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David Lewis      March 04, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 4, 2018   11:00 ̶ 11:48 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Hearts Center Initiatives for 2018

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us during this vigil. I'd like to speak about our plans for 2018 for The Hearts Center movement and community. We have many wonderful opportunities to offer you in this year, some of which have already occurred. As I was contemplating them, I felt that, as a whole, what we offer is replete with the love of the Holy Spirit expressed, the mindfulness of the Buddhas shared, and new foundations of light established so that we, as a movement of light, a community of the Holy Spirit, can make that greater impact on the world that we all desire to make—bringing the ascended masters' teachings, their light, their radiation, their wisdom to the planet through our website and all of what we offer. 

The Divine Director shared during our recent prayer vigil in Vista, California, which is near San Diego, that we had secured a new dispensation for the expansion of The Hearts Center. Now, it remains to be seen exactly what this will look like and result in, yet my sense is that it is considerable and that looking back from the future, we will take note of how things did indeed begin to proceed in more of a multidimensional way—moving from an arithmetic progression to a more exponential growth, one that geometrizes the light and offers so much more to the world.

Now, if you consider that The Hearts Center officially began in 2005, we completed one full cycle of twelve years at the end of 2016, and we entered again on the cosmic clock in the year 2017 to the 12 o'clock line. And now in 2018, we are back on the 1 o'clock line with beloved Saint Germain, celebrating God-love, which is great for The Hearts Center because we are a movement of love, divine love. And so we are in the middle of the etheric quadrant of the second time around the clock, which I feel will involve the continuous establishment of a very strong blueprint for this cycle. And as a yellow cycle the second time around, we'll be doing much more in terms of teaching, and I'll share more of how we will do that shortly. 

So in the first twelve years, we were planting many seeds all over the world. I've travelled to thirty-three or thirty-four nations now, and we found many of you, our heartfriends. People have come and gone, yet we have a firm foundation. We broadcast every day, and we have since the beginning of The Hearts Center. Now we've expanded our broadcasts to three hours, officially, starting at 7 am Mountain Time rather than 6:45, beginning with a fifteen-minute silent meditation. There will be other changes, I believe, in the future, which we will discern and which will be important for us to make in order to grow the movement and reach wider audiences. We're doing expos in recent years, which we didn't do at the beginning of The Hearts Center, and we're contacting more people through this opportunity.

The masters have encouraged all of us, especially since 2012, to teach. In addition to the ascended masters' teachings through me to be presented through Meru University, it is also to become a forum for your wisdom to go forth. We shall support you as you teach, as you share heart-to-heart with people in your area. The teachings will grow, and we know that in many movements the heart-to-heart, person-to-person contact is so important.

Recently I was contacted by a heartfriend from Ghana, Africa, named Kofi Courage. I believe that a wonderful heartfriend in New York has been working with him since we were in Ghana in 2011, I believe it was. And Wallace Tulloch has supported him and sent a computer, and that computer is not working anymore and the screen is bad. So Kofi has asked for $170, which he has been quoted by a technician in order to fix the computer problem and secure another monitor. So I would like to officially ask for your support now for the Multimedia fund to support this endeavor, because there are twenty-two heartfriends in this group who are studying our teachings with Kofi Courage. 

So before I get into the meat of what I'd like to share today, I'd like to say that just two nights ago my wife and I were privileged to attend our daughter's play at her school, Petra Academy, in Bozeman—Little Women, based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott from the 1860s. One of the very first lines that was spoken by Jo, who was the narrator of the play, was “I am what I am.” I thought that was wonderful. So I think Louisa May Alcott coined that term before Popeye used it—Popeye the Sailor Man, from the comics and cartoons that we saw as children back in probably the '40s, '50s and '60s. 

So here is what we, as a community of light, are pledged to offer you this year, 2018; what we hope will be of benefit to you on your spiritual path so that you can make greater progress, so that you can have the progressive revelatory teachings of the masters at your disposal through these opportunities; and what we feel can make the greatest impact for the good for the masters this year. 

We've talked about what's been called the Learning Management System for Meru University, and both Boyd Badten and Claire Brown have been working diligently on it—Boyd with some assistance from his children. And we intend that this will be launched in April or May of this year, at long last. So my goal, come what may, is May 1. By Saint Germain's ascension day, we pray and we hope to release this Learning Management System and share it with you. It has wonderful technology, and you will be able to do things that you haven't done before.

