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Hilarion      June 03, 2018

Beloved Hilarion Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
June 3, 2018   10:15–10:44 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Hilarion on Healing the Etheric, or Fire, Body

Part of this service is consecrated and dedicated to our heartfriends in South Africa, and especially some in Johannesburg who have maintained their connection with The Hearts Center and are desirous of receiving, directly, word from the masters to them. So our beloved Hilarion is with us today and would like to share some concepts on healing that we may have considered partly, and yet he will shine new light on some of them.

He says that there are many forms of healing and many of us are engaged in some of them. One that we may not always consider is the healing of our etheric body, our memory body, the fire body. We know that everything we do leaves traces in akasha. All of our thoughts, feelings, actions and words are etched upon this very delicate ethereal substance, which is basically what the Bible calls the book of life for each one of us and for all mankind, for the Earth and basically for all life everywhere.

There are, for most of us, some negative memories in our memory body, our fire, or electronic etheric, body. So how do we deal with these negative memories from past lives, from this life, some of which are stored in the subconscious? We don't always remember them day after day, yet they are there.

We have heard the teaching in the past that we can use a combination of the emerald ray, which Hilarion is very familiar with, and the purple ray, or the chemical ray, as it has been called in the I AM movement—alternating these two rays, or flames, to help do, what Hilarion calls today, the deep cleaning of our etheric body.

Now, when we transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of negativity, anything that's transpired which we no longer desire to hold a memory of, there is a blessing upon us. This grace of the washing clean, through the deep cleaning of what is in the memory, or fire, body, is very important. This is what Christians often refer to as the washing clean with the blood of Jesus. It is the energy of the Christ consciousness, the essence of the Christic principle that allows for this deep cleaning to manifest.

There is grace and forgiveness, yet ultimately we must make amends for what we have done. And when we use the violet light or, in this case, the accelerated purple (or chemical) ray in combination with the emerald, going back and forth, this deep cleaning can occur. It's very intense. It's almost like physically using an intense chemical, like an acid, to dissolve substances that have been accumulating over a long period of time.

Now, we all know that the sooner we clean something, the easier it is, right? When you wash your pots and pans and dishes right after your meal, it's easier because the food hasn't yet caked on to the pot or pan or the dish. If you let them sit there for days, then it's going to take a lot more elbow grease and sometimes a cleanser to really get it off. Well, it's really the same with us. When we understand that we have made a mistake and we seek forgiveness or the transmutation of something that we've done that we don't appreciate, and we do it immediately after we've done it, it's easier. There is the dissipation of the negativity and the erasing of the record sooner, more quickly.

If we do not ask for forgiveness for something we've done and it's harbored in our memory body and in the subconscious, it can often bring pain to us. The negative memories can even inflict an ongoing psychological issue, where we have guilt and shame and we blame ourselves. And it's hard to get over this dynamic, because we continue to revolve and revolve that negative situation, whether it's something that we did or whether it's something somebody else did to us.

So when we engage in using the emerald ray with the chemical, or the purple, ray in this deep cleaning, we can actually have the erasing—cause, effect, record and memory—of what is in our book of life that we would like to have washed clean permanently so that it is no longer there. And then we don't even remember that issue, that situation. It doesn't burden our memory body, our fire body, our etheric body. It no longer allows us to harbor this angst in our subconscious, which at times may erupt. Or the record may be opened by someone who says: “Remember when you did this? Boy, you were really blah, blah, blah.” And then the whole thing opens up again; we feel the blame, the guilt, the shame, and it becomes problematic.

So to use this action of the emerald in combination with the purple is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is a gift of super-forgiveness that goes to the cause and core, the nadir, the original contact point, of that darkness and illumines it for a moment so that we can be aware of it, if necessary. And then it absolutely consumes it with this chemical, all-consuming fire, which does not leave anything remaining. It doesn't even, Hilarion says, leave the ash of what has been burned up that often we see when a fire is finished burning. There is nothing left. All of the traces of that situation have evaporated, are completely gone. They are dissolved, transmuted and consumed, and they return to the origin, to the Source, to God, for repolarization and for reactivation in another form.

The law of physics is that nothing can really be created or destroyed—and we believe, created or destroyed by man. God, of course, can create; God alone can create. We can co-create, yet we must create with God. We cannot, out of nothing, magically produce something. There has to be the action of the Creator manifest for us to engage in co-creation and in the production of anything. Likewise, since we can't create, we can't completely destroy. Yet with God, all things are possible.1 And with God and with Shiva, there can be the destruction or the dissolution and transmutation, fully and finally, of even the record and the memory of something.

