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Nada      April 19, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Nada)
April 19, 2018   7:00–7:30 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

            Greetings, everyone. God bless you. Beloved Lady Master Nada would like to teach us something tonight, and she is a great teacher. The title of her teaching is “Loving Selfless Service to Others Is also Enlightened Divine Self-Interest.”

Loving Selfless Service to Others Is Also Enlightened Divine Self-Interest 

She says that loving service helps balance personal karma and is done in enlightened self-interest. Selfless service helps us to fulfill our personal and group dharma, and it is enlightened giving. She says others are taught by our example through our service. She reminds us that the sixth ray is both purple and gold. The purple is ministration and service, and the gold is the light released through our example as an enlightened teacher.

We become an extension of God's angelic hosts when we offer ourselves to others. And there are ten actions that we can partake of in this offering. These ten actions relate to the ten petals of the solar-plexus chakra. These actions are verbs, and they are part of the initiatic path for servitors and bodhisattvas. By engaging in these actions, we also pass the test of the ten and we help the petals of our solar-plexus chakra—which are ten in number—to spin brightly. And, of course, the solar-plexus chakra is the chakra of the sixth ray—the sixth ray of peace. Here are the ten actions:

1.         The first ray, the blue ray:  Save sentient beings
2.         The second ray, the yellow ray:  Teach sentient beings
3.         The third ray, the pink ray:  Love sentient beings
4.         The fourth ray, the white ray:  Clear sentient beings
5.         The fifth ray, the green ray:  Heal sentient beings
6.         The sixth ray, the purple-and-gold ray:  Serve sentient beings
7.         The seventh ray, the violet ray:  Free sentient beings
8.         The eighth ray, the ruby ray:  Bless sentient beings
9.         The ninth ray, the golden-pink ray:  Raise sentient beings
10.       The tenth ray, the rainbow rays:  Seal sentient beings

I will repeat these ten action verbs, and I will say them in a formula that uses the name of God, I AM:

I AM saving sentient beings.
I AM teaching sentient beings.
I AM loving sentient beings.
I AM clearing sentient beings.
I AM healing sentient beings.
I AM serving sentient beings.
I AM freeing sentient beings.
I AM blessing sentient beings.
I AM raising sentient beings.
I AM sealing sentient beings.

Of course, when we say “I AM” and then the action verbs, we are calling on God as the doer. Yet we are working in consonance with God, in collaboration with God.

Nada would like us to have a new special rosary. We know that in the normal rosary, there are ten beads per decade. So these ten action verbs go very well with the ten beads of each decade, and we can have different colored beads for the first of all the five decades. The first would be blue. Likewise, in all five decades, or groups of ten, the second bead would be yellow, the third bead pink, the fourth bead white, the fifth bead green, the sixth could be purple, the seventh violet, the eighth ruby, the ninth golden-pink or kind of a light orange, and then the tenth the rainbow colors.

So when we give this new rosary, for the first bead we will always say, “I AM saving sentient beings, I AM saving sentient beings.” And we say that four times. And then we say, “I AM a being of lapis light, I AM protection shining bright.”

For the second bead we say, “I AM teaching sentient beings.” We repeat that four times, and then we say, “I AM a being of golden light, I AM God-wisdom shining bright.” Now, in this case, the gold is really yellow, but it's very nice to say “golden.”

Now, for the third bead—of course, we said that earlier—“I AM loving sentient beings.” We repeat that four times, and then we say, “I AM a being of rosy light, I AM compassion shining bright.”

For the fourth bead we say, “I AM clearing sentient beings,” four times. Then we say, “I AM a being of crystal light, I AM God-purity shining bright.”

For the fifth bead, which is green, we say, “I AM healing sentient beings,” four times. Then we say “I AM a being of emerald light, I AM God-healing shining bright.”

For the sixth bead we say, “I AM serving sentient beings,” four times. And then we say, “I AM a being of purple light, I AM God-peace now shining bright.”

For the seventh bead we say, “I AM freeing sentient beings,” four times. And then we say, “I AM a being of amethyst light, I AM God-mercy shining bright.”

For the eighth bead we say, “I AM blessing sentient beings,” four times. And then we say, “I AM a being of ruby light, I AM integration shining bright.” The eighth ray is integration.

For the ninth bead we say, “I AM raising sentient beings,” four times. And then we say, “I AM a being of golden-pink light, I AM resurrection shining bright.”

And for the final, tenth, bead we say, “I AM sealing sentient beings,” four times. And then we say, “I AM a being of rainbow light, I AM ascension shining bright.”

Now, this is a beautiful alchemical ritual. Of course, we give the Hail Mary's before we say these other affirmations. So we have a new rosary with five decades. The first bead of each of the five decades: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, purple and gold, violet or purple, violet ruby, gold-pink or light orange, and rainbow.

Nada says that this is a beautiful rosary focusing on the ten petals of the solar-plexus chakra, and we draw the five crystal rays, of the ten aspects of the initiatic path, through the solar plexus. This is a rosary for servitors and bodhisattvas of love and light. And if there is anybody in The Hearts Center who would like to secure these different colored beads, we could make these rosaries and we could sell them. We can have a less expensive version that is made with little plastic beads, and we could have a more expensive version that's made with actual gemstones.

Now, I've been desirous of releasing this rosary for a long, long, long time. Yet I didn't know until tonight, when Nada communicated with me, that this relates to the solar-plexus chakra, the sixth ray. Remember, Mother Mary is the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and where is the sun in our chakra system? The solar plexus. Mother Mary is the perfect example of a divine being who has mastered the test of the ten in this solar-plexus chakra. And when we do this rosary and draw the five crystal rays into that area of our being, it's very, very powerful. Remember, the central chakra of the five crystal rays is near the heart, at the area of the thymus. This is the area where Jesus was pierced with the spear of Longinus. And we use our hands when we do the rosary, as we use our rosary beads. And sometimes some of us like to walk around in nature as we pray our rosary, and so we're walking, using our feet.

Nada is showing me a little vision of many of us in past lives who were priests or nuns, who would give our devotions and walk around with our beads giving our prayers. Of course, the greatest way to release the light in these rosaries is to pour all of our love and devotion and adoration to God through our hearts and our solar plexus. Since you are all lovers of the Holy Family and Mother Mary, you could record this rosary in Spanish even before we do it in English.

Nada says that this could be called “Mother Mary's New Age Rainbow Rosary.” We would have all of these beautiful colors of the beads, and the final one would be multicolored, the rainbow bead. When we ascend, we complete our rainbow body, the causal body, also called the virtue body. Remember? I see a vision of the future when many devotees will be giving this rosary, and many, many angels will overshine us. And over us will be this beautiful rainbow of light. I even see an image, created maybe by one of our creative art artists, where we have all of these ten colors of angels hovering over a devotee giving this rosary with so much love and devotion. And the angels could be over or under a rainbow with, instead of just seven colors, ten colors.

This ritual and this devotion will be so beautiful that it will bring some of you into ecstasy. And I look forward to giving this rosary the next time I come to Mexico. And if I go to Costa Rica before that, we can give it there too.

So Nada appreciates all of you for your devotion. Your auras are becoming clearer and more colorful week after week. Your causal bodies are becoming larger and larger gradually, over time. So keep on with your devotion. Keep on in your loving, selfless service to others, and, in enlightened divine self-interest, win your victory! Nada salutes you as her daughters and sons upon Earth, her heartfriends of love and light and as servitors of the Most High God. And she herself saves, teaches, loves, clears, heals, serves, frees, blesses, raises and seals us all tonight. God bless you.

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