Lanello and Clare de Lis asked for this major initiative several years ago to bring our university and eLearning technology fully into the twenty-first century so that people from all over the world can easily access and benefit from the teachings of the masters and through heartfriends of our movement. This Learning Management System supports all the technologies required for effective and enjoyable instruction through video, audio, text and images. It supports live student participation and sharing during live courses, and forum blogs and postings for live and self-administered courses. Students taking courses on our forum, on our Learning Management System, can communicate with each other through this technology and have access to all of their past courses and the replays in one place. Meru University has over seventy-five courses that will be available in video format, which we will make available through the Learning Management System technology. 

Now, we do require some assistance and personnel to manage the student relationships and course creation, as well as the technical maintenance of the site. This is very crucial. We have someone in mind to help with this; they're not quite here yet, and we have to have the funds for that. As part of the LMS, or Learning Management System, we will launch a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), for those who understand what that is. This system will allow us to communicate with Meru University students, donors, tithers, event attendees, all heartfriends. Systems like these are a key tool for organizations such as ours that are growing and desire to provide the best experience for the people they serve.

Again, we require additional skilled database and technical personnel. We have one person in mind, Charles, and we are hoping that funding will come very soon so we can hire him to help with this. Others of you may have experience like this, and this will allow us to have the maintenance of the system so that all the operations flow smoothly. In addition, we will have to provide ongoing training support for all the staff who will use it. 

This year we have a wonderful series of Meru University classes sponsored by the Buddhas. These classes are coming up in two weeks from today. On March 18 we will have “Manjushri Buddha on Creative and Colorful Mindful Living.” On May 20, we will have “Gautama Buddha on Solar Beingness and Planetary Compassion.” In October, we will have “Milarepa Buddha on the Alchemy of Surrender, Silence and Enlightenment.” And then in early December, we will have “Vajrasattva on Being Victorious Using the Thunderbolt of Buddhic Fiats.” On July 8, we'll have “Anastasia in the Garden IV: Practical Permaculture for Spiritual Initiates: Recreating Eden with Modern Food Forests and More” on Mona's and my property here, just outside of Livingston. 

So this is not going to be contiguous with the summer solstice conference, which will be near Washington, DC.  We decided we'd do it anyway and hopefully have the technology so that you can watch it later if you are not able to come in person, and we may even be able to stream live. 

Now, events: In two weeks we have our Internet broadcast from multiple locations, which is our Spring Equinox Prayer Vigil. We were planning initially to do something, yet because we just had a prayer vigil in San Diego, in Vista, and we have our summer class, those plans have changed. Boyd and I will be traveling in April to Santiago and Reñaca, Chile, April 7–11. Because that's a major impactful event, we're going to have the prayer vigil for everyone from March 17–18. And, of course, on the 18th we have that Meru class with Manjushri. The vigil will take three hours, from 10 am to 1 pm, and be part of that time.

After we return from our event in Chile, which is called “Raising the Mother Light in Chile, America and the World—Using the Great Solar Disc to Balance, Purify and Elevate All!” I'll be going to the San Mateo New Living Expo, April 27, 28 and 29. That will be wonderful. We will have Booth #247 at the expo, and I'll be giving one talk at least, doing Soul-Raising Sessions again and signing books. 

Our summer class, “The Resurrection of America in Freedom's Flame” is June 21–24. The 21st is a Thursday, and that will allow us also to take a trip into the DC area. We'll be visiting the White House, the Capitol building, the Washington mall area and other important and historical places. Those people who desire to have more time to see the sites in DC can come the Wednesday before, June 20. I will be there and we'll be touring various places like the Bible Museum, which I hear is fantastic, and maybe go to the Smithsonian and then the wonderful National Cathedral, which is about a half hour away and is apparently just magnificent. 

We intend to have about sixty people; I have projected this. So we will have a bus that holds about fifty-six, I believe, that will be making a trip from the retreat center, a place called Fox Haven, which is an organic farm and retreat center in Jefferson, Maryland. And we'll be touring DC on a bus that we will hire and have a local heartfriend share with us many of the important facts about the sites in DC. 

Then from July 26–29 we'll be in Mount Shasta again, earlier this year, for “Saint Germain and the Violet Flame Masters Come to Mount Shasta: Freedom's Flame Reigns Supreme in All Loving Hearts.” This will be a fantastic event, and we just know that you will enjoy it and that Saint Germain and the masters will release so much light. 

