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David Lewis      April 18, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
April 18, 2018   9:31–9:50 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Paradigms, Perspectives, Possibilities, Purpose

We all have our paradigms, based on our experience of life, both in this life and all lifetimes. We have our perspective, based on many, many factors: our environment, our mindfulness or lack thereof, our consciousness wed to God or something a little less, maybe our prejudices, based on how we were raised and how we were taught.

The possibilities are always there for us to realize something divine, holy and great. If something is a possibility, it means that it is possible to achieve, to attain. So any possibility is, through freewill choice, open for fulfillment and realization. There are always many possibilities in front of us for how we move through life, what we choose to do, who we associate with, where we do it. And fortunately, in this time on much of the planet, free will is appreciated and allowed, even though there is still slavery in certain areas on this Earth. And there is a lot of trouble within certain societies and nations in terms of their leadership suppressing the free movement and free expression of people's desires, voice, et cetera.

Purpose: If we come into this incarnation with a strong inner inkling of what our purpose is, we can affix ourself upon that star and move steadily toward it, in agreement with God's will as a part of it, because I believe that every purpose is partly ensconced within God's will if it is a true purpose. And having chosen our purpose and working and striving toward it, our paradigms will become more refined, our perspective will be raised and new possibilities will appear before us for self-realization, liberation and enlightenment. And by fulfilling our purpose, anything that is less than the divine will eventually just evaporate as God becomes crystal clear within our vision, within our desire and within ourselves. We will feel and see and experience God within—God's virtues, God's light, God's love, God's mercy, all of God's graces.

When we are aligned with our purpose, the magic of life manifests through all manner of experiential miracles. If we're not aligned with our purpose, there is another type of thing that occurs, where we're just off kilter and we're kicking against the pricks and not really in our joy-field of beingness. When we are self-realizing ourselves by moving into that realm of light where our purpose is completed and fulfilled, we are happy. We are happy about everything, about others. We don't complain; we don't criticize. We love everyone. We see everyone in a higher field of joy, which actually helps them to fulfill their purpose. If we are fulfilling our purpose, we raise up everyone else around us. If we're not, sometimes we create havoc and we impede other's progress, because the human ego and that tyrant-ego dweller can hold sway. And unless we overcome that, it will continue to keep us in the rounds of rebirth, where we are sustained in that field rather than in a divine field of eternal joy and light and love.

Our paradigms can be raised into God's paradigm. Our perspective on life can be raised to God's purview of all sentient beings on all worlds. The possibilities for our self-realization can expand our consciousness and awareness so that we are taking in more light and are thereby able to emanate and broadcast more light. If we see ourselves fulfilling a greater purpose throughout our life and increasing in our ability to provide many vehicles for divine expression and co-creativity, then the possibilities really are endless for what we can do to help mankind and serve one another.

And I think that porpoises are really great at fulfilling their porpoise—they just kind of glide through the water with ease and joy and a fun spirit. We can learn from the nature kingdom, because as a whole, elemental life really is fulfilling its purpose. They are who they are; they are in the joy-field of their life and they are natural expressions of God's impulses within their particular being outpicturing their essence.

We have a little bit more conscious awareness—we pray and we hope—than some of the elementals, or the nature spirits, because we have a heightened ability to cognize and express, through free will, God's light within us; because we are a higher evolutionary form. Yet it doesn't make us necessarily better than them. It's just that we are of a higher order and so we're expected to do more. We're expected to be much more co-creative and synthesize divine energy within our consciousness through our work, our service, our divine plan, our dharma.

Every once in a while our paradigms may be shattered through an experience or through something that occurs. Every once in a while our perspective may be utterly discombobulated and we are in the throes of something so diametrically intense that it causes us to come out of a paradigm, a mold or a rut because that is the only way we are going to make greater progress and learn how to fly. And sometimes we are called to do the impossible, the seemingly impossible, within a timetable that seems just insane. And we find that through the maximization of spirit within us, this magic occurs and somehow, through divine intervention, we're able to do it. It seems impossible, and yet we've done it, by God's grace, by God's overshining radiance.