When we forgive, we desire to also do what? Forget, because we don't desire to hold grudges against anyone about anything. If we do, we haven't fully and completely forgiven. If we hold a grudge, we haven't completely forgiven. There is something that we're still harboring of the seed or the energy of that situation, which then manifests as that angst or that grudge that still resides in our mental and emotional bodies and in the memory body. By erasing it in the memory body, it naturally then dissipates and consumes the energy that also is sustained in the mental body and the emotional body. And the miracle of this is that it also translates ultimately in physical healing. That is the beauty of this action.

So let's say you have a major karmic record and scar on your psyche from a past life and it actually translates into something that you're experiencing in this life physically. If you go to the nadir of that situation and deal with it, transmute it and forgive yourself and all the people who were involved in that situation—and you really work, work, work to do this—and you believe in this masterful magic of transmutation and work with God, the angels, the ascended masters, the Holy Spirit for this to occur, it can ultimately result in the lifting of certain physical burdens, pains. There have even been miracles where physical scars and other physical effects in one's body temple have actually been changed, transformed.

Jesus was a great master of this science. When he beheld individuals who asked for healing, he could of course see into the akashic record and behold the origin of what had now resulted in the illness or problem that the person was going through. And he used the energy of that person's own faith, their belief and their own desire for the transmutation of their condition to go to the nadir and remove the cause and core. This is why he was such a great healer—he could see the cause and the effects.

Now, when you use this information to always seek the core and the cause of something in any healing modality that you may be involved in as an energy worker or that you desire to engage in as just a spiritual initiate, this is the highest form of healing. Because if we are only dealing with the peripheral and what appears on the outside to manifest, the symptoms, and we're not getting to the core, then the healing may be temporary. We may lift burdens, we may unblock energies and we may restore a seeming sense of wellness, yet the problem may return if we haven't rooted it out and completely gone to the seed, the root of the problem.

In Soul-Raising Sessions with the Holy Spirit, there is a grace that occurs whereby the Holy Spirit, who is conducting the session—and often using other ascended masters in the process of helping people in the soul raising—works with the soul of that person through the Higher Self to return soul parts. So one additional advantage of going to the cause and core of the issues is that we can have the return of soul parts that we have sloughed off or that have left us through anger or discord or animosities. When we have these returned to us, there is a union of these elements of self that we have temporarily, or often for lifetimes, lost and which are hovering out there somewhere in the universe. And then there is the alchemy of the unity field of beingness being restored to us and we feel integrated again. We feel one again; we feel whole.

What Hilarion says is that the master provides the cosmic magnet, through that one's Divine Presence, through which this alchemy occurs. Typically in the soul raisings it's the Holy Spirit overshining the entire event and the miracle of it, yet other masters often come to assist the Holy Spirit and augment this action. So in the very Presence of God, we are raised to our divine estate. And through the impetus of the master who graces us with his or her Presence, we are then relieved of this burden and we receive back those elements of self that are important for us to have integrated in our being. And then the rub is for us to learn to maintain that awareness of wholeness and to sustain it so that we will not return to habit patterns that may then result in a similar situation coming upon us. As Jesus warned one whom he healed, “Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.”2 A worse thing come upon thee—can you imagine?

So why would this happen? Because they had been cleaned, yet they could then go out and sully themselves in darkness and the energies of the astral plane again. We don't desire to be sullied, right? We desire to maintain that level of purity, wholeness, cleanliness, which is next to godliness. And we can do this by our conscious choices to remain in our Presence, to stay tethered to our Divine Self, to have our daily lives structured in such a way that we maintain the disciplines of the Spirit: attempt to eat foods that are right for us based on our body temple and what we know that we require, get enough sleep, get enough exercise and drink pure water, pure liquids to hydrate ourselves—all of these things.

When we maintain those spiritual disciplines, we sustain the action of the cosmic magnet within our heart that is a replica of what is called the Great Central Sun Magnet. And then we will not lose soul parts again. We will not get angry. We will not choose to do things that allow us to dissipate aspects of our true nature. This understanding is important for us as initiates. And although, yes, I have been the instrument for these Soul-Raising Sessions with the Holy Spirit, the time will come when you, O initiates of the sacred fire, will be there to help others in this same process.

Now, some of you already do this, to an extent, through the healing modalities that you have learned and hopefully mastered in your healing work, especially if you are certified as a chiropractor, a naturopath or in other modality. Yet even with those, it takes Christ consciousness to help the person to fully heal. It takes your Christ consciousness facilitating the accessing of their Christ awareness. And if you can help them to discern the cause, the root, of their issues, their problems, then you will be helping the Holy Spirit in this process. And, simultaneously, when you deal with the root, you will help the fire body, the memory body to remain clear, clean, undefiled, because then what happens? What returns to them are all the divine memories of their origin in God, being created in the image and likeness of God. What returns are all the beautiful, divine, holy memories of their communion with God, the ascended masters, their twin flames, all the beloveds of their lives and the holy brothers and sisters of sacred communities with whom they have interacted, communed with, dialogued with, worked side by side with. All of these beautiful holy memories then come front and center in the fire body, the memory body, and these sustain them on the path.