September 21–23 is our Autumn Equinox event in Chicago. It's a prayer vigil, “The Holy Spirit Comes to Chicago to Empower All with Divine Love.” Many thanks to Carol Wells and all the heartfriends there who will be helping to plan this event, and we look forward to being in the heart chakra of America, my hometown, again. 

From October 24–31 Boyd and I will be going to Geelong, Australia, which is near Melbourne, and then hopefully to Brisbane, Australia, in the north. This is sponsored by the heartfriends, The Hearts Center of Australia, and we look forward to this. I know at least one heartfriend has expressed interest in going with us, and if others of you have always desired to go to Australia, let us know. And when we make our plans and our airline reservations, we'll let you know and we'll see what we can do together. This, again, will be a great release of light. We had a great time last year with over thirty people—wonderful, wonderful heartfriends—and it will be just an immense release of light for the land down under. 

             December 20–23 will be our Winter Solstice Event. We decided to do it again in San Diego, California: “A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Providence, Progress and Peace—The Seven Holy Kumaras Charge the Earth with Aquarian Love-Light.” We always love being in Vista at Dennis's home. It's a great place to go and it's a physical retreat of the Universal White Brotherhood. The radiation is fantastic. Dennis holds three weekly meditation and prayer services—Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights—in his home. The momentum has built and built, and it's just a fantastic opportunity for you to get to experience great weather as well as heartfriend friendship, connecting with the masters, receiving their intuitional teachings, and praying and meditating with all of your love. 

Our Broadcasting team is planning to train and equip new broadcasters both inside and outside the USA this year, as well as to keep our 24/7 radio station on the air, which we feel is constantly improving. We actually have a number of people who help with that: Alice Tucker, her son, and also Helen Fehner. We would love to have an official co-leader in order to help beloved Alice schedule the broadcasts and be involved in training and coaching broadcasters, as well as provide help in creating the programming for the radio station. So if you feel this is something you could get involved in and have the skill sets to help—if you're a good organizer, a good planner and you've got a little technological skill with computers—and if you have the time, let us know.

Our website will have a new broadcast announcing and viewing module by May 1 to replace the very limited, ten-year-old module we've been using. This new custom-created module has many new features to help our broadcast people do their jobs with more ease and accuracy, along with many new exciting features to benefit our broadcast audience. Here are some of them:

·       It will have simultaneous language broadcast capability and be easier for the audience to understand and navigate.

·       Broadcasters can push late-breaking messages or prayer and song lyrics to the broadcast audience in real time.

·       No password will be needed for paid conferees if you simply log into the website as usual. This will be a great thing because sometimes you have to log in two different ways or times, and it's a little bit of a hassle. So no password needed—great. This will simplify things.

·       It will also allow chaining together separate broadcasts during cascading vigils so that the audience members are not required to change pages or reconnect. How great is that? So thanks a lot to Charles and Boyd for all your work on this. We look forward to seeing this when it's rolled out on or before May 1. It will be absolutely wonderful.

            In our Alchemy Exchange store we had a great year last year; we exceeded our budgetary estimates. We have a constant addition of new, transformational products, better marketing and more careful inventory management. In 2018 we've already expanded our hours by one hour a day, and we intend, around May 1, to expand our hours one more hour—open four hours each day—and then also possibly be open during tourist season a little longer in some of the evening hours.

            Steven Burckley traveled to Tucson in February and secured considerable inventory of wonderful gems and other focuses. We sold some of them in Vista at the prayer vigil and we had a few of them available at the expo. Now they're in the store and they're displayed beautifully, because we recently secured, free of charge, some beautiful glass product display shelves. These really have transformed the look and feel of our Alchemy Exchange store into a much more inviting space. And I've seen the results, because some people are coming in and buying a lot of the crystals, the focuses, the gemstones; it's wonderful.

            We know that our website is the hub of our movement. We've hired Ken Mueller as our Web Presence team leader, and we're delighted with his enthusiasm and with what he's already accomplished. He's doing a great job with regular weekly Facebook and other social media postings, which are continuing to drive greater traffic to our website. Our Google AdWords and Ad Grants campaign is fantastic, and it accounts for the growth that we're seeing in certain areas, in sales and contacts. This allows us to promote all of our events, our classes and our store products. Ken has taken on the job to create a professional Wikipedia page for The Hearts Center later this year. I've asked for that because we had a Wikipedia page, but then it was taken down because we didn't have enough specific things cited. They require citations—the good type of citations, not tickets, but articles, et cetera. So he will have to gather information and resubmit that to Wikipedia. 

