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Phylos the Tibetan      March 27, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Phylos the Tibetan)
March 27, 2018   3:30–4:00 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Phylos the Tibetan Speaks on Counterbalancing the Darkness of This Time

Good evening, everyone. God bless you. Thank you to our beloved heartfriends in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, or wherever you may be. You've asked for a HeartStream from Phylos the Tibetan.

This was the name of a being who dictated a message in A Dweller on Two Planets back in the 1800s, which was finally released in the early 1900s. And that lifestream known as Phylos reembodied as Walter Pierson. This was his final embodiment, and he made his ascension in the twentieth century. I did a little research on Walter Pierson and it is possible that he could have been a Mason and helped to found a Masonic lodge. Yet there was very little other information on him.

The message that Phylos, now as the ascended Walter Pierson, would like to release is about prophecy. It is about America—and in this case all of the Americas—and our past as Atlanteans, as he was embodied on Atlantis either during the golden age of Atlantis, during the time of the decline of Atlantis or near the end of Atlantis, when it was ready to be destroyed through the great flood.

America and the planet, this master says, are now at a crossroads. It is at an epic time of decision making, both of the cumulative consciousness, the collective consciousness of all of us as a part of the society and civilization; and individually, as we on the initiatic path walk a path of light and decide to give our best, to do our most to bring about the changes in our culture and society that are essential for us to return to that time of a golden age or actually prepare for a new one.

We can go back now in consciousness to the time that we all experienced of being in a previous golden-age civilization, when heaven really was manifest upon Earth. And we can imbibe the essence of that culture, that divine civilization, and have these essences manifest deep within our cells, our consciousness, our very being—the core of our being. We already have this, and this is why many of us are involved in the teaching, so that we can try to get through to mankind en masse with these teachings to raise their awareness so that they can make right choices. The more we embody the divine culture of what used to manifest in a golden-crystal age, and what can manifest in the future, which is in the eternal Now now, the faster we can assist our planet in manifesting this divine estate of being.

There are a number of prophets walking the Earth today in various religions, and some that are not a part of any particular religion, whom divine beings have appeared to or who have had God reveal unto them warnings and visions, both of the future and of what is transpiring in the now, so that we can take heart, take notice and choose every day to give our all, to give our best, to manifest our divinity, to rise in light; so that we can be a counterpoint for the darkness; so that we can be a counterbalancing force of light to offset the darkness that is continuing to manifest on Earth as people actually devolve.

Phylos, as Walter Pierson ascended now, says that there is a whole group of individuals, of people, of souls on the Earth who are actually in the process of de-evolution. They are in the process of decomposition of their souls because they have been so invested in a dark path. It is as if their souls are not weathering the storms of life now; their souls are actually in the process of dissolution. They have lost so many soul parts through anger, through murder, through unconscious practices that the greater portion of their soul has been farmed out. Their soul parts have been sent forth from the integrity of their true Self, and they do not know yet how to gather those elements of their soul back unto themselves so that they can feel whole, so that they can make right choices.

Every time a soul part is lost, darkness can come in, entities can come in, and they displace the light and the elements of that soul. And they influence the individual, the egoic individual, to make wrong choices and then to continue in this path of darkness. So what we have to do is be so soul-full—have all of our soul parts reintegrated into ourselves through our spiritual practices of meditation and prayer, givingness, sacrifice, surrender, service and selflessness—that we become such a power for good, a star of divine light, that we can help others to magnetize their true soul parts and elements back to themselves to facilitate their re-awakening, their quickening and their enlightenment.

There is a process through which the soul goes of awakening, quickening and ultimately enlightenment—and the awakening is absolutely essential. We awaken to something more, something more real, something truer and more divine, and we go through a series of awakenings where we discern truth, gain wisdom, make right choices. And then we're given new opportunities to use divine resources to make further and further progress on our path. We pass our initiations, and by doing that we are given more authority, more responsibility. When we use energy wisely, we're given more authority because God knows that we will not misuse the light through anger, through reactivity, through negativity.