When you have only pure, positive and holy memories that you access through this etheric fire body, life is a lot easier. You don't have the drudge and the sludge of the negative stuff. It doesn't weigh you down; you are free. The ballast is gone because you've dealt with it, transmuted it. This is why it is important for initiates in The Hearts Center movement to have the acceleration of the use of the violet light, because when you accelerate it over time through a disciplined action, a concerted action of daily prayer, meditation and cleansing, life becomes much easier because you've dealt with the negative memories.

So thank you, beloved Hilarion, for this teaching. I think we understand it already. Many of us have worked on these records over time. And I can assure you that many of you who have done this deep cleaning have been the great recipients and benefactors of ascended-master inspiration, joy, peace and the graces of God that allow you to maintain a state of being that is unburdened and free. You really are free in the light.

Now, as we age, we work on ourselves at deeper and deeper levels, because in our elder years we're meant to do a lot of spiritual work. During the first twenty years we're getting our education. The next twenty years, we're maybe in our vocation and in our marriage having children. And the final twenty-plus years, and maybe forty-plus years, are meant for us to really hone in on our spiritual work, deal with the deeper issues of our lives and get to that point where we are so clear and clean that we are then scot-free. I don't know what scot means in this case, but we're free of scot, I guess. We're scot-free in the light. No more Scotch tape, I guess, binding us to things that we don't desire.

So use the time when you're forty and older to really do this deep cleaning, using both the violet light and, now, as we understand it, the emerald and the chemical ray (or the purple ray) to go after those things in the subconscious that yet remain to be dealt with, transmuted, consumed. And choose not to revolve things. This is another thing Hilarion says. We know this science that when we revolve things, we recreate them, right? And so choose to live in the Now and not go back to the past and revolve, revolve, revolve what happened yesterday, twenty days ago, twenty years ago and not keep bringing it up and bringing it up. Because it doesn't do you service and it doesn't do others any great service. In fact, people will avoid you when all you're doing is revolving and talking about the past.

How many people do we know in their elder years who tell the same story three times within an hour? It gets burdensome, and they don't even realize they're doing it, because they're living in the past; they're living in their memory body, which they haven't cleansed completely.

And we don't desire to rehash and revolve ad nauseam even the positive things. It's okay to speak them and share them, yet watch, behold and be aware and awake within yourself so that you access what is true, beautiful and divine, and then put a lid on it, so to speak. And allow there to be fresh, new insights and inspirations coming directly from your I AM Presence that God desires to release to your higher etheric body—new insights, new revelations, new discoveries. That's what we are really supposed to be about.

This is why The Hearts Center is such an important movement, because we are constantly in the mode of being available and receptive to progressive revelation. If we're only reading stuff that was released twenty, thirty, forty, seventy, a hundred years ago, that can become problematic. If we're using the ancient wisdom in combination with progressive revelation for today, then we can assess and dialogue with these beautiful, virtuous teachings that may have been delivered through prior dispensations and messengers. Yet we're also considering them in the light of current events, current technology, what is transpiring right now within our own lives and hearts and within the world. And this is why it's ludicrous for anyone to say that so-and-so was the last messenger, so-and-so was the last prophet, and this is the end of all of it, the Book of Revelation—that's it forever.

And frankly, Hilarion would like to put to rest the notion, which was a curse, that anything added to the Bible or the Book of Revelation was anathema, because we must add our experience to revelation to make it real for us today. We must add the impetus of our own Christ energy and Christ consciousness to make that scripture come alive in the present moment. Otherwise it is dead scripture. We must add the fire of our own being to what Jesus said to then apply it for today, to make it real for now.

So I would like to state and aver publicly that there is the tendency even for messengers or prophets or those surrounding them to proclaim this or that, that this is the highest, the only sponsored teaching, messenger, et cetera. We cannot accept that in our movement. Do you agree? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Okay, because God is greater than all human momentums and human sympathetic vibrations of feeling the need to say that this is the best, the only way, the highest teaching, the only true religion. Sorry, the only true religion is love and grace and light that manifests through you today as you are tied to God, because that is what religion means: being tied to God. And so the true religion is you in union with God now, today, using the Christ energy, the Christ consciousness, the Christ Spirit and applying it in the Now for what you are going through. That is true religion.

1. Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.
2. John 5:1–14.

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