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Maitreya      May 06, 2018

Beloved Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
May 6, 2018   10:57–11:13 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Lord Maitreya Shares Keys to Buddhic Beingness and Healing

Oh, the soundless sound of peace within. Oh, the radiance of holy joy as the bliss of oneness suffuses itself through the soul and perfumes the atmosphere with love-wisdom, with wisdom-love. I, Maitreya, come in a post-Wesak address to bless you with Buddhic beingness, the essence of kindness, the radiance of joy and many holy oils, which I now distribute to my beloveds upon Earth to anoint them with that which will raise the consciousness unto eternality and oneness.

Each Wesak is an opportunity for you to rise in your Buddha nature to behold the All-Buddha, the Divine One in the Central Sun, through your higher vision center. And through that beholding and through the becoming of who you are within that moment of timelessness when you embrace, through your Presence, peace and all possibilities for the blessedness of the allness of your being, there may be an emanation through the collective awareness of all sentient beings who look to the Source of a new world of light, of glory, of magnanimity.

As the planetary Buddha, I come this day to infuse, in many spheres and realms of being, the light that will indeed inspire many to awaken and to be enlivened in the joy of their Buddha nature, to feel a new surge of energy from within the soul which urges that soul to be quickened unto the new light that is emanating from the Central Sun, which this galaxy, this solar system and this Earth are receiving as a great cosmic impulse of evolutionary joy to bring all to heart-centeredness and Buddhic equanimity.

Fly with me now, beloved ones, as we soar to the Sun to behold the work of the God and Goddess Meru and the emanation of perfect love-wisdom to all of their Solar family, including our Earth. And feel from within yourself your own Solar radiance, highlighted through this experience, and the dynamism of your Presence as the sun of your own being is suffused with this glory, with this grace, with this holy virtue of light itself. Now express who you are as a Solar being, fully Self-realized, fully enlightened, fully liberated in God's being and the allness of the all-presence of the uni-verse of light. And share the sparkling realities of divine consciousness with all upon Earth as you feel and know yourself as a star-child of glory, as an awakened Buddha in your own right.

Feel cosmic awareness, Solar consciousness emanating from and through the Sun source of your own being and know perfect health and vitality now within yourself, which you then can extend to others in many modes of healing and graces of spiritual fire. Those of you who desire to be extensions of God as healers, realize this: Physician, know thyself. Physician, heal thyself first and then, by God's grace, the light of emerald and aqua-teal light may go forth as a blessing and grace to assist others upon their sacred journey of wholeness. When you live, move and have your being in your Presence, then all possibilities for wholeness may ensue. And what you extend will be clean and clear and pure and unsullied with your own awareness, which is at times less than the perfected state of all-good and that gladness which bespeaks of who you are as a humble servitor of light.

Now raise your hands with me, blessed ones, and see extensions of my rays pouring through your hands—your fingers, the palms of your hands—to many whom you cherish, and even to those with whom you may have some karma left to balance. And see forgiving light gracing them, enfolding them, raising them, unburdening them with the all-glory of the All-Buddha. You see, this is the way of Buddhic healing—simply being that light and extending light rays through your heart, your mind, your soul and allowing that light to do its perfect work intelligently, victoriously, magnanimously for wholeness to ensue at the level that that one or many ones may embrace, based on their awareness and their willingness to accept it and internalize it.

Many have had the experience of receiving a healing, yet could they sustain that wholeness completely within their lives or did they revert back to previous habits and practices that would recreate the state of non-equanimity and non-wholeness? This is the rub, and you, dearest ones, may simply be that light again and again to assist the many in self-healing. For this is the greatest healing of all—when the lesser self embraces the greater Self and there is, through the encouragement of the higher mind, the activation of the greater and more refined frequencies of light within that then allows that one to move beyond states of limitation, to arise from the swamp of unconsciousness into the glory of Solar God-beingness.

Be healed, you who require healing now through the Buddha light of the All-Presence of God. Behold, you who now may behold yourself as a part of God, and feel the surge of that light within you that moves you beyond reactivity to causality in the unity field of God-beingness. Be well now, you who will leave off of recreating states of less-than-perfect health by speaking of it, relying on it to draw unto yourself sympathy from others. Be in the empathic state of compassion with me now, whereby you move higher and you aspire to oneness through right choices made day after day in how you think, feel, move, eat, rest, exercise and maintain the inner harmonic state of holy equanimity and peace.

You have the tools; you have the resources; you have the teachings. Now apply them, dearest ones, to maintain your state of wholeness, balance and presence. It is up to you, each one, to be the Buddha who you are meant to be through living consciously with us in mind and heart. You can do it if you surrender the sense that you can't, if you embrace the new light aborning within each day and allow God to live, move and have his/her being in you, through you, all around you.

I dispel all manner of illusions that lightbearers have embraced about who they are, what is happening and how to solve the issues of today through something less than the emanation of light and virtue. For this is the key, dearest ones, which you now know, that all may be resolved with light, that all may be transmuted with Solar joy, with kindness and peace. Therefore do it. Be the change, the transformational change, that you desire to see in others and in your world. For when you transform self, all are affected in the new frequency that you access, that you manifest, that you master.

I AM Maitreya. I am pure beingness in God. And I invite you to let go and to embrace your higher beingness today and always and live in eternality with me. Thank you.

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