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Clare de Lis      March 28, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (overshined by Clare de Lis)
March 28, 2018   9:30 ̶ 1001 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Darshan with Clare de Lis

Do we have any questions from our audience, here first and then if not, we can go to those on the broadcast.

Participant:  Beloved Clare de Lis, you were a teacher in your past embodiment as Mother and you taught in many other embodiments. What can you tell us, from your experience and your expertise in these fields, how we can better teach others through the various venues of The Hearts Center?

David:  Well, Mother flashed to me, in deference to her twin flame, Mark, the image of all true teachers of light being inspired by the Holy Spirit. There is a dual dynamic at play when you teach. When you prepare material for teaching, you can do it very carefully and assiduously, do your research well, be informed on the topic that you choose to teach about, prepare your lesson plan with meticulous detail, yet allow the space for the Holy Spirit to come in to further what God would share between the lines and throughout your discourse, your lesson plan, whatever it is.

When you know your material, you are sure of yourself, and then you can allow the extemporaneous to occur, by the grace of God, through the Holy Spirit. Now, to have the Holy Spirit we have to pray; we have to be humble; we have to invoke the gifts of the Holy Spirit and allow, through the agency of the Holy Spirit, further divine wisdom to manifest, even sacred wisdom, in those moments where God can open up the Book of Life to share what he would reveal within the teaching that is presented. And this may be even more than you had prepared for through your research and the material that you are ready to present.

Now, there are some who, having so much of the Holy Spirit, can absorb and convey simultaneously, and that is the office of the messenger. This is what Mark had the ability to do, Mother says, with phenomenal accuracy, as well as with joy, élan and fire—and a lot of humor.

Those who can do that are few and far between, yet when you have the gift of gab, the gift of divine gab, she says, it can occur. How do you develop the gift of divine gab? It's through alignment with your Presence, through giving yourself fully to God, then surrendering to God and then giving your voice and your voice box to God, literally, to use you as an instrument. And this is part of the training of being a messenger or a divine teacher. So if you haven't surrendered yourself to God or given yourself fully to that level where you let go and let God, then you won't have the gift of divine gab. It may be intermittent, yet it won't be sufficient to really do or convey what God desires in a very powerful, moving and stirring way.

Mother is showing me from past lives of both her and Mark how they did work in consonance sometimes when they were embodied together. They would speak to each other and run things by each other sometimes before presenting, or whatever, to get the opinion and the feedback of the other person, which was helpful. And when you have a twin flame who sees things from the exact opposite view than you do, it is actually healthy, because you don't always see things from the full lens of the 360 degrees of possibility of how they can be conveyed. Yet seeing through the lens of another's eyes opens to you a new world. And this dynamic, when entered into with love, respect and reverence for the other person, can be amazing. If, however, you allow the ego to get in there, then there can be division, and when this occurs it's problematic.

So the ego is the biggest deterrent to being a true, noble spiritual teacher and leader. Now, she's also saying that there is a type of leadership that's very important in teaching, because what you desire to do as a teacher is to attempt to open up the minds and hearts of those whom you are teaching. Yet you are also leading them to a conclusion or to action that will benefit their being, because information by itself is just information. What you are trying to do is to stir and move them to a new level of awareness, to action for a holy cause or something.

Leadership and teaching are intertwined, she says, and this is true for spiritual organizations where you are hoping that people will get the message as well as act on the message. To be a true teacher at that level also requires leadership skills and knowing how to inspire, how to convey things for action, because, she says, that the time is over when just giving information is sufficient. Anybody, a computer, can give information. We have artificial intelligence now, and it is artificial because all it is is information that's stored from Wikipedia or from encyclopedias or from historical records. Information in of itself is not divine intelligence. Divine intelligence, when conveyed through a wisdom teacher, breathes higher consciousness within the soul and inspires the individual to grow, to expand, to nurture self and to be creative.

So the greatest teachers are those who stir spiritual creativity within the heart and soul of the student. And this is what we should emulate in the teachers that we were inspired by, and continue to be inspired by—the ascended masters. By learning from them this art and science of teaching when we study it and when we somewhat, not necessarily take it apart, yet distill the essence of it and then practice, we can become better teachers, better speakers and conveyers of truth.

She says that the purpose of teaching is to be a conveyor of truth and an inspirer of action through that truth for a purpose, for a holy cause, for an initiative, an ascended-master project or something that will benefit sentient beings. If, as already has been shared, we just share information, that doesn't cut it for heaven and for the divine teachers in the heaven world.

She says that when you listen to El Morya in the etheric, from the ascended-master state, at the end of his conveyances there's always a call to action of some kind. So even in the council chambers of the Great White Brotherhood, when you have a great teacher or presenter coming forward, there is always a call to action. Otherwise, the information is just knowledge that's on the shelf. When or where or with whom it will ever be acted upon for the greater God-good is the imperative.

El Morya reminds her of this and reminds all of us that the purpose of even these sessions, of bringing divine truth into the current moment of our lives, is so that we can use that for action in our lives. We can benefit our beings and other beings by learning something new and then practicing it. So that is what she'd like to share. So thank you, Mother.

