform Meditation
  17 min View  
2012 Nov. 12 Patty Harvey: The Creative Process—Where It Comes From and How to Tune In Listen 16 min    
2012 Nov. 8 Jim Powell: Experiences as a New Age Philopsopher, Writer, Missionary and Radio Broadcaster Listen 14 min    
2012 Nov. 5 Hrukti Re Maat: An Introduction to Chinese Medicine—Part 1 Listen 11 min    
2012 Nov. 1 Miriam Harris: My Unexpected Income from the Wheel of Fortune Show Listen 24 min    
2012 Oct. 29 Grace Benz: The Power of the Circle Listen 26 min    
2012 Oct. 25 Laura Wren: Lessons on the Path and Where We Are Now Listen 30 min    
2012 Oct. 23 Carol Wells Shares Her Melody to Our Prayer "Perfect Vision" Listen 11 min    
2012 Oct. 19 Judie Greeno Remembers the Beloved Treva Franklin Bell Listen  3 min    
2012 Oct. 18 Pam Drinnon: Heart Wall Removal Listen 19 min    
2012 Oct. 15 Libby Maxey: One Becomes One Listen 21 min    
2012 Oct. 11 Abigail Noel: Living from My Heart Listen 23 min    
2012 Oct. 8 Georg Breckmann: Etheric Energy and Potential for Healing and Spiritual Work Listen 27 min    
2012 Oct. 4 Jackie Fleder: Living Abundantly #5:
Love, Abundance and Precipitation
Listen 16 min    
2012 Oct. 1 Jackie Fleder: Living Abundantly #4: Harmony and Getting a Loan from Your Causal Body Listen 13 min    
2012 Sept. 27 Patti Carey:
How Can Acupuncture Help Us?
Listen 24 min    
2012 Sept. 18 Boyd Badten Encourages Heartfriends to Engage Our Light during Our Harvest Equinox Tour Listen 6 min    
2012 Sept. 13 Barbara Schwartz:
Basic Essential Oils I Enjoy
Listen 26 min    
2012 Sept. 10 Devika (Thayveeka) Northbrook:
The Art of Living without Stress
Listen 24 min    
2012 Sept. 6 Majel Reddick: Publishing a Book Despite Major Obstacles Listen 19 min    
2012 Sept. 3 David Woody: My Love Affair with Community Theater Listen 26 min    
2012 Aug. 30 Michael Warwick: What is the Oneness Blessing and Why Now? Listen 20 min    
2012 Aug. 29 Jackie Fleder: Living Abundantly #3: Our Right to Abundance Listen 13 min    
2012 Aug. 27 Rabbi Michael Shapiro:
Dawn of Intuition
Listen 22 min    
2012 Aug. 22 Jackie Fleder: Living Abundantly #2: Expecting Unexpected Income Listen 16 min    
2012 Aug. 20 Wayne Purdin: The Tools and Techniques of Divine Magic Listen 17 min    
2012 Aug. 16 Ellen Solart: Living as a True Channel of Light, Wisdom and Universal Love Listen 17 min    
2012 Aug. 13 Jorge Luis Delgadohe: Incan Children of the Sun's Tradition Listen 26 min    
2012 Aug. 9 Junia Gail Imel: What Called and Continues to Draw Me to Peru. Listen 20 min    
2012 Aug. 6 Joel Rosenfeld: Self-Realization Fellowship Highlights Listen 20 min    
2012 Aug. 2 Denis Ouellette: Improve Your Breathing for Better Health and Vitality Listen 29 min    
2012 July 26 Patricia Spadaro Talks about Her Book, Honor Yourself—The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving Listen 24 min    
2012 July 23 Maydell Goulart:
The Peiadean Connection
Listen 22 min    
2012 July 12 Kortni Jones: The Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart Listen 11 min    
2012 July 10 David Samuel Lewis: The Art of Yogic Breathing and the Science of Stillness Listen 54 min    
2012 July 9 Richard Lorenz:
The Power of Resonant Fields
Listen 13 min    
2012 June 28 Raphael Fitch:
How the Word Became Flesh
Listen 26 min    
2012 June 18 Marion Vann: My Soul's Initiations Listen 22 min    
2012 June 14 Wayne Purdin:
The Power of the Written Word
Listen 10 min    
2012 June 11 Margaret Lincoln: Staying Grounded in This Year of Intense Change Listen 18 min    
2012 June 7 Joel Rosenfeld: Four Paths to Healing and the Art of Qijong Listen 31 min    
2012 June 5 Mona Lewis: Transforming Your Yard with Permaculture Gardens   30 min View  
2012 June 4 Vernon West: On Crystals: Rose Quartz and Lapis Listen 19 min    
2012 May 28 Jill Ann Robinson: A Spiritual Perspective on Autism Listen 16 min    