Now, divine principles are a part of all of this, because when we fulfill our purpose, we are living a principled life. If we have no true principles and values to follow, we're kind of wishy-washy and we go here and there and we're not in alignment with that steely white-blue purpose that our Divine Presence is partly broadcasting to us even in the energies that come to us through our crystal cord. The energies that flow to us through our crystal cord as pure light are there to help us to be God-aware, to fulfill our purpose, to be who we are meant to be.

I had a recent experience with my family that was very trying. One of my brothers, especially, was very interested in telling me that he had watched recent videos of the release of Bob and Verla through me. And his paradigm and perspective was a lot different from mine, based on his upbringing, based on his experience with my parents. And, of course, he has a different view on all this and he didn't believe that it was real. I could not convince him at all, and I wasn't there to convince him, just listen. Yet it was very interesting that through all of this, there was a slight little shift in my awareness that gave me a perspective of how my family members, my brothers and sisters, feel about who I am and what I do in our community and about the ascended masters.

It gives me pause to still love them, to hold that immaculate vision for them while also considering how people view what we do and how we, as a community, as a movement, can actually get our message through to some people in a different way, maybe in a better way, than we have to date—maybe by being a little bit more open and looking at ourselves in a new light so that we don't appear to be cultish, we don't seem to be using verbiage and language that the common person just simply cannot understand. This was brought to me by another one of my brothers: “I don't understand what you're saying. I do not understand the verbiage that you are using. It's totally cultish. Why don't you use verbiage that we can understand?” He has a point. There are opportunities for us to be able to communicate with a wider audience that may inspire some people that we would never think would ever respond to what we have to offer.

Now, does this mean that we change our core mission and vision and our work? Of course not. I'm sure none of my brothers and sisters have watched an entire morning broadcast from beginning to end, all three hours, and actually seen what it is that we do. They may have seen a YouTube here or there or read something here or there. That is not the totality of who we are, what we do and our oneness in our beautiful community of light.

I told them that, yes, I'm more of an idealist, and my perspective of my parents is from knowing them from a higher perspective. I don't want to judge them and say they're viewing them from a lower perspective, but I think that I have worked out psychological stuff in myself and in my relationship with my parents that actually allows me to know that they have gone beyond the veil, even with their human imperfections, to ascend, because we don't have to balance 100 percent of our karma to ascend. Our hearts have to be right with God. We have to balance some things, but not everything. And if we are loving and if we put God first and we put others first, that counts for something. And I know my parents were very, very selfless, even with their human imperfections.

Now, we have a beautiful daughter of God, Estele Marie Fehner, who served in our community with her sister. We're going to put a picture of her up on the screen that Helen sent me. Here is Estelle Marie. I believe this was probably at her graduation, although I think Maria Min has created the nice sparkly rays coming down around her. That wasn't part of the original picture. Today is the day, twenty-one days after her decease, that I was told that she would make her ascension. And what I'm seeing from the perspective of heaven is that she is choosing to ascend at noon, Detroit time, which is 10 am our time here in Montana, which is in about ten minutes.

So, Estelle Marie, we see you dressed in white, preparing to stand on the dais, if you're not already there, and getting ready for this great initiation of light. We send you all of our love, all of our appreciation for your beautiful heart, your humility, your laugh, your smile, your constancy of being there week after week on Fridays and other days with your sister on the first of every month. You were and are a trooper and we appreciate you. Others may not acclaim that you were this great saint or did a lot in this lifetime, yet I see you, never having married, always being in a state of purity as this beautiful child and daughter of God. And we witness to your resurrection and your ascension today. We witness to it; we behold you in your glory. Ken mentioned how he felt it. And I too, during our meditation, especially the last two minutes, felt a surge of cosmic energy through my being. And I thought we were going to have a dictation from you right then. It wasn't to be, yet we know that you are going home to the heart of God.

So in honor of you, we would like to sing “From Luxor I Take Flight.” It's prayer 40.009. It's 3:36 minutes long. We'll sing it three times through and we'll accelerate it. As we know, it starts out very low, so get out your baritone voice, or if you're a woman, your low alto voice. And here we go, “From Luxor I Take Flight.”

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