Participant:  Beloved Mother, can you please tell us what happens to our guardian angels once we ascend? Thank you.

David:  They rejoice that you made it, and they are free to pursue their new life in a more powerful and bountiful and universal way to benefit other sentient beings. What we don't always realize is that God is still creating the universe; there are still worlds being born. The original creation was the original creation; however, there is a divine procreation that is still occurring as offspring of the stars manifest and as planets evolve and the evolutions on these planets evolve.

As new beings are being created, those beings require guardian angels, just as we do. So when a guardian angel has been victorious in protecting and guiding us along our pathway, when these new beings are then created and born, they require guardian angels. So some angels move on to serve other souls. However, I'm also seeing from a perspective that's even beyond that that these beings evolve into more powerful angels. We know that some angels evolve to become archangels, and some evolve into the nine choirs of angels, closer and closer to God. So some of these angels, having earned their stripes, can evolve into higher angelic forms to do greater service to mankind, to the universe, for God.

Some, when they are a younger angel and they require more experience, can serve other souls after souls ascend. Yet others will evolve to higher forms of angelic beingness and keep getting closer and closer and closer to God. So they evolve just as we evolve. We're going to evolve, right? And who knows what we will look like or be like ten thousand years from now as ascended beings. We could be closer to the elohimic state of being or be a Solar lord, a chohan, whatever.

So we are evolving, and angels do evolve. Even though they have a different type of evolution than we do, they still are evolving and mastering certain things and getting closer to God. Those are the two things that I see that happen to guardian angels when we ascend. We could go on and on beyond that, but we have to have a whole teaching on the evolution of angels and how they move up higher and higher on the path.

Now, Flower Newhouse, the messenger of the Questhaven community, has given beautiful teachings on how elementals, nature spirits and the angels of nature actually evolve. So you can read that to get an understanding of them and then kind of translate, through your own meditation, how this could also manifest on behalf of guardian angels. So thank you, __________.

Participant:  I don't think this has ever been asked, but maybe it has. The archangels whose names we know, is there a sphere of influence more or less consistent between each one of them, and is it a sphere that we could recognize? For instance, over a planet, all the lifewaves in one planet or a solar system or a galaxy? I'm wondering, is Archangel Michael or any of the archangels listening and working on hundreds of planets at once, or all of them? I think I know the answer, but I'd like to hear.

David:  Well, there are other angels for other systems of worlds. And the archangels that we know of are primarily working with Earth and with the evolutions who have come through Earth, that they have impacted. So some of the evolutions that have come through Earth go to Venus afterwards or go to other systems or return to their home system. And the influence of the archangels is still there at a subtle level because they worked with humanity that was evolving over thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years.

The archangels that we are also aware of do work simultaneously in multidimensions, and sometimes their work does include work with the evolutions of other planets in our system. However, I'm seeing through the lens of Mother's—you are asking Mother to answer this, and she's deferring to Michael, the Captain of the Hosts of the Lord. Through his eyes, I'm seeing that his work is primarily with Earth, as is the work of the archangels that we know of.

There are other beings who serve other planetary systems, including Jupiter and all the planets in our system. It's kind of beyond the scope of what we should be concerned about now, in terms of, are you at the level where you desire to go to Jupiter or Saturn or Uranus to help those evolutions? I mean, we have enough to do on the Earth. Michael is saying that they definitely have enough to do here, and occasionally they are called to assist in a skirmish or something somewhere else. But really their commission is here; this is where their commission is.

But even on Earth there are multidimensions, and there are evolutions that come to Earth, aliens, who interpenetrate our 3-D world with their consciousness. And they are not in the same vibration as us. Sometimes they have the ability to cloak themselves and to move through levels of the astral plane and the lower mental planes and sometimes the very lower aspects of the etheric, based on their vibration. And the angels have to sometimes deal with that. Well, it's not always evident to us that they're doing this, but when we make calls, let's say, for the taking of fallen angels or aliens from our planet, the archangels sometimes have to go into areas that they don't normally go into to deal with those evolutions.

So it's very interesting. They have the ability to do that because they're commissioned by God and they move in multidimensions—they are multidimensional beings. So for them, it's a lot easier than for us to kind of morph and change and move through other streams of awareness in other dimensions.

So when you asked the question and you're talking about other planets, it's as if, through Michael's eyes, I'm seeing that Earth is almost like a number of planets simultaneously because of these different dimensions. So what we consider to be Earth is our view of Earth from our experience, but Earth has many earths and multidimensions, which if we really saw all that, we'd be kind of flabbergasted. And when we realize that Michael and the archangels can influence and interpenetrate any or all those dimensions based on the need of the hour and what is authorized by prayer and what God authorizes, it really is like a number of solar systems. And if we saw that dynamic, we would be kind of blown away because we're just so used to living in our plane of awareness.

So their primary work is here. Very rarely do they go other places, but sometimes Michael and the angels are called to council meetings on other planets of our system to give input and to give guidance even. Yet a lot of their role is to emanate the feelings of God and to help people to overcome their own negative emotions and to overcome darkness. So a lot of their work is that, but it's also at the commission of God. For instance, Gabriel comes to announce to Mary that Jesus is going to be born. That was very interesting and unique.