               In the Print Publishing area, we plan to publish the Spanish version of Mother Mary's Missions as an e-book, rather than as an actual printed book, sometime this year. It's nearing completion. We still have to review it, finalize it, perfect it, final edit it. This will be a wonderful edition. The reason we're not just printing it is because we haven't, in all honesty, sold a tremendous amount of books in Spanish as of yet. If interest grows, maybe we can raise funds and print it later, yet for now we intend to release it as an e-book and allow our Spanish-speaking friends around the world to purchase it.

               We will be updating our Pray, Sing, Dance and Play booklet with conscious-language words and lyrics. It's a beautiful booklet. We're getting close to running out of the old version, and so it does require a slight revamp before we print it. We still plan to print six booklets on basic topics to pass out for free as outreach at expos and for you at the local group level to share with new people and at the venues that you decide to offer. This has been put on hold of late because we're focusing on other things. We did the other book, Light on the Path, which hopefully you've all secured by now, and I pray that you are using this. I know that I am; my wife and I read it every night. And, of course, it's read on the morning broadcast. Let's see if we can sell more and give away more copies. I really do feel that this is a great book, and I've received feedback from some people that it really has helped them. And for those who tithe, we provided where the quotes actually came from. So if you'd like to know that, begin tithing, and then Claire will let you know. 

               We hope and pray to publish a major book. The title could be Living from the Heart, although that could change, when the text is ready and funds are available. This would be a major publication that will put The Hearts Center on the map, so to speak, for many people who are outside of our current community's reach to find. Pray for me; pray for Claire; pray for editors and the funds. It's a huge project, and once Claire and I are involved in it, it really takes almost two solid months straight of our work to actually accomplish and then also beyond that, working with the person who lays out the text in the book itself. The Print Publishing team requires additional staffing to get all of these projects done, and if you are someone with experience in that field—with writing, editing, publishing skills—please contact Claire; get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do. 

            I've continued to offer Soul-Raising Sessions. It's dwindled considerably since the initial onset of these, yet I do a lot during the expos. This is a great opportunity for many people who have never experienced The Hearts Center to connect with me and us and to receive that ten- or twenty-minute session with the Holy Spirit. And then more recently we offered a full hour session to get deeper into your lifestream, your needs, or requirements. And the Holy Spirit has worked some amazing alchemies with people all over the world. I have received requests from probably five continents so far, and the sessions have been absolutely phenomenal. So if you haven't partaken of the hour-long session—which I know is expensive, yet the money goes to The Hearts Center almost exclusively for our use in spreading these teachings—please consider it, because I can assure you that that hour-long session allows there to be a very, very deep and profound action for your soul, for your path. And the light that's released, the boon that is received can make a considerable difference for some toward their ascension in the light. 

             Finally, our Translation team is working on translating prayers and songs into Spanish. Live HeartStreams are translated into Spanish through live broadcasts in Mexico, Argentina and Chile. The Mexico group has been working very hard on translating Afra's book, Living a Soulful Life, into Spanish for their study group. Betty Salazar Galarza is working on translating Serena Gaefke's book, Spirituality 4 Kids, into Spanish. This is where a lot of our growth is—in the Spanish-speaking world.

             We have amazing heartfriends with gigantic heart chakras all over the Latino/Hispanic world in North America, Central and South America, Spain. And I can assure you that these are people of the heart. These are precious, precious heartfriends who respond to the masters because their hearts are open. They are open-minded and willing to perceive from on high these new vibrational releases of light, the new higher frequencies of Aquarius that are coming. They are so considerate and loving and affectionate toward one another and toward all of us. We feel at home in their presence; they are just a beautiful, beautiful people. So support them if you can.

             Thank you to Sol Monroy for all of your work. Thank you to all of you who transcribe— Anita Hulburt and Lenore Harris—and those of you who know who you are who just work and work and work long hours to get these teachings either transcribed, reviewed, edited or eventually published.

