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Clare de Lis      April 24, 2018

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
April 24, 2018   3:30 4:00 pm MDT
|Livingston, Montana

David:  Beloved Clare de Lis just gave me a beautiful message, which I'd like to read, and the title is “

Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place


Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place 

Dearest Ones,

God is everywhere. Yet where there is devotion and prayer and focus upon the Lord, there is always a greater concentration of divine light and power available for all manner of blessings and even for miracles.

Firstly, your heart, mind, will and soul may be that sacred place where the love, wisdom and power of God is preeminent because you have focused it through your consciousness and your attention upon your beloved I AM Presence. Secondly, where you pray and meditate in your home becomes a special habitation of the Holy Spirit, a closet—as Jesus shared it1—where the energy of God may descend into your own temple of light for God's purposes. Thirdly, where you gather with others to consecrate yourselves toward divine work becomes supersaturated with holy light, for you come into union again and again to worship and to beseech the Almighty for graces and assistance to flow to our world.

There is a special song that is a favorite of the Holy Spirit that is aptly titled “Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place.” When you feel the grace of the Holy Spirit flowing through you, your auras glisten with light and there is an action of purification and uplift that manifests. Your sanctuaries are then open portals for ascended beings and angels of the sacred fire to anoint you with spiritual oils and to bless you with all manner of heavenly graces.

Initiates of the sacred fire learn to continue to manifest this sacred energy field around them at all times and to bring it with them to help all life. Keepers of the Flame and Keepers of the Lightning are commissioned to manifest this state of inner grace in communion with God and the Holy Spirit, knowing that their eternal nature is divine light and fire, that their origin is Spirit and that their destiny is universal awareness, not dust.

To be able to sense and feel the billowing presence of God in your midst is only a first step on the path. To self-generate this energy through focus and devotion is the next requirement of disciples. And lastly, to sustain and expand God's Presence wherever you abide affords you entrée into the deeper mystical path of oneness, which in turn brings you a greater sense of inner peace, harmony and blessedness.

The Presence of the Lord always sustains the lively stones, the disciples of the Word, advocates of eternal freedom in the light. My prayer and hope is for each of you to become a lodestone of this perfect peace through your deep communion with your Higher Self, your surrender to God's plan for you and your ultimate ascension in the light—when you arrive at the portal of true union with the All-Buddha and the Divine Mother.

My highest work upon Earth was to inspire and direct aspiring adepts and masters in the ways of spiritual integrity and in their eventual integration with their True Self through a disciplined life within a community of light. Though we all experienced this path uniquely, I have seen the etheric record of how many of you truly did catch fire spiritually and quickly accelerate on your trajectory toward God. And I aver and I state for the record that those who have remained true to this course within The Hearts Center community are making even swifter progress toward their ascension through the nondual path of unity.

Keep on keeping on, blessed ones. Maintain your path of daily devotion, sustain the grace of God that flows through you and know the Presence of the Lord that is in this place, your heart, your mind, your will and your soul.

I AM your Mother, Clare de Lis, overshining and loving you always for your victory on the path. Thank you.

David's Comments:

There is a beautiful song in the English language and it is called “Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place,” and there are many different people singing it on YouTube. One of the ones that I like best is by Daniel O'Donnell, and it was published in 2011. So I've asked that we play it tomorrow during the morning broadcast. And someday maybe we'll have our own singers singing it.

Now, I don't think that you'll be able to hear this, but I'll try to play it. You can tell me if you can hear this, okay? Can you hear that music, Maria Cristina? [“No, no.”] Okay, so I can't play it so that you can hear it at the same time.

So what I'll do is in the chat, I'm going to put the link. I'm going to get off now and you can play it, and I'll just—actually, I'll stay on. You can play it and I'll listen. So go ahead and play it. [Song is played.] Did you feel that beautiful spirit? [“Yes.”] Okay.

So I thank Mother for this beautiful message, and I thank you for the translation. [“Thank you very much for slowing down for me.”] Okay. Well, I think it does help sometimes when I get the HeartStream earlier and send it to you. Then you have time to look at it. [“Yes, because I can remember it because I'm seeing it.”]

Okay, well, God bless you both. Thank you Cristina and Maria Cristina. I'll sign off right now and return you to your service. [“Thank you very much, David.”] It was great seeing you both in Chile. [“For us it was a pleasure.”] Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

1. See Mathew 6:6.

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