Now, Omraam has given a teaching based on his studies that different archangels influence the different seasons. Michael will come at one of the equinoxes or solstices, Gabriel, Raphael, et cetera. So this is another type of world almost. It's the different seasons that they influence and work through. So one archangel and that angel's legions may be more influential during a particular season than other angels, according to that teaching. I'm seeing that they are not limited by the season, yet they may come into prominence and have a little more active authority and power to wield during certain seasons, based on that other teaching. It's definitely a different teaching than what we're used to.

If we were to travel with Michael for a season and see all that he does, we would be absolutely shocked at what his abilities are and how his work proceeds in all of these different areas and dimensions. So would they ever have the ability to go elsewhere? Of course, because they're godly beings. Yet they have enough work to do here. Earth is at a crossroads right now; the battle of Armageddon is going on full blast, full bore. And if you try to multitask too much, you can't concentrate on everything that you'd like to do simultaneously, all at once, and get all of them done with the full focus that you'd like. Think of them being called to so many situations and how they have to influence and act and fulfill God's will in them—it's quite a daunting task.

Yet they're very capable, very powerful and very loving and supportive of us, and we should call to them as much as we can and give them the authority to act wherever they see the need, based on what God is giving them as a vision of where they should act. Just as we try to focus on what's important, they obviously have to deal with the exigencies of the hour and what is most important at that point. Preventing planetary chaos, war, et cetera, is always right at the top. And then carving out pathways for chelas and disciples to walk in the light is always important because of the long-term plan to have souls evolve to their Godhood.

Although they're called into many, many situations to act, they do act for the greatest good at that moment. And sometimes we, and even they, don't know the long-term effects of what they do, because they are not omnipotent beings. They're not omniscient, omnipotent or omnipresent in the sense that Almighty God is. They don't always know forever the effects of what they do in the moment, and neither do we, because they're not, as I said, omniscient in that respect. They're very powerful, yet they're always acting in accord with God's will.

So that's interesting that they are not omniscient in the sense that they know everything forever and ever and ever, because things change, people evolve and they're acting in the eternal Now, in the moment. They're immortal, but they're not omniscient, from that standpoint. So this is the first I've actually heard that they are not omniscient or omnipotent. They still have wars and skirmishes with dark angels. If they were omnipotent, why wouldn't they just wipe them out completely forever and they'd be no more? So you see that this is why we still have to call them into action. So thank you, Mother, for that teaching.

Participant:  Beloved Mother, how did you manage to take care of your children when they were young with all that you had to do as the leader of the community and as the messenger?

David:  Well, this is one of Mother's greatest regrets, that she had a number of people helping her—lots of different people over the years helping her with her children—and that she couldn't be there like a normal mother because she was mothering an activity and hundreds and even thousands of souls. So it is a regret of hers that she was not able to be with them like normal mothers, for a normal childhood.

Then we saw the effects on the children when they regretted not having a normal mother, so to speak, although they loved her and she loved them. And the times that they were with each other and more intimate and in each other's lives were wonderful and beautiful, as a whole, but it was difficult. There's no question about it; it was not easy. And she had to have people that she trusted to be with her children, and things did happen that were not always perfect, but that's life. It's just the way life is.

Things happen; people have to have experiences; the children had to go through what they went through to learn and to grow. They all received an excellent education. Yet if there's one regret, it is that she wasn't there to cook for them as much as a normal mother would or to always tuck them into bed if she was working on a book late at night or a project. They were not always able to travel with her when she did all of her travels, although sometimes she tried to get them to travel with her.

So it was not easy, and yet the sacrifice that she made was for the whole and for the greater good of humanity as a World Mother. Remember the office that she had of being a World Mother. So when you look at it from that vantage point, she was mothering many, many souls and tending to our needs, our spiritual needs at a very deep level, and that was the sacrifice.

Some of us, even myself, were called to do our work and we regret not having had enough time with our children. I took time yesterday (this is me, not Mother). I took Mona to the airport and we saw Nancy Badten's sister, Norma, and we each got a foot zone treatment. And then I took the opportunity to go see my son Benard and had lunch with him at the place where he works. He had a late lunch. And just that fifteen minutes of interaction with my son was important for me. I miss him, and I miss my daughter and my other son, because I wasn't always there for them when I was working so hard and then during my life as a messenger.

Mother is allowing me to speak about this because I'm going through the same thing she went through, somewhat, although her mission was a lot bigger, with a huge community, and she had more children than I did. So we have to concentrate all the love, the affection, the focus and the consciousness when we are with our families and children to make them feel valued, loved, appreciated, validated, because it's not just the quantity of time, although the quantity of time is important. You can't just concentrate everything into a few moments and think they're going to be fine. You have to have time as well as the quality time.

So thank you, everyone, for being here today, and thank you, Mother, for those answers. We seal this session this morning in the light of God that always prevails. We are so grateful to be of service, and we see these energies going forth to be a blessing to all mankind, for the greatest good of all. In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son/Daughter and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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