             What I'd like to say also is that there are certain things that we haven't been able to do that we had hoped to do in The Hearts Center movement. There are pilgrimages that haven't happened because of all of the priorities that we have, where we have decided at the council level that we either have to postpone them or just let them go. We were hoping to go back to South Africa; we were hoping to go to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Eastern Africa. We were hoping to go to Russia, Nepal. These hopes are still there, and we pray and hope that we can go on these pilgrimages, yet the reality is that the money and the support have to be there; the groundswell of local energy and support is absolutely essential. So we've been thinking that it's almost better to go to places where we have someone at the local level who can help us to plan the event and to outpicture it. We had hoped to go to Spain, Portugal and France this year, and we had to put that off. Now we're going to be going instead to Costa Rica in March 2019, where we have a wonderful heartfriend there, Mariela Salazar Galarza, who can help plan this. And hopefully she and the local group and whoever else is there will benefit from our coming. We'll meet lightbearers in Costa Rica and have a grand time visiting that wonderful nation—very tropical, very beautiful, very focused on nature.

             We had hoped to have more foundational teachings through these booklets; the masters, I believe, actually asked for twelve booklets. Only a couple of them are mostly lined out and are written. We just require more help, more people to help with this. So, really, if I look into the future and draw into the present moment what our greatest needs and requirements are, it really is for people to do research, to do editing, to assist those who are working so hard and have no assistance—people like Claire, Boyd, Jeanette, Joyce and even Ken with the website. So there is a lot to do; we always have much more to do than we're able to do. We have many dreams; we have many ideas. Some of us, including myself and Cathleen, are always coming up with new ideas of what to do and how to do it, yet we can't always execute on those ideas because each one requires someone to be there to oversee it, to manage it, to direct it and oftentimes to do the work.

             Many of you are praying with all of your heart; you're supporting us with your tithes; you're attending the broadcasts; you're coming to our classes in person or online. And many of you are really doing all you can do with the time allotted to you, with your families, with your work, with your lives, and we understand that. We feel that the only way that we can do the greater works at this point that Jesus said that we'd do when he went to the Father is for each of us come up higher and anchor more light, to hold and emanate more light so that we can draw those people to us who can help us, who have resources, who have abundance and who may have the time and the skill sets to help fill in some of these areas where we are currently lacking the people.

             Now, I know that I'm preaching to the choir, and we've shared many of our plans and previous council reports, et cetera. I've given you an overview of what we plan to do this year, 2018. Sometimes the masters will come and ask us to do something that's not in our business plan. And now the council is really saying, even to me, “Well, David, this is all well and great, and who is going to do it? Where are the resources?” There are so many things on my heart that I would like to do: so many books that I know could be published, booklets, creative projects, new recordings. All of this takes funding; all of this takes attention, personnel, and many of them will happen. Some may not or may be put off till the distant future. Yet I believe that if we have the vision, if we have the courage (like Kofi Courage), and if we have the drive, the will and the God-desire, many of them can happen.

             Many of us work long hours and sometimes require a vacation once in a while to regroup, replenish, rejuvenate so that we can get back to work and do these greater works. And we do appreciate your understanding when we do have to sometimes recharge, because, believe me, having released over fifty-two hundred HeartStreams now over thirteen years, it is a little daunting. And when you look back, it's amazing what we have accomplished and that most of these are free on our website, are available. You just have to know how to use the website to find those teachings. And I believe that probably 80 percent of the people that visit our website, and maybe even 90 or 95 percent, never get into the core of that part of our website where the HOPE system exists, where these teachings can be read, listened to or watched through this wonderful HOPE system of our database of the teachings. This really is the core of our message—all of these teachings, all of these videos and sharings.

             And kudos to our staff,  kudos to our Creative Arts team, kudos to our Directors of Operations and kudos to all of our volunteers and those who work assiduously day after day to try to bring forth the fruits of Spirit in all of these realms and ways. The masters really appreciate you. They require you; you are a part of the community, the movement and the Great White Brotherhood when you engage through active work.

             I'm looking forward to meeting new heartfriends in the Baltimore/DC/Virginia area come June. I know that there is a wonderful chiropractor in the Pittsburg area who is going to be coming to his first event with his wife, and I look forward to meeting him. And I see at least sixty people there. Please share with your friends, if you live on the East Coast—all the way from Maine to Florida—to come to this summer solstice event in June and just be there. We'll be releasing more information very shortly. You have the dates now.

             We just had our meeting and approved the budget and the plan for this event; the program is approved. Joyce will be having the program uploaded very soon. You'll see the twelve HeartStreams that will be released, and I'm very excited about them. We're going to cram in twelve in basically three days, plus two of them on the bus as we're traveling to and from Washington, DC. Isn't that exciting? So Godfre will come in the morning on the way to DC, and then Lanello and Mother will do a darshan on the way back from DC to our retreat center.

