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Cuzco      May 30, 2018

Beloved Cuzco
David Christopher Lewis
May 30, 2018   9:00–9:17 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Cuzco Delivers a Planetary Clearance and Tells Us to Eat Fire and Drink Light

In the light of the Sun, I come. In the light of the Divine Presence of all, I emanate the blue-fire white-fire radiance of cosmic joy for the turning of worlds, the turning of your world, the turning of our world, the turning of time and space so that a new dimension of beingness manifests.

As your Cuzco, with my beloved Guru, Surya, above me, I sing a new song of victory. I sing of peace, of progress, of providence manifesting here in your heart and there in the hearts of all. And as I sing, I wing my way to every child of light and perform an alchemy this day of the retooling of consciousness, the reenergizing of awareness and the recalibration by Solar fire of that within which must come now without into materialization in form, that which is of Spirit that now must descend into Matter to give birth within time and space to perfection's glory.

O mankind, embrace the changes that must manifest for Earth to become Freedom's Star, for Earth to be liberated in light. O mankind, embrace transformation, transmutation, transubstantiation so that you, in your transmuted Divine Self, may feel oneness with God and, through the agency of the Holy Spirit, understand who you are as a God being in your own right. O mankind, rise to behold God face-to-face within your I AM God Presence to know the truth of who you are as a God Self-realized one, no longer in utero—fully formed, fully developed in your true, noble Self.

As you experience the light of your Presence daily, there is the passing of your consciousness through the final initiations of light, resulting in the glorification of your being in God. And upon the mountain, you are all light, as Jesus was, and you behold the angels of the sacred fire around you, clothing you in new light. You are resurrected and the ascension currents begin to manifest through your being. You feel your chakras on fire with God. You feel your aura cleansed, purified and now expanded into new dimensions of God-beingness. You live in this new state of awareness consciously, walking the Earth as a masterful being—God-identified, God-glorified, God-unified in the eternal light essence of your Solar Reality.

When you can accept this new identity, this higher reality, you can sustain this light essence throughout your being and let go of your past, all of your foibles, all that has clouded your full God-realization. The clouds disappear and the sun shines brightly o'er you and within you, dearest ones. This is your new state of being, which you accept, internalize, assimilate and then project and emanate consciously 24/7.

When I first came to this community and activity with my first public HeartStream, you felt the impulse, yes? Now how much of what I forecast have you accepted and become? That is my question. Have you Self-realized what I foresaw as a possibility for each one of you? Some of you in this room were there in Patricia's home. Have you truly internalized and understood my message thirteen years later, here now in Livingston, Montana?

I came to set a course through my discourse on light. And if you have truly eaten light and drunk fire from on high, you have understood my message and risen higher. Yet if you are still toiling in the deeper regions of human space, then it is time to let go and embrace this higher walk with God. What magnetic attractions have kept you bound to the earth earthy? I ask. Let go of these and embrace the higher cosmic magnetism of the Great Central Sun, the great Solar magnet of divine joy, the great disc of light that you now allow to manifest within your solar plexus.

There are so many magnetic attractions that you can allow to manifest in your life through your emotional body, dearest ones, if you give them deference. Yet I say, choose this day to serve your Mighty I AM God Presence. Choose to live within the new reign of Spirit that is afforded unto all by their conscious choice to be God-taught and God-wrought. Choose to be a Solar man or woman, identified so with light that that is your reality—light, light, light!

When you live in light, nothing can depress you, nothing can oppress you, nothing can suppress you! And so you live beyond depression, oppression and suppression. And you live impressed by Spirit, fire, light, love, virtue, grace, beingness and the cosmic energy of the Great Central Sun.

Harmony is the key to experiencing your divinity through alchemy and victory, O ye men and women divine. Yet what is harmony? It is something more than what you have both witnessed and fully manifested. It is the entering into the energy of the Divine Mother and all of her holy manifestations of purity, the oneness state of unity.

When you truly embrace the Divine Mother's grace within you, you can trace anything in your world, in cosmic space with peace, equanimity and joy. Do it now. Do it every day. Do it with Nike. Yes, just do it! And give no more excuses to your lesser self to ascribe within your life something less than the perfectionment of this state of higher being.

Now Surya comes and inscribes within the Earth a blue-fire radiance to counteract that which the Deep State is still desirous of manifesting of illusion, maya and decrepitude. It has no power over the lightworkers. It has no power to deceive through the disdain of deception and the dialectic of darkness.

Through the blue-fire light of Surya, there is cast a divine radiance upon and through the Earth and through you, if you accept it this day. Release, O oceans of sacred fire, upon and within the Earth light, light, light this day to dissolve the engines of war and to absolve the lightworkers of their sins, of their karmas, if they choose to embrace this new unity field of beingness in God through the new blue radiance of Morya El and the blue-ray masters, whom we revere and who are our guides and directors and conductors.

O Sanat Kumara, establish upon Earth a new civilization of holy love, brother to brother, sister to sister, brother to sister, and sister to brother. Let there be betwixt all peoples understanding, patience and the gnosis of God within all life.

You have asked for a clearance, and so I come. Yet will you remain clear? That is my question. It is up to you, dearest ones. For having been cleared many a time, it is now opportune for you to remain in the state of clarity, of unity and harmony.

So breathe fire and drink light and live in eternality, immortality and oneness with your Sun Source. Thank you.

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