Now, you know all of these truths and this is why you walk this path. Our charge today, says Phylos, as Walter Pierson, is to be such a light—like a living, walking Christ on the Earth—that we offset greater darkness as it comes, transmute it, change it in the way of the Aikido masters, whereby they transform energy of negativity and turn it. They don't hurt the person that's coming at them with negativity; they actually help them by transforming that energy and offering it back in a very loving way—yes, maybe disarming them temporarily, yet showing them that there is a different way, a higher way, a better way than to use violence, negativity, swearing, cursing, all of these things.

We as initiates can be very disarming in the way that we use the energy of darkness that is funneling and channeling through the world and entering our auric field. We can call forth so much light that we become that light, and then the darkness comes to us for transmutation. So we have to be on guard, Phylos says. We have to be constantly in a state of divine vigilance, where we are aware of the energies that are at play and that could come unto us because of planetary situations, national situations, local situations—many of which breed these energies and frequencies of darkness. We have to be that point of light, that point of putting our finger in the dam so that the dam doesn't collapse and the water doesn't come gushing forward. So we put our finger in the dike, our finger in the dam or the dike, to prevent it from collapsing and from having all of the sewer and energies of the astral plane come washing upon us and our planet, creating havoc, war, all kinds of mass confusion, and then all of the swirling energies of the dark ones.

Now, being in the eye of the storm or the eye of the hurricane gives us the key visualization to maintaining that peace and harmony that will help the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Christ, who was embodied on Atlantis, to hold this balance planetary-wide. So one of the primary virtues to master for each of us as initiates, Phylos says, is peace. The more peace and equanimity we sustain in the hallowed state of placid beingness in God, in our Buddha nature, the more we can counterbalance the forces of the astral plane.

To enter the state of peace requires that we practice the Eightfold Path of the Buddha, that we engage in right livelihood, right thought, right meditation, right visualization and conception of ourself and others. We enter into the spirit of Buddhic beingness through this presence of equanimity and the glory of God that comes through the Prince of Peace and is focused through our solar plexus and our other chakras so that nothing of darkness can affect us, tear us from the path, tear us from one another, make us critical of others in any way. We are always seeing and drawing forth the highest, the best, the brightest in everyone, in our collective spiritual movement. We have to elicit the best. When we hear anyone speaking negatively about anyone else, we shun that, in that we do not accept that diatribe or that gossip. We say to the person who is gossiping or saying something negative: “I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you. I choose to say what is divine, real and holy about that person and all of us.”

Let us move on to a higher way of speaking, of feeling, of communicating so that we are bringing out the highest and the best on behalf of every person. Gossip destroys movements, and especially ascended-master organizations. When you focus on anything negative through gossip, it sets in motion a spiral of darkness that is very difficult to unwind and transmute, because the dark ones take the words of that gossip that have come out of our mouths and they energize and activate negative engrams through that gossip, which then affect both the person who was gossiped about and the person who gossiped and everyone else they gossiped to. So it affects a threefold group of people: the gossiper, the one who was gossiped about and the ones to whom the gossiper spoke. So we have to use the power of divine magic and the violet light to unwind those horrific and dark spirals of gossip and negativity and transmute them on contact and arrest their spirals.

Now, we have a teaching from the Divine Director, Phylos reminds us, that we can call to him to arrest the spirals of darkness. And believe me, gossip and negativity create these spirals of darkness, which are insidious. They carry with them snakes and serpents and hisses of violent, black energy, and through that serpentine energy they are attempting to latch onto other people and then infect them with their gossip. This is how negativity spreads. It is like a virus, yet the carrier is the serpentine energy of that gossip, which attempts to latch itself onto another person: “Did you hear this about so-and-so?” And then it spreads like wildfire, and pretty soon all these people are infected by this serpentine energy, which is so hideous and dark and insane.