             So that's just a little funny inkling. We'll have wonderful HeartStreams from the Divine Director, Saint Germain and Portia, the Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America, K-17, and Maximus and Progeneta. You just have to be there for our summer class. So if there's any class that any of you from east of the Mississippi should get to this year, it's got to be the June class, the summer solstice conference. I'm expecting everyone east of the Mississippi to be there. I may be calling some of you personally to say: “Can you make it? What do you require to make it? What are your limitations, or what are your opportunities?” and see what we can do to help you. So if you'd like to go, even if you don't have the funds, let me know by sending an email to, and I will pray with all of my heart for miracles to happen, and we'll see what can transpire so that at least sixty of you are there in person.

             So finally, in moving back to what I shared earlier about all of these activities being replete with love of the Holy Spirit expressed, mindfulness of the Buddhas shared, and new foundations of light established, this threefold action of pink, yellow and blue will continue in this cycle and as we morph into—through new years and opportunities—the progressive teachings that the masters desire to share and release to the world through all of us. We are a team; we are one; we are a community of love. And I couldn't do anything without you, and many of you couldn't do what you do without the whole, without the website, without the support of your heartfriends, your brothers and sisters. So when we work as a team, with this Holy Spirit love expressed, this Buddhic mindfulness shared and this new foundation of light established and reestablished, we together can be victorious. We truly are one.

             Our vigils are making an impact, such as this vigil. Our daily three-hour sessions are actually helping to stabilize the planet, holding things together energetically and spiritually, along with other spiritual groups and activities and devotees around the world through their prayers and meditations. Yet ours are powerful. I remember the masters saying that we are one of the three most powerful movements for the Great White Brotherhood on the planet, in terms of light released through what we do together. That is a powerful statement—one of the three most powerful of all the ascended-master activities of the Great White Brotherhood on the Earth. Did they say who the others were? It doesn't matter. We just do our work; we keep on keeping on; we broadcast; we pray with all of our beings; we envision; we give; we surrender; we sacrifice; we selflessly surrender the human creation and inscribe the divine light into everything we do. We just have to keep on keeping on.

             I know that there have been people in our activity who have passed on and who have ascended. I think it's somewhere in the realm of between a dozen and twenty people who have been in our activity directly who have made their transition and made their ascension. That is phenomenal. So we have actually had, I think, more than one per year; I think it's about eighteen people. I had that list; I didn't bring it to this session. But that's amazing—about seventeen, eighteen heartfriends who have ascended, who have touched the garment of our movement, been involved and are now in heaven and there to support us with their ascended-master light bodies, and we call to them. Lady Francesca, Nancy Freaner, is probably one of the most preeminent of the recently ascended masters through our activity.

             So thank you to all of you. Thank you, Alice and all of our broadcasters, for hosting this broadcast, and Phil and Barbara, and the previous one and those who will broadcast for the rest of the day. It's always been a pleasure to support you energetically individually, as well as our community as a whole. Sometimes in my meditations and prayers I will see the image of a particular heartfriend come before me, and I know it's so that I can pray for you and support you lovingly and energetically, whether it's a troubled time you may be going through or an economic crisis or a relationship issue or a health challenge. The masters are there for us all, and I know that many of you experience the same thing with other heartfriends and with me.

             My son Benard could use some more prayers, for those who are praying for him. He had certain testing done, and we're awaiting the results of other testing. He's feeling better, and I thank you for your prayers for him. And I thank you for your prayers for every other heartfriend, because our community is established through prayer. Its foundation is prayer, and without prayer, where would we be? We would be nowhere. We'd be nowhere without prayer, right? And we can be everywhere with prayer. So maybe that's a new little mantra: “Without God, we would be nowhere without prayer, yet with God, we can be everywhere with prayer.

             So I think I'll end it on that note and return the service to our beloved Alice Tucker-Rogers in Los Angeles. I look forward to being with you, Alice and others in California in the San Francisco/San Mateo area, next month—it's going to be exciting. I look forward to being with the precious heartfriends in South America, in Chile, next month. You are the light of the world there, and every time I think of you and just see your faces, I get teary-eyed, feeling your love and your support. So thank you for your love and support today.

             And if you feel like you'd like to give a gift, let's take a love offering now for our movement, in addition to the multimedia fund for Kofi Courage in Ghana. This will also be for our activity to expand these teachings worldwide. So we'll do the love offering, and you can play some music while we do this. Thank you so much. Take care.

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