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David Lewis      May 02, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 2, 2018   8:33 ̶ 8:47 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Reading from Chapter 10 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

El Morya would like me to read Chapter 10 from Advanced Studies of the Human Aura. When I reread it early this morning, I was amazed at what was in here and how important the information is for those of us who do engage in our morning prayer and devotion services and what we are actually doing.

Chapter 10


Creating an Aura of Light

Happiness and success depend on the
all-important factor of flow.
—Patricia Spadaro, Honor Yourself

Heartfriends Whose Fealty to the Divine One Is Diamond-Strong,

Your human aura is an electronic garment of light that surrounds your core identity as a soul evolving within time and space. It is reflective of the greater divine aura that surrounds your core identity beyond time and space as a solar being within the perfected realms of pure beingness in God. Within this higher domain, your aura is a sacred flowfield of brilliant white light. It may also be so where you abide now by your conscious choice.

I aver that the word flowfield is a more accurate description of what is observable as the ever-changing oval body of energy that is your aura. For although at a given point of time the aura may be photographed and studied, from a perspective of elapsed time the flowing nature of the aura is seen as you engage in activities and as thoughts, feelings and memories move through your consciousness. All divine teachers take this dynamic into account when working with their students in order to discern how best to assist them in mastering the art of living and the science of being while perfecting their human aura.

When lovingly engaged in the true initiatic arts and sciences which allow the divine light free concourse within and through one's life, the aura is sanctified with holiness and becomes a sacred flowfield. During this time the aura of the spiritual aspirant may be seen as an oval of effulgent light that is gently suffused throughout the greater circumference of one's immediate environment. While engaging in world service through a collective effort with other heartfriends, a group flowfield is established that is much more powerful in its potential effects for God-good for all life.

Every time you make a connection with another individual, there is an energetic blending of certain of your auric patterns. In the case of most people who are oblivious to the effects of their thoughts and feelings upon life, there is a dulling of the coloration of their auras when these interactions occur solely from the human level. However, when individuals who are consciously aware of their Source commingle and communicate while engaged in sacred work, a distinct and observable increase in the brilliance and expansiveness of each one's aura may be seen.

To maintain an effulgent, rainbow-colored aura one must first enter into the space of being where all life is felt and embraced as sacred. Each moment may be experienced as an opportunity for Self-discovery and Self-fulfillment within the greater glory of God's divine flowfield—the natural world. As one's single-eyed vision of the unity of all life is mastered and as all past karmic encumbrances are transmuted through joyfully employing the seven rays in harmonic living, the flowfield of your aura is purified, rarefied and glorified in God's crystal stream of beingness.

By your conscious application of the use of the spiritual technologies replete within the sciences of the spoken word in the giving of mantras, chants, prayers and decrees and by an increased melodic resonance that may be experienced during the singing of devotional songs, your aura may become charged and recharged with solar fire and light. Many of you have felt the deeper impact upon your beings that has also manifested as a fine-tuning of your auric field while you've been engaged in these practices. These have also been causative of a gradual increase in your ability to feel, to retain and to expand the radiance of your sacred flowfield, which in turn has increased the circumference and volume of your causal body.

The sacred flowfield of the halos of the saints and sages interpenetrates multiple dimensions of being. All auric emanations directly impact the akashic field—the subtle world of ether—for they leave their impressions, their recordings in most accurate detail. Your personal book of life is being written continuously by your soul as its renderings of consciousness, by your freewill choice, are manifesting moment by moment. By your own thoughts, words and deeds you will be self-judged within the framework of the lesson plan laid out by your soul before your incarnation in consultation with the masters of divine jurisprudence who lovingly guide your evolutionary journey.

To master the sacred flowfield of your aura, begin always by focusing on the light of God within your heart and by breathing in the divine frequencies of your God Presence that are ever flowing to you through your crystal cord. Even a few minutes a day of silent meditation, visualization and communion with your Solar Source will reap great treasures as the spiritualization of your consciousness and the purifying of your aura. Moving on from this basic practice to the higher, intentional yogas, full union with God will manifest your desired result!

                                                            I am yours for the victory of your soul

                                                            Recast in a new image of you as wholly God!


I tell many people at the expos that this book is my favorite book, and I am very happy that El Morya found me worthy to dictate thirty-three chapters of the first half of this book. It is absolutely sublime to me. So I hope that you received inspiration from it the first time you read it, and I hope that you revisit it periodically to reinvest your energy and understanding of the dynamics involved in co-creating a solar aura of victory toward your ascension in the light.

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