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Gautama Buddha Delivers the Thoughtform for the Year 2015

Gautama Buddha Delivers the Thoughtform for the Year 2015

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Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 31, 2014   11:24–11:36 am MST
Livingston, Montana


Gautama Buddha Delivers the Thoughtform for the Year 2015

            Most Gracious and Beloved Ones, Heartfriends throughout the World, Divine Lovers of the One God, Initiates of the Sacred Fire—an Eternal Flame that Burns within Your Heart,

            I come with the energy of the new year locked within my breast, which I would vouchsafe to you as holy servitors of light in order that you may progress effulgently as budding ones in this coming year to grace all life with your own Buddhic essence, to bless every lifestream with whom you have contact in any way with that love that originates from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun. Yes, you as mindful ones may walk consciously and participate in the alchemy of divine love in new and beautiful ways as you muse with us to co-create a new world of beauty, harmony and peace right where you are.

            The winds of the Holy Spirit are blowing and converging within various foci and nexus of light within our world, bringing about a restoration of wholeness through the ray of integration, bringing about a new peaceable kingdom, first within the soul and heart and then within the greater world of life as a whole across our Earth.

            When the sanctity of beingness is accepted within, when an understanding of true stillness manifests through inner silence, there I am and there the All-Buddha comes to infuse within you and within the All a new radiant field that conveys much of God’s grace. You become, dearest one, an exponent of freedom and truth through integrating all of the frequencies of divine light and the virtues of God where you are, by truly manifesting the totality of your being in every conscious moment, within every heartfelt breath, within every mindful heartbeat that you experience.

            Now an angel of Sanat Kumara comes before me to present the thoughtform for this year dawning of 2015 as it is celebrated in the Western world—your world, precious ones. And the thoughtform is this: a Maltese cross superimposed over a double dorje, which in turn forms both a vertical and a horizontal infinity sign. The Maltese cross spins clockwise, and the double dorje, which you may note is similar in form, spins counterclockwise. And these together form a spiritual torsion field of divine light and radiance through which the Great One emerges to bless all life with his teachings on heartstreaming divine love through advanced alchemy.

            You may utilize this thoughtform, blessed ones, in co-creating anything that you choose that is righteous and sanctioned by divine law. You may see this thoughtform manifesting before you in every direction and in multidimensions as a portal through which co-creativity manifests. For through the divine rays that are extended through this torsion field, you will have access to the all-power, wisdom and love of the Divine One. And you will know surely within yourself that you, as a nexus of light, are the alchemist for this age with the Master Saint Germain, that you are the One with the Master El Morya Khan, that you are the One with the blessed Mother Mary and her Jesus to illumine peoples everywhere and to project the fire of your heart in a cosmic array into anything—any situation, enterprise or issue that arises in your world—for light, divine light, to resolve all, to bless all, to charge all.

            You have heard the Master Alchemist speak of this year as one of integration, and I too affirm it. As you awaken each morning, seek in some way to conform to and to align yourself with this ray of integration for the highest outpicturing of your Divine Selfhood and for a new law of love-wisdom to alight upon and be impregnated within the Earth.

            [Master intones:] AH, OH, AUM

            We are one in the sun-fire radiance of divine love-wisdom, and through our oneness we are victorious within the Buddhic spheres of beingness and illumination. Peace, progress, purity always are thine.



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