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Omraam      March 06, 2018

Beloved Omraam
David Christopher Lewis
March 6, 2018
Livingston, Montana 

Solar Living, Solar Giving, Solar Thriving 

Dearest Ones, 

Solar living is living according to the Sun's divine principles, values and virtues. It is living with God's Presence fully manifesting within and all around. It is living in the perfect balance of divine love, wisdom and power. It is living to give light, giving to bless all and emanating love in a continuous flow of beingness and grace. 

            Solar giving is providing the inner divine essences to all life, impersonally shining upon the just and the unjust alike. It is offering undifferentiated and disinterested love to every being, no matter what that one's attainment or station in life is. It is the bestowal of the light of the Presence in a constant, uninterrupted stream of equanimity and peace. Solar giving is infinite selflessness, supreme sacrifice, universal service and total surrender to God. 

            Solar thriving is the natural result of Solar living and giving, wherein the all-abundance of heaven manifests in a continuous and radiant circuit that is established between one's Self and the Divine through this holy relationship of light-sharing. Solar thriving is the ongoing precipitation of golden, liquid light and all of God's virtues in, through and around one's own being because of the dynamism maintained through this co-creative work. 

            Maintaining beingness in God is a sacred honor. Emanating divine light is a sacred service. Refreshing the universe through Solar living, giving and thriving is truly purposeful and profound. Although these concepts may seem to some a bit simplistic, the amount of focused energy it takes to engage in Solar living, giving and thriving is phenomenal. Every star releases megajoules of holy joy as it shares its warmth and life-giving rays with all beings in its purview. Every sun is a co-creator and initiator of divine cycles within its solar family, its solar system. 

            When we meditate with and upon the sun, we may intuit its mysterious secrets, its mystical wisdom and its magical ways. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”1 This statement is a formula for Solar living, giving and thriving, which Jesus learned through his communion with the Father, his I AM, or Solar, Presence. This Solar Presence shows the way, teaches the truth and demonstrates the only viable life, which is a life lived to glorify God and magnify the Lord. 

            When we commune with and really begin to relate to the sun, we are raised in its higher vibratory frequencies of divine grace. We then begin to walk the path of the initiate and eventually we master ourselves to walk perfectly in the light. To walk erect in God's Presence, we have to elect to co-create or erect around ourselves a holy golden aura and then a rainbow aura, symbolizing our attainment of self-mastery on all the seven rays. The sun helps us to self-discover the Christic patterns of perfection and joy within through stillness and silence, through givingness and beingness, through intuition and prescience. 

            We are evolving to become Solar beings and we are working together to co-create a new Solar civilization of light upon Earth. When we do our part by learning first to pray and meditate, then to heartstream and emanate light, and finally to blaze that light everywhere in disinterested love and givingness, we collaborate with the great Solar beings around us and speed up the process of planetary liberation and enlightenment. All beings benefit through these mindful Buddhic practices. All lifewaves are blessed by our diligence in maintaining the harmony of our Presence and the balance of pure beingness in God. 

            Solar living is spirited living. Solar giving is enlightened bestowing. Solar thriving is the joyful result of living and giving divine light and divine love to all. May each day and each hour be filled with the Holy Spirit's Presence in your life so that the mystical, magical and miraculous blessings of the Sun may be yours always. 

            I AM Omraam, your affectionate teacher and heartfriend. Thank you.

1. John 14:6.

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