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David Lewis      May 17, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
May 17, 2018   7:15 ̶ 7:30 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

David Christopher Lewis Sharing after Kuan Yin's HeartStream

So this was the HeartStream by beloved Kuan Yin today. I always appreciate her coming to us. My heart always flutters when she comes; my heart sings when she comes. Today there were so many birds singing in our yard on our property, which to me showed that the special presence of Kuan Yin was here.

When she comes, we are all raised in the joy-field of happiness. Through the magic of her presence, we feel our burdens melting away. The pains and the suffering that we seem to have are diminished and almost completely gone. When we are raised into the light of God through her Presence, there's a mystical experience of oneness, and we have a natural desire to just be more merciful—merciful to ourselves, merciful to others.

However, in this HeartStream, this is the first time I remember her speaking about being merciful to God. It seems like everybody is judging God as being mean-spirited instead of loving. When bad things seem to happen on Earth, people wonder: “Where was God? Why did God allow this?” However, God didn't create all these problems; we did.

It reminds me of the video we've been watching in the mornings of the Paneurhythmy. The lady who is describing all the steps has a very important message. She says: “Good is for your good, and bad is for your good.” So what seems bad is actually a lesson. And after we've gone through it, we realize how important that lesson was.

It's like what I went through recently when I was with my family. Four of my brothers and sisters ganged up on me and were criticizing me. It was pretty intense. Yet afterwards I thought: “Oh, this was my lesson to be more merciful. This was my opportunity to pray for those who don't understand me or who judge me.”

I see the greatest demonstration of mercy in the life of beloved Jesus. As he's being crucified on the cross, or the tree, he says: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”1 Kuan Yin would like us to follow Jesus' example. Any time we are ready to cast dispersion on another or judge someone or make a negative statement, we should just say to ourselves: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And we can add: “O Divine Mother, love them as you love all. O Mothers of Mercy, allow your mercy to bless them today.”

If all of us are loving and forgiving and merciful, we will co-create a new world, will transmute the past and usher in a beautiful, new future. So every time you are tempted to ask God why, remember to be merciful to God, because God is all-merciful. And then maybe you'll get the answer to why something did happen—it was an opportunity; it was an initiation; it was a lesson. And if we learn the lesson and we look at it squarely, we will become wiser and wiser.

So that's my reflection on beloved Kuan Yin's message.

1.  Luke 23:34.

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