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David Lewis      April 25, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by beloved Jesus)
April 25, 2018   7:44 ̶ 7:53 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
ivingston, Montana

Being in Perpetual Prayer

I received an email yesterday and I'd like to read a response to this person, and I obviously won't say the name of the person. This is a cherished heartfriend who has been taking care of her mother and now her husband. And she's wondering how she can pray three times a day, which she is used to doing—she's been doing this for years—when she has all this care to give to her mother and her husband. She would like guidance.

So the answer came: service to her husband and her mother is a form of prayer. Inner prayer is a continuous heart-set and mind-set and will-set toward God, and it's just as important as the outer ritual of spoken prayers. This inner, continuous communion with the Divine is what Jesus was referring to when he said to “pray without ceasing.”1

As we serve others, as we are engaged in any activity, and then when we are able to outwardly pray with our decrees and songs and all that we do through our heart, then that is when we obviously say the words that we're used to saying, et cetera.

So the inner continuous communion with the Divine is tantamount to this praying without ceasing. Now, some people like to have various prayers going under their breath when they're traveling or doing activities. I love to do Hail Marys, violet flame when I'm riding on my mower mowing the lawn—acres of lawn—and doing the dishes, et cetera. You have your rituals, and these are great. Sometimes I play decrees and I don't give them as consciously as I would if that was all that I were doing, because I'm engaged in other things. And so that's also a part of this matrix that you can incorporate into your daily life, your routine.

Yet I really feel that this inner prayer—the continuous heart-set, mind-set and will-set toward God—is sometimes just as important as the outer ritual of spoken prayers. Yes, we still desire to do them—we have our services, we have this service. Yet let that communion last throughout the day, and then you will be fulfilling Jesus' commandment to pray without ceasing.

So thank you, beloved Jesus, for overshining me, for this response to this cherished heartfriend, which I thought was worth sharing with all of us.

1. 1 Thessalonians 5:16–18.


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