So the Divine Director has given us this call to arrest the spirals of darkness. And we can say: “In the name of the living God, beloved Divine Director, I call for the arresting of the spirals of all insidious gossip, of all untruth manifesting in the planet, in the atmosphere and the astral plane. Bind it now! Consume it by the power of Almighty God and the legions of beloved Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst of the violet light. Burn through the astral plane! Consume the cause and core of all insidious, malicious, ignorant, sympathetic and delicious animal magnetism and gossip. I accept it done in the name of the living God, in the name of Jesus, the living Christ. Amen”

We require, as initiates, tools and resources of higher vibrations and divine technologies, Phylos/Walter Pierson says, in order to deal with the black and serpentine and astral energies manifesting in our world today, which are erupting here and there around the planet like Vesuvius or Aetna, with lava that comes up that is black and red together, and it is treacherous. And it is very hard to stop volcanic activity and the lava coming once it erupts. It just flows and you can't deal with it. You have to get out of the way; you have to move out of that environment.

We don't desire to see the eruption of the astral plane into our dimension. So we have to quell those subconscious patterns of darkness before they erupt. We have to cap Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Aetna, all of these volcanoes before they can erupt. And how do we do that? Through divine love, through ruby love, through accelerated divine love. We pour forth so much love into the Earth itself that that love—as the ruby action of compassionate light—transmutes the astral red energies of hatred, animosity, all the Martian energies from the sewer of the astral.

Now, the dark forces are attempting to bring about the re-destruction of America, à la Atlantis, the way that it went down. The Great White Brotherhood and the forces of light are attempting to reinitiate the highest aspects of the Atlantean culture in America and throughout the world so that we can have a time of the quickening and the awakening that will be the precursor to a golden-crystal age. Every individual chooses whether to manifest light or darkness, whether to manifest life or death, whether to manifest good or the energy veil. So we have to always choose good, life, light rather than evil, darkness, death. And sometimes there are subtle gradations of the grays, and we have to discern, through the agency of the Holy Spirit, what is at play, what is at stake so that we are always choosing light, life and good—life, light, good, God-good, divine good.

When we make right choices, when we live in righteousness, we will have all the assistance that we require from the heavenly hosts—angels and archangels, our sponsoring masters, our guardian angel, divine beings—because when we make virtuous choices, the virtues come to serve us. When we make harmonious choices, the angels and divine beings of harmony and peace come to electrify our light bodies with greater luminescence and divine quintessences. When we choose consciously not to engage in gossip and to fully value others, speak highly of all beings, then we set in motion a matrix of perfection whereby God uses us as a vehicle for the expression of the ambience of the kingdom of heaven; whereby God and God's divine sponsors and beings radiate through us the highest vibratory frequencies possible in that moment for us to counterbalance the darkness that is assailing the planet and that is, in potential, causing a downturn, a downfall, a degradation. And so we have to be strong in our light essence, in our light bodies to countermand and counterbalance this.

This is the basic teaching of Phylos the Tibetan, who as the ascended Walter Pierson went to serve with the great Tibetan masters Djwal Kul and Kuthumi, whose retreat is also in that area—and they work together. Walter Pierson ascended works both with beloved Djwal Kul and Kuthumi to radiate this light of peace and divine progress and to inculcate this within the minds, the hearts, and even the subconscious of people throughout the world—especially in India and America, as sister nations, East and West, where there is a great anchoring of light, and a potential for light to transmute the darkness on the planet.

A lot of the Tibetans left Tibet because of the Chinese. Where did many of them go? To India. So you have this Tibetan influence in northern India. And, of course, El Morya is there in Darjeeling, and there are other Chinese masters who still radiate light above China. Yet because of what transpired in Tibet, the great Tibetan masters and lamas have had to leave and set up shop elsewhere. And so there is a great light in northern India and where the Dalai Lama is, in Dharamsala, and there are great initiates there and devotees of Buddhism. So you have this whole influence there. And Walter Pierson, now ascended, works a lot with that whole region, and also to send light to the United States of America and all of the Americas, because we are brothers and sisters. And since you in Argentina asked for this release of light tonight, it will be there to assist you in certain timetables of activity, planning and expanding the teachings to others in your nation and throughout southern South America to help hold that balance there.

So God bless you. Thank you, all, for participating today. All my best. In the name of the living God, we seal this session in the light of God that always prevails. And we are grateful to be of service, now and forever. Amen. Thank you and bless you.

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