2012 May 21 Dee Stewart:: Who Was Mary Magdalene? Listen 28 min    
2012 May 19 Marita Hagen: Musings on the Ancient History of Sweden Listen 15 min   View
2012 May 18 Boyd Badten: Interplanetary Service with the Elohim of the Fourth Ray Listen 45 min    
2012 May 14 Jeanette Wallen: Return to Eden Listen 10 min    
2012 May 7 Cheryl Bench: Celtic Spirituality and the Anam Cara (Soul Friend) Listen 29 min   View
2012 May 3 Donald Galvin: Report on "Dying to Be Me’" Listen 25 min    
2012 April 30 Marsha Guyette: Mindfulness in Community with Thich Nhat Hanh Listen 30 min    
2012 April 26 Aaron Badten: Being in Tune with Your Body in a Digital World Listen 9 min    
2012 April 23 Miriam Harris: Playing My Part in the Drama of Life Listen 18 min    
2012 April 16 Guest Interview: Darius Razauskas, 26-year-old Spiritual Teacher, Interviewed by Vesta Dulevicius Listen 18 min   View
2012 April 12 Maydell Goulart: A Tale of an Ascended Hero Listen 22 min    
2012 April 9 Jennifer Ledbetter: Working with Healing Energy Listen 34 min    
2012 April 1 Patricia Mills: Beyond Awakening: Sharing Gems from Our Miami Experience Listen 30 min    
2012 March 29 Robert Beese: A Preview of Permaculture for Personal and Planetary Change Listen 21 min    
2012 March 26 Tucker Rogers: Insights from the Crystal Ray Archangels LIsten 24 min    
2012 March 19 Mary Topero: Great News for Children of Peru and Other Impoverished Nations Listen 21 min    
2012 March 15 Julie Purdin: The Twelve Steps of Spiritual Transmutation Listen 18 min    
2012 March 12 Constance Welzel: Basic Health Practices and More Listen 11 min    
2012 March 11 Deborah Timberlake and Jackie Fleder:
Update to HeartFriends on Legacy of Light Campaign
Listen 15 min    
2012 March 8 Mario Meza: Saint Germain's Recruit Listen 32 min    
2012 March 5 Barbara Gabbert: Blessings from the Four Elemental Kingdoms Listen 17 min    
2012 March 1 Jackie Fleder: How Can Vaastu
Help Community Building?
Listen 31 min   View
2012 Feb. 27 Donna Korth: Examples of Love in Everyday Life Listen 19 min    
2012 Feb. 23 Boyd Badten: The Yoga of Fire Breathing Listen 24 min View  
2012 Feb. 20 Wayne Purdin: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Listen 11 min    
2012 Feb. 16 Marsha Guyette: Insights and Suggestions from The Miracle of Mindfulness Listen 18 min    
2012 Feb. 13 Donna Drigan: Mexico, The Hearts Center's First Pilgrimage. Listen 17 min    
2012 Feb. 9 Patricia Carlson: Emotional First Aid: Tapping the Healer Within Listen 20 min    
2012 Feb. 6 Raphael Fitch: The Universe Is Within—New Light on the Teachings of Paracelsus Listen 21 min    
2012 Feb. 2 Deborah Timberlake: From Harlem to Ghana—My Journey Listen 13 min    
2012 Jan. 30 Steve Miller: Sir Pellias, the Gentle Knight Listen 31 min    
2012 Jan. 28 Boyd Badten: A Practical Application of Ho'oponopono   12 min View  
2012 Jan. 26 Cathleen Alexander: The Wonders of Knowing Kuan Yin Listen 34 min    
2012 Jan. 23 Carol Wells: Growing the Community of the Holy Spirit in a Cyberworld, in a Cybermovement Listen 32 min    
2012 Jan. 19 Claire Brown: The Value and Joy of Applying the Virtues Listen 13 min    
2012 Jan. 16 Boyd Badten: A Yoga of Staying in Presence Listen 29 min    
2012 Jan. 9 Pamela Gembica Introduces MU 1201 Course,
The Psychology of Wholeness and Adeptship through Ho'oponopono
Listen 14 min    
Future Heartfriend Presentations


August Presentations:

Serena Gaefke will be presenting every Thursday in August during the morning broadcasts on "Spiritual Books for Children."

July Presentations:

July 4th Ralph Raath


July 11th Laura Bedford Author of “The Mix Up” and a delightful lady! See her website for more info,


July 25 Marian Schroedl  





Featured Items from
Heartfriend Presentations

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